Severe pain in the abdomen during pregnancy: an alarming sign

severe pain in the abdomen during pregnancy severe pain in the abdomen during pregnancy should not be the norm.To suffer such pain in any case impossible, as the condition can rapidly deteriorate the accession of other symptoms - bleeding, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and so on.In this case, the main factor of salvation pregnancy - time.

Severe abdominal pain in the first half of pregnancy

In the first weeks of pregnancy, severe abdominal pain are likely to be a sign of ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - signs Ectopic pregnancy - signs or miscarriage.

If ectopic pregnancy pains arise at rupture of the fallopian tube or ovary growing fetal egg.Such pain may begin suddenly and very sharply in the period from the fourth to the eighth week of pregnancy.The pains are usually accompanied by cramping in nature, and internal bleeding, signs of which are sudden weakness, dizziness and even loss of consciousness.

If prenatal visits pregnancy was conducted ultrasound and the pregnancy was delivered only on the basis of the doctor's examination, ectopic pregnancy can not be excluded, as in the first eight weeks of the uterus during an ectopic pregnancy is increasing, just as in normal pregnancy.If an ectopic pregnancy should immediately call an ambulance because the woman can only help the surgery.Save this pregnancy impossible.

Another cause severe pain in the abdomen Abdominal pain: when to sound the alarm? Abdominal pain: when to sound the alarm? can be spontaneous miscarriage.But it pains do not occur at the beginning of a miscarriage, and later, when it is already impossible to stop the miscarriage.The first signs of a threatening miscarriage and started in the first half of pregnancy are aching pain in the abdomen and small spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology from the genital tract.If in this state to go to the hospital, you can continue the pregnancy.Later, when the start cramping abdominal pain, miscarriage will be impossible to stop.Therefore, the main factor here is the treatment time than before to call an ambulance and the woman goes to the hospital, the more chances to continue the pregnancy.

Pain in the second half of pregnancy - how dangerous it is?

the second half of pregnancy, severe abdominal pain may occur in preterm labor and premature detachment of the placenta.

called Premature birth, which began after 28 weeks of pregnancy.They can start in women suffering from gynecological diseases and other internal organs, have malformations of the uterus, with complications of pregnancy (toxicosis, multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios, and so on).

Prematurity divided threatening beginning and start over.Abdominal pain initially minor, can wear aching in nature, give in the waist.But with the development of premature birth pains are cramping and pass in a regular battle.Depart amniotic fluid, after which the fetus is born first, and then the last (the placenta).

Prematurity fraught with serious complications for both the mother (such as bleeding) and child (it is not always possible to keep), so the beginning and threatening preterm labor is conducted conservative treatment in order to maintain the pregnancy.Went into premature labor can not be stopped.Main premature labor - not to waste time, time to call an ambulance and get to hospital.

very severe pain in conjunction with an internal, external or a combination of bleeding may occur in the premature detachment of normally situated placenta.

Begin premature detachment of the placenta can and minor aches and, in some cases, at the beginning of the disease are non-existent.External bleeding in the premature detachment of the placenta is considered to be easier, even if it is strong enough.Women are rarely at the same time loses consciousness and overall it is not as heavy as in the internal bleeding, she can suddenly lose consciousness amid a sharp decline in blood pressure.

In severe cases, a large part of the rapid detachment of the placenta suddenly causing severe abdominal pain arching Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms , a woman does not touch him.Bleeding is usually internal, the patient's condition is very serious.

Premature detachment of normally situated placenta - is one of the most serious complications of pregnancy, which requires immediate medical attention.The time factor is more important than ever.Therefore, every woman should know about the possibility of complications and at the first sign of trouble, not waiting for the development of serious condition, immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

Galina Romanenko