Hair coloring during pregnancy: Is it not hurt the child?

  • Hair coloring during pregnancy: Is it not hurt the child?
  • What coloring agents can be used for pregnant women?

hair coloring during pregnancy Can I color my hair during pregnancy?This question is of interest to many pregnant women.How will the chemicals contained in the paint on the health of the unborn child?How harmful can be painting?

no concrete evidence that the hair coloring during pregnancy can harm the health of unborn baby.This is partly due to the fact that this issue has not been deeply studied by the example of a person.It is understandable why pregnant women do not tend to take part in such studies and expose their child danger, even potential.

Animal studies have shown that the staining of wool gives a higher percentage of birth defects in the fetus.However, the ratio of chemicals to the blood of the animals is much higher than in humans, so the results can not be fully relied upon.According to scientists, the chemical compounds contained in hair dyes, have little effect on fetal development Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week or no influence at all.So what is the cause for concern?


Possible risks and complications

What are the main factors to take into account the pregnant woman when she thinks about the hair color?


contact with skin

Persistent semiproof and hair colors (designed for home and professional staining) contain a chemical called para-phenylenediamine (PPD).This coloring material is in contact with oxygen oxidizes, thereby darken hair.Thus, the darker the color, the more it contains paraphenylenediamine.

PPD is considered a contact allergen and a carcinogen.Add to this the fact that PPD is quickly absorbed into the skin - and it becomes clear why doctors do not recommend pregnant women to dye hair.

In addition, some women have an increased sensitivity to PPD, so if you've never dyed their hair, do not start when you expect a child - the body's response may be unexpected.But even those women who regularly paints hair may suddenly occur sensitivity to PPD.

Therefore, before applying the paint is highly recommended to test the sensitivity of the skin.However, even this test does not give a full picture of whether there is a sensitivity to PPD, as in some cases the symptoms appear only several weeks later.


Inhalation paint

Inhalation hair dyes can cause nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system in pregnant women.In some salons, very good ventilation, but most can not boast.If in the process of hair coloring you become ill, immediately move to fresh air.

If the weather is good, hair coloring Hair coloring - Beauty lossless Hair coloring - Beauty lossless can be carried out in the fresh air: it will help to avoid inhaling noxious fumes, and the sun's rays accelerate the action of hair dye.

If the weather does not have to stay in the open air, periodically go out and / or have a master colorist cover hair with a plastic bag or a cap to prevent inhalation of vapors.Also we recommend staining earlier when no customers in the cabin - so you can avoid breathing vapors colors around you.

alternative hair coloring during pregnancy

Here are a few ideas that will help you avoid the most common problems associated with hair coloring during pregnancy ...


When the hair dye

Many doctors strongly advised to refrain fromhair coloring before the end of the first trimester.By this time, the embryo has formed the basic organs and neurological function, and it is less sensitive to external factors.

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