Makeup for redheads girls.

People with red hair are not as often.According to statistics of the planet, there are about 10%.In the beauty parlors to change the make-up often treated women with "golden" hair.

Redheads representatives of the beautiful half of the population often stand irresistible appearance.Makeup for redheads should, in turn, is harmoniously complemented by the right notes.

How did decide: bright evening or a more peaceful way of everyday, how to highlight the advantages and possible disadvantages to hide?

Features makeup for redheads

Experts say that bright hair color palette requires careful selection of high resistance to the hair does not shine different colors of the rainbow.Girl with red hair professionals often recommend eye shadows in warm colors: gold, terra cotta, olive, pink, dark blue or dark green.The skin of people with natural red hair is very bright and clear, so the foundation is to choose the color of ivory.

If a girl has freckles, and she clearly wants them to emphasize the need to use transparent creams.Eyebrow tint is not advisable.However, if you strongly want, you can make a few strokes with a pencil in the hair color.

Blush red for the girls is to use bright, apricot, peach.At the same time note that in the evening make-up to red , characterized by bright colors.

Lipstick can be used purplish-red, cherry-red lipstick.During the day, may be enough gloss or lipstick golden brown or peach.
Tutorial: Nicola Roberts Makeup (Girls Aloud) feat my little sister!

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very detailed video with all aspects of makeup redhead girl: eye makeup, drawing arrows, causing the shape of the face blush and lipstick.

Official Rihanna Makeover- Red Hair Dye

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makeup redhead girl in the style of Rihanna by a professional stylist on the model.

How to get red hair

If nature has endowed you have not red hair color, and really want to buy this rare shade, at the present time there is a wide range of professional paints.However, choose the red tone is not easy.For them there are so many: from golden to dark.

red hair is ideal for all women, especially light-skinned.However, care must be exercised to paint the girls from the "cold" type appearance, which includes blue or gray eyes, hair color from light to brown-haired and bright skin.Moreover, if a woman tries to be painted in red color, it does not get the result that she was expecting.Instead of a bright, colorful image of madam turns into a tortured, not a person's sleep.The woman appear blue under the eyes, the skin looks gray.The reason for this phenomenon lies in the wrong pick a hair color.

Trendy light shade for red hair perfectly complemented by short hair bob with long locks and thick straight bangs , and in harmony with the makeup in earthy tones Creative female hairstyle with an elongated oblique bangs short hair red color looks great with evening make-up with emphasis on the eyes Evening makeup Smoky Eyes looks amazing in conjunction with thick light- red hair of medium length, stacked by a varnish of average fixing
Casual image for the girls with the red hair of medium length and eye make-up in a dark- green hues Long thick hair dark red shade with straight bangs and cascade good haircut will be combined with natural make-up in warm colors Catchy eye make-up in green and orange tones in harmony with the makeup look lips peach tones and complements the red color medium hair haircut ladder and extended bangs to the side

At the same time owner of the warm tsvetotipa, which is characterized by bright color hair, hazel eyes, blue or green, yellow or golden skin, blond hair.Such women may be painted in red color from light to dark shades of red.If you have dark hair, blue eyes, brown or black color, you can afford to dye my hair in shades of light brown to dark black.It should avoid all shades of red coloring.

Any stylist normally recommend changing hair color on just one or two shades darker or lighter than the natural hair color.Of course, it is possible to radically change its image and it could benefit, if the color of hair were selected according to the type of appearance.It is not recommended to change the hue of "one-stop".

before dye hair red, it is necessary to think well.People say: "look before you leap and cut once."Hair dyed in a light or dark tone is very difficult.At the same time you can expect surprises in the form of entirely unexpected color hair.

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right makeup for a girl with blue eyes and red hairtips and step by step instructions.

We choose the color of eye makeup for redheads girls

working on make-up, the owner must take care of red hair about how to emphasize your eyes under the bright sunny shades of hair.Starting work on the make-up is important to first align the complexion using foundation, often red-haired girl have a lighter complexion.

