How to draw an arrow on the eyes.

To make the eyes charming and sophisticated, to emphasize the natural beauty of the eye, it is recommended that in addition to the ink, visually enlarge the size of the eye with the arrow.Carefully drawn arrows in fashion again in the new season in 2015.They are the ideal complement as a bright evening, and the standard daytime makeup, it is only important to know some tricks drawing arrows.

Arrows were in fashion at all times, they drew such well-known around the world as a female movie star Sophia Loren, Italian and American actress Marilyn Monroe.Today no one can imagine without the arrows painted on the eyes, which are the hallmark of their image and style.But to draw an arrow on the eyes is not as easy as it may seem.Poorly-up eyes able to completely ruin the whole look of the girl, while a well-matched to the cut and shape of the arrow will open the eyes look, and allow to adjust the appearance of possible defects.

There are many recommendations how to draw arrows on the eyes, and some of them can be read in this article.

Popular types of arrows

There are different types of arrows to the eye width and length.Choice makes every girl individually, depending on the preferences of makeup.Among the large number of arrows should be to identify those that are most popular with the female:

  • Classic version of the shooter - the thin line .In order to properly draw such arrows, you must keep the pencil from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.Remember that at the end of the line should be lifted slightly upward.Be sure to check the width of the line, it is recommended to do fine.

Spectacular arrows to evening makeup Day make-up arrow and light pink shades
Gentle option arrows makeup on every day Arrows on the eye: trendy option for photos

  • Arrows "double line» .Do look unique, more expressive and bright.Excellent emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes.The arrow is drawn on the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.It should be noted that the closer to the outer edge of the eye line should be thicker, and its edge - slightly elevated.The lower eyelid is necessary to sum up, on the contrary - from the outer to the inner corner.It is important to control the arrows coming out the same in both eyes for aesthetic completion of the selected image, the arrow bends should be smooth and graceful.
  • to visually increase the density of the eyelashes are ideal «thick arrows» .These arrows draw quite simply, the width can be different, depending on the preferences of women.Draw is needed from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

Popular types of arrows Popular types of arrows to the eye, the eye drawn podvodkoydlya Original versions of the application of the arrows on the eyes and their names
A variety of options for evening and arrows daytime makeup Beautiful options arrow to the eye when you create a daytime makeup

  • very popular among young girls enjoy arrow "cat's eye» .They emphasize the beauty of the eyes, making the eyes look more confident.A feature of such arrows is that the edges of both lines are directed upwards to the temple area.

classic version arrows complement any girl's make-up, making the image more complete and harmonious, giving it some zest.

Stylish make-up with double black arrow and yellow shadows An interesting way of drawing the arrow using a liquid eyeliner
Trendy arrows on the eyes, combined with golden tones in the shadows Arrows to create an evening make-up in combination with purple shadows

We select the arrow to the shape of the eye

the arrow decorated with a woman, not a way of doing it, or even vulgar caricature is necessary to conform to the shape of arrows of her eyes. Eyes classic almond-shaped , apart from the nose to the normal distance, fit the arrow of any kind.Happy owner of almond-shaped eyes can afford and thin and thick eyeliner.Any version of the shooter will look at almond-shaped eyes just amazing.

Option Smoky Eyes makeup combined with black and white arrows for brown eyes A method of drawing arrows on the eyes to create an evening make-up
The arrows on the eyes with blue shadows Day make-up arrow on the eyes for brown eyes

Women with round eyes arrows will adjust the shape of the eye, making it more elongated.To do this, you need to start drawing an arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.But from the middle of the century the arrow needs a little lift up, instead of bring it to the outer corner of the eye.This arrow will not only visually adjust your eyes and give them almond-shaped, but also to avoid "heavy" look that appears when the arrow is held around the contour of the round eyes.The width of the arrow on the round eyes should be in the inner corners of the eyes to be fine, and then from the middle a little bit thicker.The end of the arrow is not abruptly cut off, it must sharpen smoothly.

