Tone Cream: applying the lessons of choice, a review of popular brands.

Tone Cream is considered to be the foundation of good makeup.Not often found ideal facial skin.Typically, the skin there are various small defects, roughness, age spots, and the use of foundation to create a smooth healthy complexion, hide small imperfections, correct shape of the face.

Against foundation looks more impressive make-up lips and eyes.Properly applied foundation gives the whole make-up accuracy and completeness, and its owner guarantees admiring glances.

What types of tonal creams

Numerous companies producing cosmetic products and perfumes, creams offer several types, which differ from each other the number of coloring matter, density, moisture content and fat.

There are liquid and thick foundation, tone foam, concealer - stick, compact foundation, foundation cream - powder, tonal day cream, powder tones.

Liquid foundation contains a small amount of the colorant in comparison with other types of tonal creams it is the most transparent, using its hard to hide the flaws of the skin.The greater the amount of fat and the pigment comprises a thick foundation, which has good masking properties due to the content of fat and is suitable for thin dry skin.
In the Skin tone as well as in liquid concealer little coloring pigment, when applied to the skin, it goes easily, forming a semi-transparent layer.Tonal foam is great for all skin types.

With the foundation - stick can easily disguise small imperfections of the skin, dark circles under the eyes, but it is not designed to create a basis for make-up, applied to the entire skin.Tone Day Cream combines the quality and foundation day, well hides skin imperfections, but has expressed masking properties.

Proper application foundation makes the skin smooth and flawless makeup.

correct application foundation makes the skin smooth and flawless makeup.

Tone powder contains little moisture and fat, can not be applied to dry skin, but is well suited for oily and combination, as well absorbs excess sebum.For a summer vacation is good to use water-resistant types of foundation.

a great variety of tonal creams allows each woman to choose the most appropriate means for her makeup.Also today, you can easily pick up a quality concealer for face.

How to choose the color of foundation

When selecting a foundation is very important to choose the right color.Too bright color will make the face too pale, sickly, too dark - give individual kind of mask.It is necessary to find a happy medium ideally suited for skin color.

The correct foundation should not be visible on the face.It only makes the complexion more even, gives freshness and healthy skin.Many visagistes advised to select the color of foundation on the inner surface of the skin of the wrist, which corresponds to a face skin color than other skin areas.

How to choose the perfect foundation?

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Others prefer to use for this purpose earlobe or the cheeks.It is important that the selection of foundation was held under natural light as incandescent bulbs can give the skin a little yellowing, and can easily make the wrong choice of color tones.

Almost all the tonal resources of makeup have a pinkish or yellowish hue.If in doubt in the selection of colors, try to focus more yellowish shades that look more natural.

If you doubt the choice of colors, it is always better to take a foundation slightly darker than lighter.Such a foundation, if it does not match the color of your skin, can be used as a basis for make-up or as a component to perform the correction of face shape.

Applying foundation: before and after.

application of foundation: before and after.

How to choose the right foundation

The correct choice of foundation depends largely on the quality of the whole makeup.Not properly selected cream is able to negate all of your efforts to create an external image.When selecting a foundation to consider many different factors: the type and color of skin, age, time of year and time of day.

most common and suitable for all kinds of skin is a liquid foundation.It easily falls on the skin, well shaded, does not cause dryness or shine.
How to choose a foundation

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age, transparency foundation should be increased, that is, the older the skin, theless coloring pigment to be contained in creams.If dry skin is unacceptable to use foundation to drying effect, which have a tone and compact powder foundation, which are preferred for oily skin.

In the summer, be sure to use concealer with a protective factor against UV rays, and in winter it is desirable to use a cream containing more fat.For evening make-up, you can choose foundation slightly darker than the one used in the daytime.When selecting the tone means you should remember that properly selected foundation on the face is not visible.

rules applying foundation

It is important to put the right foundation.Before applying foundation must be thoroughly cleaned skin, apply a layer of day cream.Tone cream can be applied to the skin with a special cosmetic sponge, the so-called sponge and liquid foundation - simply with your fingers.When choosing a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation to prefer fine-pored.These sponge cream shade better and less absorb moisture, as a result of the use of foundation will be more economical.

    • Overlay foundation should be from the center to the periphery of the face, carefully shading border application of the cream.
    • first cream is applied to the back of the nose, chin and forehead, shaded by the wings of the nose, from the center of the forehead to the temples, and from the middle of the chin to the corners of the lips.
How to apply foundation?Experts say

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  • low complexity is applying the cream on the skin around the eyes.Tone cream is applied to the skin under the eyebrows and gently rubbed with light massage movements from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside.
  • careful when applying the cream does not stretch the skin, carrying only light, gliding motion.
  • Under the foundation can be applied moisturizer.To lay a foundation smoothly and stayed throughout the day is often recommended to moisten the skin with thermal water from the sprinkler.
When applying foundation is unacceptable in the field of education border application of the cream.To prevent the formation of borders must be especially careful to shade the cream on the skin in the neck, the side surfaces of the face, from hairline.
How to apply foundation.Jeanne Saint Jacques

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Correction of the face with the help of foundation

With the foundation not only can mask small flawsskin, align the color of skin, but the skillful use of visual maybe even change the shape of the face.The perfect oval face is considered.Round, square and triangular shape of the face is far from ideal, but it is possible to change with the help of a competent makeup with foundation.To do this, you must have two - three creams that are similar in color.

