Thin lips: how to properly paint?

girl with thin lips, according physiognomists have both positive and negative traits.They have a lively mind, eloquence, looks cold and forbidding, but at heart vulnerable and prone to travel.There is an opinion that holders of thin lips angry and aggressive.All people are different.So, the nature of the girls with thin lips met different.But the owner of the lips still want to hide this "deficiency", and how to do it, we will cover in this article.

known traits owners thin lips

Let's still talk about the pros and cons of the nature of the fair sex with thin lips.If the girl has thin lips clearly defined, it has a wonderful quality - honesty.A crystal honesty in our time is very rare.Small mouth and thin lips - a sign of friendliness and shyness.Such people are sympathetic and kind, always ready to help.

said that if the corners of her mouth slightly lowered down, the woman is often capricious and not happy.And if the corners of the mouth are raised, the person cheerful and merry.

selfish and touchy is a person with thin lips, where the lower stands more up front than the upper lip.Capable of betrayal and cruelty is considered a girl with very thin lips."Acute" tab at the owner's thin lips with blurred corners.As well, they love to gossip.A hypocritical and jealous women with thin lips sunken.

School makeup.Correction of the lips: thin lips.

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Here is the conclusion made physiognomists.But do not judge people only by their appearance, they better learn first, and then draw conclusions.

How to paint thin lips

If you have thin lips, do not worry.Many actors, businessmen, politicians, etc.the owners of this type of lips.And they are admired, imitated and adored by millions of people.You just need to know how to choose the right lipstick for thin lips and be able to apply.

The first and perhaps most important rule - the color of lipstick for thin lips.In no case do not use the light and dark tones.Your color is bright and pearly.The dark shade of lipstick visually reduces the lips.For daytime makeup, choose shades of pastel and light pink.Matte lipstick color you will not do.If you still love the bright color and dark lipstick, then apply a light shine on top, increasing the lips.
video lesson makeup How to increase lip volume

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Now we talk about the lip pencil.Do not choose a dark color, it visually narrows the lips.Pick a shade close to the pencil tone of lipstick and natural lip color.When you apply the pencil, do not go for the lip contour more than two millimeters.And lipstick, whatever hue was not, should not greatly exceed the limits of the lips.Otherwise, your lips make-up will look more like a clown, which is not decorate, and is not suitable for thin lips.

Care for lips, use a hydrating mask and take care of them from the harmful effects of the external environment.

Use lipstick after a strike pencil.After applying the blend pencil.Make-up artists first painted white pencil contour of the lips, and then applied lipstick or poor light shine.

If you do not use lip gloss, or you do not like to put it, then apply lipstick first, and over it a few drops of light.It will not be too noticeable, but the effect is stunning.

Never use someone else's lipstick, so you can catch, such as herpes.

The right make-up thin lips need to give them extra volume.

correct make-up thin lips need to give them extra volume.

Tattoo lip injections and gel - care when choosing

Many modern women do not have time for a favorite.But look everyone always wants good.For this was invented by a permanent tattoo.Inside expert will select the shape of the lips, suitable for you.This is a huge plus.

Once you make tattoo on his thin lips, you can not use lipstick.Slightly caused shine will look amazing.And most importantly, you do not have to constantly sum up the lips with a pencil, and there will be no need to constantly wondering how to paint thin lips.After the procedure, the tattoo a few days it will be necessary to lubricate the lips with special ointment.After some time, having come crust may have to make a correction.
how to do tattooing of lips

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Another option to increase the thin lips - a gel injection.In this case, the important thing is not to have any allergic reactions.This issue definitely needs to be discussed with a specialist.This procedure was carried out as in hospitals, and beauty salons.The amount of gel every girl should choose itself, it is an individual matter.

Avoid chapping and cracking of the lips, do not forget about moisturizing, apply chapstick.Select a proven clinic and a specialist.Over time, the gel will dissolve and disappear.If necessary, repeat the procedure.