Beautiful arrows on the eyes in combination with light shadows to perform day makeup The original evening make-up with drawing arrows on the eyes
Classic arrows on the eyes to create a make-up in pink colors How to draw a perfectly straight arrows on the eyes: Photo example of makeup

To give charm narrow eyes and to open them, you need to draw on the upper eyelid is very thin arrow as close to the lashes.Toward the end of the century the direction of the arrow should go smoothly up, but do not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.

If eyes too wide apart , the arrow should be broad, ranging from the inner corner of the eye, and then gradually taper toward the outside.If the eyes are on the contrary located close to the bridge, the arrow at the inner corners should be fine and thicker at the outer corners.
MW Makeup Eye Shape How to draw arrows / Perfect eyeliner

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video lesson drawing arrows for any type of eye: raised corners, the lowered corners of eyes, widely spaced, narrow-set eyes, narrow or wide eyes.

rules drawing arrows

question how to draw the arrow in front of so many women care about.Beautiful arrow can be drawn only if you do it consistently in several stages.

  • draw arrows need to "hard" hand, otherwise the line will not smooth and wavy, which is unacceptable.To this did not happen, you must put a mirror at eye level, and elbows, which summarizes his eyes rest against a hard surface.
  • Do not draw the arrow, close your eyes and flinging it is inconvenient.Best of all, if the eye is half-closed.In this case it will be immediately obvious how well an arrow.
  • Whatever width not planned to draw an arrow, initially it is necessary to draw thin, and gradually thicken if necessary.

Technology of drawing arrows on the eye: a step by step photos Instructions simple and popular method of creating the arrows on the eyes
How to draw an arrow on the eye: Phased machinery for photos Step by step instructions for the correct execution of the shooter

  • Most women believed that the arrow need to draw one continuous line.But in that case draw the straight line practically impossible.It is best to draw the arrow in two passes.From the inner corner to the middle and from the middle to the outer corner.
  • inner edge of the arrow is to be held at the lash line.If you want to have the distance between the lashes and eyeliner, it will look sloppy and eyelashes will look spectacularly, even if they are very thick and beautifully made up.
  • Arrows in both eyes must be of the same length and width.It is unacceptable even the slightest deviation of them as arrows in different eyes will look unbalanced, even if in fact this woman has no defect.

Gradual creation of a make-up day with drawing arrows on the eyes Photography lesson step drawing arrows on the eyes in combination with shadows
Drawing arrows in front of the original combined with the shadows: a phased photos How to draw an arrow in front of a pencil and shadows: photo lesson

  • If eye makeup includes not only the hands, but also the shadows, then draw an arrow on top of the shadows.

What beauty products used to draw arrows

Drawing with liquid eyeliner

Many girls, dreaming of a bright arrows immediately become liquid liner.Of course, the arrow drawn eyeliner, look great, plus they stay long at any age skin.But liquid eyeliner should be used only for those who already know how to draw well arrows, who can confidently draw a line and get off in the middle, spoiling the effect.For those who are just learning to eye makeup, draw arrows better with a pencil or shadow.

Arrows eye with a pencil

draw arrows can be hard or soft pencil.Soft suitable for beginners in visage and hard pencil draw arrows prefer professionals.Use a pencil when drawing arrows convenient because they can shade and create a smoky eye effect.It pencils draw arrows makeup artists, creating eye makeup «smoky eyes».

Beautifully drawn arrows will always harmoniously complement the selected makeup.Arrows can be drawn using a liquid liner or a special eyeliner, eye shadow, this is not recommended.Before you begin, it is important to remember how to draw arrows if you use a pencil.You must first make up the eyelid shadows, to pencil "lay down" easier and smoother.If you enjoy make-up does not allow the use of shadows, it is important to degrease the lid before using the lotion.

order to hand out a fine and beautiful, it is important that the hand was the correct location - namely, the elbow should be emphasized.This will prevent possible defects makeup, if the hand tremble.