  • Bright hues help to complete the most perfect makeup for redheads beauties with green eyes, and it is possible to resort to the help of shadow shades of copper and nutmeg.Applying make-up are in his tone, she reaches the effect of tenderness and a certain feminine lightness and simplicity, perfectly balancing a bright fiery red hair.

Owners of fiery red hair color can afford a bright make-up with emphasis on the lips isolated violet- purple lipstick , combined with the black arrows on the blue eyes Evening make-up for women with red hair can combine light blush, lipstick light pink tones and saturated shade of green shades for green eyes The idea of ​​everyday makeup in the form of thin arrows in front of gray and red lips focus on girls with long hair reddish hue
Festive image of girls with red hair posing with brown eyes make-up in the form of arrows , using a rich red lipstick and curls styling medium length retro hairstyle Bright make-up in green tones suitable owners of blue eyes and wavy red curls with a long oblique bangs Makeup on every day in bright shades for brown eyes can vary emphasis lips using bright purple lipstick that perfectly complement her hair red color

  • gentle tones of gold tide, perhaps some browns contribute to a more sophisticated image.Warm colors in this case, perfectly accentuate the natural beauty of the red-haired brown eyes.
  • to create a more formal, business appearance is recommended to refer to colder tones.Turquoise color shades perfectly accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes and, in turn, these shades will look perfectly with the color of the hair.
  • Hue ripe plum is in contrast to the red-haired hair color.Ideal emphasizes the beauty girl eye, creating an unrivaled image of the mysterious, beautiful woman, able to conquer his view of others.

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Choice of color shades depending on the color of the eye and timeevent, this creates a casual or evening look.

Daytime makeup for redheads

Quite often red-haired girls are happy owner of pale skin with a predominant amount of freckles.It is recommended to treat the positive and eliminate the use of foundation.If a woman wants to get rid of their freckles, it is recommended to use the juice of parsley for safe whitening skin.

As for daytime makeup, the first thing, you should pay attention to the color of blush.Daytime makeup for girls perfectly complement red soft peach tones.The main board of experts serves to avoid contrasting tones of black in the daytime make-up play, it does not apply to the eyelashes.Girls who want to highlight your eyes, perfect eyeliner brown or gray.

professionals of makeup strongly recommend avoiding aggressive shades of shadows, as red hair color, in turn, already appears bright addition to the appearance of the girl.

Light day make-up in natural colors will be a great addition medium hair fiery red hue haircut ladder and straight bangs up to the eyebrows Stylish make-up every day with a focus on the lips will look harmonious with styling long hair red color in large ringlets Fashion make-up day in soft peach shades beautifully complement the image combined with the long curls light tan hue
Creative image on every day in the form of a harmonious tandem daytime make-up in bright colors and asymmetrical haircuts to hair fiery red color with a long fringe Beautiful day make-up in golden- green color blends well with short hair on the red hair streaked with strands of pink Day make-up with emphasis on the bright red lips looks perfect with styling red color in the form of small curls

Zelenoglazkam suit shades of beige and terracotta shades.Lips stand out better with the help of coral lipstick shades.

creating makeup for a red with gray eyes, experts advise to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, thanks to the shadow of gold, peach, perhaps turquoise shades, and put lipstick on her lips color of carrot.

perfect makeup for redheads with brown eyes will be able to create a bog-golden shadow and lipstick shades of red.

Daytime makeup with eyeliner and brown shades to gray-green eyes red-haired girls: Photo Option stepping through the make-up in blue tones to gray eyes and red hair
Casual eye makeup in brown and blue tones for the girls with the red hair : a phased technology Stylish make-up in pink and purple tones for brown eyes and red hair: step by step guide to photo
How to make the right eye makeup for owners of red hair - in the photo guide Master class for creating make-up day for the gray-green eyes red-haired girls: Photo

Evening makeup for redheads girls

trick work on the evening make-up is to strengthen the shade used in tandem with the peculiarities of the eye color.It is recommended to take the darkest shadows variant that is suitable for your eyes and make a great eye makeup with two colors.This technique is ideally emphasize the unique beauty of the eyes, and the look of confidence and give a certain luster.