Before you begin correcting the person to determine which areas of your face you want to select, enhance, and which make less noticeable.As it is well known visual light skin look a little more extensive, and the dark, on the contrary, lower.On this principle and is based adjustment of the face using a foundation.The principle is simple correction of the face, but its implementation requires some practice.

Applying foundation on the face shape.

Applying foundation on the face shape.

When round face shape give it a more elongated shape, you can put it a darker foundation to the skin in the area of ​​the temples, the side of the face.
Square face can be rounded, if you put concealer on the dark corners of the mouth to the temples in the form of elongated triangles.
Too long face can be visually shortened by applying darker foundation on the chin and forehead.Also

foundation for correcting the shape of the face can be used rouge.
better if the initial correction performed by an experienced facial makeup.Then, realizing what areas of your face should be allocated, and what to hide, how to apply blush properly you are able to do corrective make-up.

Proper application of foundation on face shape.

correct application of foundation on face shape.

Rules storage foundation

Store foundation, as well as other cosmetics should be away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cool place.

  • Ideal for cosmetics - top shelf of the refrigerator.
  • When used for applying foundation special cosmetic sponge - sponge should not forget to wash it as often as once a week.
  • term storage foundation shall not exceed two years.The use of the old foundation, as well as other cosmetics, can cause allergic reactions or irritation on the skin.
Tone Cream for problematic skin before and after application.

Tone Cream for problematic skin before and after application.

Some misconceptions about foundation

Restricting the use of foundation is often associated with some of the misconceptions that exist in society regarding this cosmetic product.Many believe that the need for a foundation related only to skin defects.But perfect skin can boast one.

on the face are always present or enlarged pores, pigmentation or different, small pimples, wrinkles and so on.Concealer to hide these defects and make skin perfect.

Apply concealer can be a brush, sponge or fingers.

Apply concealer can be a brush, sponge or fingers.

Sometimes we hear that the foundation clogs skin pores and dries out the skin, and as a result contributes to the rapid aging of skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.This opinion is not true, as many creams contain fat, vitamin supplements, lipids and silicones that prevent dry skin, contribute to its normal diet and recovery.It is important to choose the right foundation, according to its type of skin that prevents the appearance of all these problems.

foundation, used to make-up allows every woman to have a beautiful smooth radiant skin.Knowing how to apply foundation and skillfully taking advantage of them, you will always have the perfect make-up and at any age look perfectly.
Makeup lessons for nachinayuschih.Kak correctly apply tonal krem.5 ways.

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foundation for the different types of skin

women throughout the history of mankind knew that beauty - is power.Even in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, women used white and chalk to even skin tone and hide imperfections.Today, with the development of cosmetic industry, the composition of the foundation improves with each new release of the tool.Today "Tonalka" not only evens skin tone and texture, but also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and other negative environmental factors.In this article we look at the most well-known brand manufacturers foundation.

Oily skin is characterized by wide pores, is prone to blackheads and acne.Tone Cream for oily skin should choose low-fat.It is desirable that it was a matte effect.

creams with the effect does not have a high resistance, so it is recommended to apply transparent powder over the cream.
Tone Cream for dry skin \ my choice

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Dry skin is suffering from a lack of sebum often shelled andunpleasant shrinks after washing.This skin is very important to moisturize, so foundation for dry skin is better to choose a water or oil-based.Softener cream help to conceal fine lines and moisturize the skin.Most moisturizing ingredients contained in tonal liquid consistency means that provide an average coating density.

Sensitive skin tone cream should be hypoallergenic and have a UV protection not less than 15. Hide the imperfections of oily skin will help means more dense and medium texture.However, the foundation for oily skin do not use very often, so as not to provoke even more irritation and redness.

For combination skin make-up artists are advised to use two types of tonal resources.Cream with oily texture and two shades darker than the natural color applied to dry areas, and a light cream with a matte effect, which coincides with a touch of skin on areas with oily skin.

best foundation for oily skin: Bourjois 123 Perfect

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Popular brands tonal creams

foundation loreal .A series of tones from loreal creams presented a wide palette of colors and variety of textures that allow you to easily select the appropriate means of your skin.

to choose the color of foundation, apply a small amount of the composition to the back of the palm and rub.If daylight on the skin is not visible traces of cream, then this is your shade.

Tone Cream AllaincePerfect from loreal adjusts to your skin tone and creates the effect of a mask.Caring components of the cream to moisturize the skin, making it soft and supple.Foundation AllaincePerfect mattes the skin and eliminates shine.If you are too dry with a marked scaling, pre-apply a moisturizer on your face, and then, tonal basis.After applying the "tone" wait a few minutes until the cream is absorbed and does not leave marks on clothing.

Foundation loreal

Tone cream loreal

L'Oreal Infaillible similar in action with AllaincePerfect.It just removes the greasy, perfectly masks enlarged pores, erases signs of fatigue on the face.The mineral pigments make the skin radiant all day.This tool has a fairly dense texture, so it is suitable for the cold season.

Tone Cream max factor .Tone Cream Max Factor Xperience has a light texture and provides a flawless, smooth skin.Jojoba extract cream does weightless, you just do not feel it on the skin.However, problematic skin texture money too easy, so hide the obvious imperfections will be very difficult.Women with good skin cream will suit perfectly.

Liquid Colour Adapt from max factor due to the convenient dispenser is easy to apply, however, it does not hold for long.