Step by step technique drawing arrows on the eyes, using a pencil How to draw an arrow in front of a pencil: a step by step photos
Rules for placing arrows on the eyes while creating evening makeup Phased implementation guide arrows on the eyes with a pencil

recommended to put yourself in the subtle point where the line will be.When applied to flat symmetrical arrows it will give greater confidence in the future of creating an image.The arrows in the eyes of the stages should draw from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

It is important to choose a quality pencil to create a shooter, because poor quality products can lead to undesirable consequences in the end spoil conceived image.Pencil can be persistent and quickly wear out or crumble.Now on the market of goods sufficient number of quality products, so it is advisable to pay attention to such details.

color pencil also can be different.Choosing the right tone pencil can accentuate the color of shadows, or any specific details of the image.
How to draw arrows eyeliner.Makeup Lesson 8

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Draw arrows pencil is not as easy as it might seem.It is necessary to competently approach to the selection of products and to work on the makeup.Knowing some tricks will help to create the desired image.

Drawing arrows on the eyes shadows

no less convenient to draw arrows and using shadows.This requires a fine brush applicator and clean.Brush must be pre-wet with water, and then dial the shadow of her chosen color and trim to hold the line on the century.Arrow made with the help of the shadows, it looks soft and perfect for daytime makeup.Brush can be made thin arrow, but if you need a circuit, it is possible to hold the line on top of the thin edge of a larger applicator.If you want the shooter was brighter, the strip of shadow on the eyelid applied wet applicator, if required arrow muted colors, the applicator should be dry.

Right arrow on the eyes in combination with silver shades for daytime makeup Fashionable version of the arrows on the eyes to carry makeup for gray eyes

Drawing arrows eye liner

very popular today eyeliner liner.This kind of reminds eyeliner pen, and it is very convenient to draw a clear line that is soft, and if you do not get the perfect hand the first time, it is easy to remove with dampened cotton swab.
MW Arrow Makeup eyeliner pencil in front of \ eyeliner

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video tutorial on how to draw arrows: shadows,pencil aylaynerom.Selection of brushes, shadows, eyeliner, of know-how.

Select the color of the arrows

classic color drawing arrows is black.Combined with red lipstick black arrows look incredibly sexy.But such an image looks best at a party, not in everyday life, where women tend to use in make-up shades of natural light.

the arrow afternoon looked appropriate and beautiful can be used for its drawing brown, beige, dark blue or dark green shades.Especially well these colors will be combined with a brown or black and brown ink, which is best suited for everyday makeup.Make sure when choosing a color for the shooter must be considered eye color.If you draw an arrow under the color of the eyes, the eyes become more expressive and profound, and if you use the arrow keys to pearlescent shade, even luminous.What color to paint arrows to select each woman decides itself, the main thing that came to an arrow shape of her eyes and makes a woman more attractive.

Fashion make-up version of the white arrow on the eyes A popular color for drawing arrows in creating evening makeup The original form of the colored arrows on the eyes: Photo
Effective way to draw arrows in turquoise colors Original arrows in front of black and blue with bright colors Bright make-up with drawing arrows green hue

How to make the arrow on the eyes perfectly smooth

It is very important to work on the arrows to see to it that the line came out perfectly flat.This can be achieved through several factors:

  • is necessary, first of all, select the correct location of the hand, the elbow should have a specific focus.This will help to ensure that the hand will not tremble and the line will turn out flat.
  • arrowheads should be noted in pencil for a perfect symmetry.This will facilitate future work and help to create a dazzling and daytime and evening makeup.
  • Before you start you need to prepare cotton buds, thanks to which it will be possible to remove the defects obtained during the work on the make-up.

perfectly aligned arrows can be created through the use of special fittings or, if you prefer a pencil, it is important that it was hard, because the use of soft pencil can damage the circuit of the arrows.Before you draw an arrow in front of a pencil is recommended to practice on paper.
Eye Makeup by MAKE UP FOR EVER

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Drawing arrows on the eyes with a gel base in the video.
base under the shade - Mac Paint Pot-Bare Study
black pencil - Benefit Bad Gal waterproof eyeliner
gel eyeliner - Mac Fluidline
brush - Mac 208

Bright and exquisite eye makeup always attracts attention.But what will make the eye makeup is not only expressive but also sexy and attractive?Of course, the arrow.Thin, wide, along the length of the eye and aspirations to the temples arrows give the eyes a woman of mystery and unique charm.

Pictures arrows on the eyes!Recommended viewing gallery arrow on the eyes, under the eyes all types: round, almond-shaped, small, wide.