Litopedion: a mummified fetus

Litopedion do not need a medical education to be aware of the possible outcomes of pregnancy.If more, then there are only three: a birth (alive or dead fetus), and non-developing spontaneous miscarriage or missed abortion (a variant of a miscarriage).In a separate column can be distinguished medical abortion Medical abortion - beware of routine Medical abortion - be wary of the ordinary , which is done with the consent of the woman and terrible gynecological disease - an ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous .

cause miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are many and not the least among them is the different metabolic disorders.Fruit, who died in the womb, or the fruit, which for some reason has not been removed as a result of an ectopic pregnancy is rarely, very rarely, almost never converted to litopedion.

What litopedion?

Litopedion (in Greek litos - stone and pedion - child) - the fruit, who died in the womb or in the abdomen and underwent petrification, ie petrified fruit.This usually occurs in early pregnancy, when the fetus dies, the mother's body as if protecting themselves from possible infection of the fetus as a result of decomposition, covers his body a huge layer of calcium, turning him into stone.

women with litopediona can live in the body for years, unaware of its existence or even losing the ability to have children.But this is only a theory.Scientists at the moment is known only about 300 such cases.


very first mention of litopedione scientists met in the records of the Arab surgeon Abu al-Qasim, who livedin the 11th century.First described litopedion French doctor in 1582.He performed the autopsy shestidesyatidevyatiletney women, during which the uterus found in fossilized fetus 'age' of 28 years.This discovery is literally shocked Europe.Scientists have "broken" the head, trying to find an explanation for these phenomena.In the end, they decided to consider litopedion as an atavism.

litopediona recent case: in 1956, a resident of Morocco, on behalf of Zara, 26 years old, pregnant.Pregnancy was the first and, of course, welcome.The nine months of pregnancy was without complications.In due time Zara went into labor and her husband took her to the hospital.Zara was in the House of not one, but a couple of the other woman who were also fighting.In the eyes Zara woman died during childbirth.And the child died.Zara was frightened and ran away from the hospital.Contractions she continued for several days, but in light of the child and has not appeared.In 70 years, Zara suddenly appeared abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms .Adopted son took her to the hospital, where ultrasound in the abdomen was found a foreign body of unknown origin.We held an emergency operation, which resulted from the abdomen was removed petrified fruit.

During excavations of burial, which took place in the United States, was found litopedion, whose age was more than 1,000 years.It is the fruit of ancient fossils known to science.The fossilized fruits were found all over the world.In this regard, well-known steel Africa, USA, Norway, Japan, Korea, and Ireland.Russia, too, can "boast" such cases.In 2001, 53-year-old resident of Tver litopedion was discovered 32 years ago.In Ulan-Ude 24-year-old woman carried out the operation began about abortion in the second month of pregnancy, during which has been removed "stone" fruit.

Causes of litopediona

main reason is dystrophic calcification or petrification (dystrophic calcification) tissues.This exchange of calcium and phosphorus in the body is not broken.Calcification occurs in the tissues, where there are local disturbances.Deposition of calcium salts (calcification) observed in necrotic (dead) tissue and tissue with reduced vital functions (tuberculosis, syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus , blood clots and even cancer cells).As a result of dystrophic calcifications formed and litopedion.

Usually petrified fetus is formed as a result of an ectopic pregnancy or missed abortion.The mechanism of formation litopediona when ectopic pregnancy: as a result of tubal abortion ovum is expelled into the abdominal cavity, which is implanted in the gland, intestines, liver or spleen.Further development of the fetus does not occur, and it is a foreign body, calcify, turning into a petrified fruit.

Anna Sozinova