  • It should be emphasized in the area of ​​the neck and cheeks, using blush bronze shades.This will help the skin combined with the beauty of flame-red hair.

Evening make-up in black and blue tones , with a focus on the eyes of the owners of suitable short thick hair fiery red hue , laid by a varnish of strong fixing The idea of ​​an evening make-up Smokey Eyes black palette looks good with make-up lips in natural tones and complements the medium-length hair a bright red color with elongated strands Option evening make-up in black and purple tones wonderfully complements the image in conjunction with the laying of medium dark red hair in the form of light curls with a side parting
Eye Makeup Smoky Eyes style in harmony with the lip makeup in earthy tones and complements the evening image of the girl with light red long hair , arranged in small curls Haircut bob short red hair with a thick straight bangs will look perfect with an evening make-up in the gray- blue tones The idea of the image of the evening in the form of a combination of dark red curly medium hair types and eye makeup in shades of gray-green

  • If a girl wants to highlight her eyes, emphasizing them by applying a sufficiently saturated colors while using eyeliner chocolate color, is worth doing at least a strong emphasis on the lips, using the evening to complete the imagetransparent or not bright lip gloss.
  • If, creating an evening make-up red for girls, used moderate shade shades, practically without using eyeliner, it is recommended to focus on the lips, giving them the necessary expression of thanks to bright scarlet or red shades of lipstick.
  • should remember that excessive use of aggressive tones in make-up is not permitted to avoid the occurrence of undesirable effects.

The technique of makeup brown eyes brown- blue tones and black arrows for owners of red hair The idea of ​​an evening make-up in golden- black scheme for brown eyes girls with red hair : a photo - guide
Step by step implementation evening makeup photo in green and blue colors for green eyes red-haired girls Fashionable evening make-up in pink to gray- green eyes and red hair : a phased technology for photo

wedding makeup for redheads

Wedding - one of the most important events in the life of a girl, and go to the selection of a make-up to that day to look irresistible, you need to with great responsibility.Beautiful wedding makeup for redheads girls to create a very difficult, the most important thing - to choose the shade, guided by election is particularly eye color.

  • Feature of wedding makeup for girls with intense brown eyes will, in addition to using the usual beige shades, committing no one to experiment with shades of brick color, or color of ripe cherries.Do not Liquid Pencil warm colors ideal for smooth eyeliner.To emphasize the natural beauty of the lips can be due to persistent lipstick shades of caramel.

The idea of ​​a wedding make-up in golden brown tones complement the wonderfully solemn manner in combination with long hair red color, laid in an elegant hairstyle with braiding Wedding image for the owners of long red hair , arranged in the form of large curls , straight thick fringe in tandem with makeup in natural shades Bright make-up in dark colors with arrows and red lipstick perfectly complement the wedding make-up for owners of long hair fiery red color
Spectacular makeup arrow style pin-up is ideal for wedding makeup girl with red hair , arranged in a pony Long red hair with a long fringe will go well with makeup smoky ice in dark brown tones , creating a beautiful makeup for the wedding Alternative wedding make-up in soft pink tones for owners of red hair , arranged in a hairstyle with multicolored flowers
Bridal make-up in blue- violet range and a focus on red lips perfectly in harmony with straight red hair of medium length Easy bridal makeup in natural shades look good in tandem with medium hair red color, packed into large curls parted to the side The idea of makeup in golden-brown scheme for a wedding for girls with the red hair of medium length , arranged in the form of small curls with bangs oblique

  • green-eyed girls while working on wedding makeup is to provide eye shadows terracotta shade.The tone of the eye perfectly accentuate gray eyeliner, and lips can make up lipstick matte color, it is not necessary to allocate them too, it is better to focus on the eyes.
  • amazing makeup for red hair and blue eyes is created by shades of gray and a bright palette of colors to other colors.It is important to avoid a green tone and use a liquid eyeliner black.Lipstick natural colors successfully complete the tender image of the bride.