Belching during pregnancy: unpleasant or dangerous?

Belching during pregnancy cause belching gases accumulated in the digestive cycle;Most people in the body is formed from half a liter and a half liters of gas per day.The air that you swallow with a meal or during a call comes through the mouth in the form of belching.During pregnancy, the body increases production of hormones that trigger or regulate the activity of certain organs or groups of cells.

hormones produced by the thyroid gland through the bloodstream to get to the necessary authorities.Number produce hormones regulate other hormones or neurotransmitters, and sometimes excessive activity of an entity whose activities they have influence.

reasons burp

Some hormones produce the same bodies whose activities they control, such as organs of the digestive tract.Progesterone - one of two major hormones (second - estrogen) that the body produces in order to monitor the progress of pregnancy.Initially progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology produced by the corpus luteum, and on the development of the fetus begins to produce its placenta.During pregnancy, progesterone production in the body is increased by 10 times compared with the index before conception.Progesterone and estrogen provides women with calm, smooth and shiny hair, glowing skin and makes it more soft and smooth tissue.This slows down the digestive process, the body has time to be removed from the food as much as possible nutrients;That is why during pregnancy constipation often occur.Because the enzymes and bacteria is more time for digestion, fermentation, and this increases the gassing increases, because of which appears and eructation.

In the later stages of pregnancy the uterus will be even more pressure on the digestive tract, it will accumulate more and more gas, and burping may become even stronger.

Prevention burping during pregnancy

Flatulence stimulate different foods, especially one that contains a lot of sugar and starch.Some people burp is particularly strong because of the raffinose, which many in asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

other sugars, fructose Fructose - benefits and harms natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product , in large quantities found in artichokes, onions onions and pears.Starch, which is, for example, pasta and potatoes, and fiber, which is rich in oatmeal and other grains, can also be the cause of severe regurgitation, not only in pregnant women.

When milk lactose intolerance can lead to the same result.Pregnant women with lactose intolerance need to use soy milk substitutes.

4-5 meals a day in small portions instead of traditional heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner, can significantly reduce belching.Carefully chew food, and do not talk during the meal.Do not eat lying down, even if you only eat sweets or chocolate.Buy candy, which does not contain sweetener sorbitol - it is another stimulant increased gas.By the way, tight-fitting clothes can also cause severe regurgitation.

how to deal with belching in pregnant women?

Already in early pregnancy women notice various changes in your body.Among other things, there is often a strong and belching.This is not surprising, because the body of the gases already two people.It is also related with the action of hormones, particularly progesterone, which relax the muscles of the digestive tract.

What can be done with belching during pregnancy?First, tell yourself that it's okay.Yes, it is uncomfortable, but it is a feature of the body perfectly healthy and strong experience because this is not necessary.

Second, pay attention to your diet.Pulses - one of the "gassing" of products.They are very useful and important to include nutrition during pregnancy, but try at least a little to limit their number in your diet.Foods rich in starch (pasta, potatoes, bananas) and fiber (cabbage, asparagus, many fruits) also contribute to increased gas production and, consequently, a strong eructation.

  • Avoid carbonated beverages.Pregnant women should never use them, because nothing good for the health of the child are not available.In addition, they cause belching - this is another good reason to avoid them.
  • To improve digestion, half an hour before a meal, eat half a cup of light soup or drink a cup of broth.It stimulates the production of gastric juice in the stomach and produce less emissions.
  • Within 15 days of daily drank a glass of water with 2-3 drops of mint essence.This is a proven natural remedy helps belching great and pregnant.Mint is safe for health, but better to be sure before treatment consult a doctor.
  • Ginger tea after a meal - tasty and effective remedy for burping in pregnant women.
  • Some naturopaths recommend as a means of belching tea from blackberry, raspberry, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness and chamomile.It improves digestion and also saturates the body with many vitamins and nutrients, which, of course, will benefit the expectant mother.
  • teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water - one of the easiest anti-regurgitation, but pregnant women, before you use it, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Very easy and safe to get rid of belching is possible, after a meal chewing cloves.
  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothing and a daily walk at least half an hour - so the gases will not stagnate in the intestines, and belching Belching why it happens and that means Belching: why it happens and that means will bother you much less.