Arbidol during pregnancy - it is better not to apply

arbidol pregnancy Arbidol - is an antiviral and immune-stimulating drug that is considered safe.But the pregnancy - a special state, during which even completely safe medicines could have a negative impact on the mother and fetus.

How does arbidol pregnant women

Arbidol - domestic antiviral drug that has passed laboratory tests on various types of animals, during which were not identified any of its adverse effects on the mother and fetus.But animals and humans have differences, which is why, to have been allowed to apply one or another drug to sick people, it must pass clinical trials on the categories of patients who are encouraged to nominate him.And these clinical trials are always conducted.

But pregnant women - and a special contingent to conduct clinical trials on them is not always possible.Therefore, so far, in spite of two decades of experience in the application of Arbidol, it is not known what exactly the impact this drug has on the mother and child.

In this regard, there is a standard recommendation, which provides a relatively safe drug, if you have not carried out the necessary clinical trials: the drug is used only on prescription in cases where the intended benefits to the mother's body is greater than the potential risk to the fetus.

Are side effects

Arbidol nontoxic drug and the manufacturers do not give any side effects other than allergic reactions.But without clear clinical trials to answer this question is not possible, since it is an inducer of interferon.

system as interferon Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century? Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century? its significance is one of the main places in immunity.It consists of various types of interferons, regulators synthesis and "work" interferon-producing cells, and interferons target cells for which the interferon effect.

There are two main objectives of interferon:

  • nonspecific (not depending on whether it is an agent enters the body) to protect all the cells of tissues and organs from penetration and reproduction in their foreign cells (viruses and other intracellular microorganisms);
  • involved in the regulation of humoral immunity, ie antibody production Antibodies - "soldiers" Antibodies - "soldiers immunity to pathogens.

It is known that pregnant women are at low immunity to changes in hormonal levels, which contributes to their various infectious and inflammatory diseases.It's hard to say how the complex, not fully investigated system interferon respond to additional stimulation of interferon and stimulation of the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? in general.

When arbidol use for the treatment of pregnant women may be justified

Appointment arbidol a pregnant woman can be justified if the viral infection threatening her life, and arbidol able to reduce this threat.As you know, arbidol is active against influenza viruses A and B, as well as for coronaviruses that cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

SARS (SARS, SARS) - a serious viral disease, which is accompanied by a high mortality rate.For the first time the disease was discovered in 2002, and in 2003 was recorded its last case.Nevertheless, vigilance against SARS remains.Influenza A and B are more studied, but these diseases can occur in pregnant women with reduced immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults very hard.

In severe viral infections appointment arbidol pregnant women is justified.The decision on the appointment of the drug can take a doctor.

With flu and other acute respiratory viral diseases arbidol assigned to the standard dose of 200 mg (two 100 mg tablets) four times a day for five days.When applied SARS other regimen: 200 mg twice a day for eight to ten days.

arbidol sometimes given to pregnant women and to prevent, if it is in direct contact with patients with severe viral infection.In this case, drug is given at 200 mg daily for one - two weeks.

Of course, a pregnant woman, it is desirable not to visit public places during a flu epidemic, but if it works, then this is not always possible.If a large flu epidemic and the disease is difficult, the doctor may prescribe arbidol receiving prophylactic 200 mg twice a week for three weeks.

Arbidol - a non-toxic drug, but for pregnant women it is assigned a doctor and only for health reasons.

Galina Romanenko