Secrets of amazing makeup

happens that even when using expensive and high-quality cosmetics is impossible to achieve the same expressive makeup that creates a stylist, makeup artist in Moscow.The quality of cosmetics is very important, but the main role still played by the correct disposal of this wealth, as well as the use of special methods and techniques.

only carefully studied the secrets of make-up can be at home on their own and achieve amazing results.
To lips look sensual and full of professionals advise their delineate the outline of a pencil neutral tones and cover the same neutral color brilliance.Then his lips will radiate natural beauty.

A perfect evening make-up

perfect evening makeup

Quite often remains the excess lipstick on your teeth, and dark shades of the most visible and inconvenience.You can use one method: put your finger in your mouth (after the application of lipstick) and closed their lips around it, pulled out of his mouth.On finger left over lipstick.

If you want to own all the techniques of application of cosmetics and successfully adjust the appearance, then this can help the school make-up.After graduating from the training, you can be sure that when the asymmetric shape of the nose can look great.To solve this problem you will need two shades of tonal framework.One, which is used to constantly face and the other on a pair of shades darker.Dark base is applied to the wings to visually reduce the nose.

Everyone likes thick eyelashes.It is easy to achieve by using eye shadow and brush.Select a shade that blends well with pencil and shadow carefully plotted on line growth of eyelashes, that visually makes them more dense.And do not forget the nice arrow to the eye!

Most women who have a round face shape, are unhappy with their appearance, and looking at the model with high cheekbones, trying to visually lengthen the face.This simple task if you know how to apply blush.Moreover, under the cheekbones space cover dark blush, and higher cheekbones - light shades.The resulting contrast can change the impression of the shape of the face.

When a woman experiences a constant need in cosmetics and wants to spare time to devote to create new images, then a good solution - a make-up school in Moscow.Skilled craftsmen will teach proper skin care, competent application without exception of cosmetic products.