Linseed oil in pregnancy: one big benefits

Linseed oil during pregnancy Flaxseed oil is approved for use during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice feeding.That says a lot about the safety of this drug.Flaxseed oil has a positive effect on the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus as improves metabolic processes in their organs and tissues.

Features gestation period

During pregnancy, hormonal changes completely and the body's metabolism.Some processes are more active, some less.For example, during pregnancy reduced immunity - a physiological response of the body - the answer that it is developing a new life.If the immune system is not reduced, the pregnancy would have been interrupted at the earliest stages.But

decreased immunity negative impact on the course of various infectious and inflammatory diseases in women.For example, pregnant women often pyelonephritis, which is called pyelonephritis pregnant.Therefore, the body needs stimulation of soft natural immune processes.

Another feature is the full period of pregnancy hormonal changes, resulting in some metabolic processes in a woman's body is slowing down.And it can also adversely affect the condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus and require unobtrusive light correction.

condition of the digestive system in pregnant women leaves much to be desired, as under the influence of hormones decreases motor activity of muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.This leads to the formation of chronic constipation and hemorrhoids.

Finally, during pregnancy becomes very important circulatory system, which provides the link between the mother's body and the child and bringing to the fetus the nutrients and oxygen.If the permeability of the blood vessels due to atherosclerosis was broken, it could seriously affect the status of the mother and fetus.Lack of oxygen can be especially hard impact on the state of the baby's brain - it will be left behind in the neuro-psychological development.

What impact flaxseed oil may have on a pregnant woman

Linseed oil - is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which affect the entire metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting ,because of them built "good" cholesterol - an indispensable participant of all biochemical processes.The gestation period - it is a very difficult period, which does not tolerate exposure to the active drug.Mild through metabolism flaxseed oil helps stimulate immunity, but not enough to pose a threat to abortion.During this period, even small enough to strengthen the body's defenses in order to save a woman from constant colds, pyelonephritis, and fungal infections.

participation in biochemical processes allows linseed oil to normalize hormonal pregnant woman that also helps to maintain pregnancy.

positive impact of flaxseed oil has on the gastrointestinal tract, women, improving its functional activity and, most importantly, while taking flaxseed oil may disappear completely constipation, which adversely affect the status of women and the fetus.

But there is also a danger: under the influence of vegetable oil may increase the motor activity of the intestine, which creates a threat of miscarriage, because at the same time can increase their locomotor activity and the muscles of the uterus.

But the most positive impact flaxseed oil Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower Linseed oil - the healing properties of a beautiful flower has on blood vessels, clearing them from the wall of cholesterol plaques.This contributes to better blood circulation and better supply the fetus with oxygen and nutrients.As a result of receiving flaxseed oil during pregnancy is the prevention of placental insufficiency placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm Placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm - serious complication that can lead to fetal death or severe damage to the nervous system.

How to need to take flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil may appoint a pregnant woman only obstetrician or prenatal therapist.This rule must be strictly respected, independent woman can not afford to take any dietary supplements or medications.

standard course of prophylactic administration of flaxseed oil consists of daily administration of its two tablespoons.Better is the amount of linseed oil added to a variety of dishes, such as salads, vinaigrettes.Preventive course of taking flax seed oil is one month.

Flaxseed oil is actually very useful biologically active food supplements for pregnant women, however, for some women it will not work, so start taking it alone is not worth it.

Galina Romanenko