How to apply the shadows

When applying makeup, creating a certain image of the most attention is paid to the eyes.This is the most expressive detail of a person, which in the first all pay attention.The eyes can fascinate, captivate, attract, intrigue, reassuring. ... With such an important "weapon" is to handle and expertly.After all, even the perfect shape can ruin negligence and haste.To avoid disappointment and learn to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, is to understand the intricacies of their makeup.Let's try to figure out all the nuances of how to apply the shadow.

How to choose eye shadow

Do not forget that the area around the eyes, and the eyes themselves are extremely sensitive.Therefore, the shade used to be hypo-allergenic, so as not to irritate the mucous membrane, and certainly not to be overdue.

For beautiful makeup should choose the right kind of shades and shadows.

for beautiful makeup should choose the right kind of shades and shadows.

In modern cosmetic stores you can see the shadow of a very different not only in color but also in consistency: dry, liquid, gel, creamy shadow pencil, eye shadow, mousse, etc.There are also differences in the features of the application.

dry shade

They are quite accustomed to use: easy to apply and well removed sufficiently resistant and long shelf life due to the lack of moisture in the composition.

Dry shade - the most popular variant of such cosmetics.

dry shade - the most popular variant of such cosmetics.

Shadow Pencil

apply them harder, she almost did not shaded.These shadows will roll into the folds of the eyelids.But their advantage - a lively, natural shine.

Shadow pencil makeup give extra shine.

shadow makeup pencil give extra shine.

Liquid shade

They are the most resistant, thanks to the incorporated in a vegetable wax.Apply will be very fast, because they will immediately dry up.They can accumulate in the folds century, especially the abundance of makeup.

Liquid shadows stand out for their resistance.

Liquid shadows stand out for their resistance.

Shadow mousse

This innovation in the field of cosmetics combines the ease of application and vibrant shine.They are easier to shading, but require careful dosing, as it does not turn out to brush away any excess.

Shadow mousse require additional skills and experience in the application.

Shadow mousse require additional skills and experience in the application.

Shadow Quality is determined by how smoothly they fall on the eyelid skin, do not cause irritation, do not lose their original color stay long, not accumulate in the folds of the eyelids.

rules applying eye shadow.General recommendations.

Proper application of the shadows - the key to beautiful makeup.

Proper application of shadows - a pledge of a beautiful makeup.

While applying makeup, pay attention to lighting, as it can greatly change the color of the shadows.The ideal situation is a fluorescent lamp, which is aimed directly at the person who is not throwing a shadow on it.

For eye make-up should begin after already caused blush and brought his eyebrows.Eyebrows outline border, for which should not go and tweak blush complexion.

How to apply shadows

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basic rule regarding how to properly apply eye shadow: to internalcorners of the eyes go to the shade lighter and darker on the outside, the shade below - darker, and on top - lighter.Light shade is isolated, stressed and dark - camouflage, hiding.

Before using the shadows, prepare the eyelids and skin around the eyes: apply a little cream, wait until absorbed, remove the remnants of a cosmetic tissue.Then close your eyes and apply a little powder on the eyelids.With this procedure, the shadows are more evenly distributed, and will not accumulate in the folds of the skin.

ALL about makeup brush and functional

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for drawing shadows use applicator brush or damp sponge.In order not to overdo it, to touch the applicator century, slightly slap them on the back of his hand, wiping the excess paint.Sponge, before lower it to the shade, you can get wet o damp cloth to paint fell harder.

application technique shading.Step by step.

often divided into four zones of eye makeup.Let us consider each of them to finally figure out how to apply eye shadow:

Under eyebrows

It is usually applied light shades that reflect light, visually raising an eyebrow.You can vary both with two or three colors, placing most light on the inner corner of the eye, gradually darkening to the outer part.This creates an additional effect, transition or overflow tone.

It is important to apply the shadow, creating a transition effect shades.

It is important to apply the shadow, creating a transition effect shades.

upper eyelid.

It uses the most colorful paint, which it is desirable to combine colors of clothing.You can create a combination of tones: impose the lightest tone in the zone near the inner corner of the most vivid color applied on the middle part of the century, the darkest shadow will be on the outer third of a century.Your imagination will tell you a lot of options, which give a variety, incredible effects.But regardless of the color gamut, the shadow should be applied to the movements of the lashes until the crease.

Eye shadow should be applied in the direction from lash to crease.

Eye shadows should be applied in the direction of the lashes to the crease.


assigned him the mission of correcting eye shapes and sizes.The circuit consists of the dark shadow that is applied with a thin brush or applicator, repeating the line of the upper eyelid folds.Often it is shaded.

The technology of applying eye shadow on the photo.

technology applying eye shadow on the photo.

Lower eyelid

His shade shades of the same color as the upper eyelid, or outline color.They have been applied to the movements of the outer corners of the eyes, lightly touching the applicator century.Lines should be a good shade to gently emphasize the shape of the eyes or more to change it.

The phased application of technology to the eye shadows.

Phased technology applying eye shadow.

In general makeup century "every day" can be created as follows.Take a soft brush and lightly apply the lightest tone (tone) on the upper eyelid, reducing it to a minimum before the eyebrows.The tip of the applicator or thin narrow brush take a little color tone shades and put them a few points from the edge of the movable part of the century the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the crease.Feather until a darkened arc along the border of the eyeball.Apply basic tone applicator or brush with a beveled edge, increasing the intensity of the color to the border eyelashes.Extend a little shadow to the temples, blend them in the direction from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.To achieve more expressive, try to put on the most convex point of the century a small white spot, carefully shaded it.

How to apply eye shadow professional (translation)

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work with shadows - is a huge source for imagination.Incidentally, when using dry shadows are more soft, natural hues, shade and wet give more intense colors.Not to mention the various "effects" - shadows with grains of pearl, gold, silver, and other!It is worth noting that the famous makeup artists certainly know how to properly apply the shadows preferred matte shadow - they go easier, simpler shaded, look good in any light, less stress wrinkles.

Tips stylists

- Those who wear contact lenses, it is better to abandon the dry shadows, to not hit the lens smallest particles shadows.

- When using creamy shadows, it is better not to put on eyelids peeled powder, as mixed with the powder, such shadows will look sloppy.

- Shadows applied to eyeliner and applying mascara.

expressive makeup with matte shadows (video transfer)

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- After applying liquid shadows should allow them to dry,After sitting for a few minutes with his eyes closed.

- When applying liquid shadow is quite possible to use the fingertips.

- Secure the shade (and especially fatty) can be a layer of loose powder.

- From the use of shadows with nacre should be abandoned if the wrinkles around the eyes were outlined, such shadows only underline this shortcoming.

Eye shadows can hide flaws appearance.

Eye shadows can hide flaws appearance.

With shadows can be corrected deficiencies appearance.With close-set eyes - make accent color on the outer corners and inner label light or white shades.When deep-set eyes - Apply to upper eyelid light shade with mother of pearl, supplementing them with a thin dark line above the upper eyelashes.Visually help to increase eye bright shining colors, matte and dark shadows with a clear outline of eyes in this case is not recommended.

How to shade the shadow

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