How to apply blush.

Blush - a skillful touch anyone, even professional make-up.With their almost imperceptible can be used to adjust the shape of the face, give your eyes expressiveness and astounding clarity.Light strokes on the hairline, under the cheekbones and delicate chin like magic can change the created image.

Not all girls and women can boast of its experience in the correct application of blush on the face in order to emphasize its shape.Quite often we do forget how to apply blush and that through them we have the ability to give a person a compelling and stunning views.A blush because - it is a wonderful cosmetic product, which is used by women since ancient times.

Even then blush considered lavish decoration of a woman's face, allowing if necessary to change its shape.But then a part of the cosmetic products were sufficiently harmful ingredients, which leads to premature aging.
Applying blush - an important step in creating makeup.

applying blush - an important step in creating makeup.

Today, things are different - use blush was perfectly safe!Moreover, many companies offer us the cosmetics, in particular - the blush that can be considered even beneficial for the skin.Blush have now become an essential attribute of every women's cosmetics.It turns out that using them can not only adjust the contour of the face, but also to hide from the prying eyes of others, some defects.

Blush - an integral part of women

Blush - an integral part of women's cosmetics.

should be noted that all great blush rejuvenate, revitalize, great balance and excellent make-up model person.Typically, blush selected two shades darker than the skin, and they should apply a thick brush such that they face the skin look natural ways.
as ideal to apply blush

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Types blush and especially

for convenience and maximum use effektnostiblush divided into several types:

  • inimitably dry and compact blush all the fashionistas are the favorites due to their ease of application and the results obtained;
  • weightless dry and crisp blush amazingly adjust and balance your face shape.Helper for them will be a broad and soft (from natural hairs) brush for blush, a brush strokes capture the optimal areas of the face and create the effect of stains;
  • inimitable creamy and nutritious blush become a godsend for women with dry skin and rather capricious.These include blush balanced vegetable oils, and it is certainly a plus for decorative cosmetics;

Types of rouge and their features

Types blush and especially

  • liquid blush, which are the basis for most of the helium with unparalleled fat, naturally and easily.So paradoxical combination of great enliven makeup, he added durability and effectiveness.Use liquid blush possible for all skin types except dry.
to result did not lead to a tragicomedy or cheap drama, is to use the main rule of cohabitation with a blush: dry (especially compact) blush should be applied only after the powder, dexterity required to be flying as pa any ballerina.To achieve the desired maximum and native shade of blush, you need to experiment and combine several close shades.

Choose a blush color of skin and hair

skin color, and above all its richness - the main criteria for selection and structural powder blush:

  • lighter, more shades of porcelain and precious accept cold color blush - light pink hues and touchingYou can complement the purple highlights.The solemn or elegant holiday parties can vary slightly peach blush, but a sense of proportion should not be forgotten;
  • Darkie and true brunettes makeup must be friends with rust-colored blush.If you use a little rusty and copper colors, natural colors of brunettes revealed with unprecedented force.Coffee eyes sparkle with the inimitable brilliance, and tanned skin beckons health;
  • blonde touching to create a make-up do not even have to think about how to apply blush, their aristocratic and even angelically pure skin perfectly with coral and peach blush;
  • red and pale-skinned ladies are required to pay attention to the orange or sunny shades of blush, because the pigmentation and the natural color will become more harmonious and profitable.

How to Choose a blush color of skin and hair

How to Choose a blush color of skin and hair

Do not forget about solidarity rouge and lipstick - tanned brunette required to get round the tandem of rusty red and blush (especially scarlet) lipstick, so the person is aging at a rate oflight and the skin takes on an unnatural sheen.Problem or not uniform in color skin makes refuse pearl powder (persona non grata powder blush, her problem areas play an even greater force).Brown or chocolate-nut lipstick perfectly get along with bronze blush.

best to choose a blush with a natural pale pink, as pink color will look like "cash".Pink blush will give the face a natural glow as if she had just a little pinch myself for cheeks.Even if the skin has a warm gray, it should use a natural pink color.As the excitement or the heat a little cheeks redden, you will not need them to put a bright orange color in order to make the face brighter and more expressive.Correction of the face should also be carried out using a warm color scheme.

How to choose a blush?

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How not to apply blush

Most often, many women apply blush direct "strip" from the bottom up.Thus, if the tapping fingers, hold them on the cheek, then you can feel that they are slightly rounded in the side of the face.Consequently, if a woman wants to emphasize cheekbones, dark blush should be applied slightly curved line at the bottom of the cheekbones and under it.

Makeup lessons for beginners.How to apply blush

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Always make sure that the tone of blush fit into the overall range of make-up.Also do not forget that the application of blush on the face can be done in different ways.This primarily depends on the type of entity.Below is a look at some examples.
Proper application of blush will accentuate the beauty of the face.

correct application of blush will accentuate the beauty of the face.

How and what to properly apply blush

to create inimitable, and most importantly a comfortable way, it is necessary to examine not only the question of how to pick up a blush, but also how to apply them correctly.

To smears were optimally natural and uniform must use broad and rather an overall brush (which will pile from natural, hypoallergenic materials).If blush applied with cotton discs or scraps of cotton swabs is round.

to the transition between the spectacular nature of the face and neck skin untouched as no surprise, it is necessary to use a little secret - the middle of the neck and upper part of the neck should be treated in tone and powder, and the final chord of the band will blush.Having in this way is the middle (vertical) of the neck, it is possible to visually draw.

Terracotta Blush or cinnamon perfectly hide old burn or already oblezshuyu skin and soft (cream) texture gently soothe and cover up the redness.Bruises and lack of sleep is also well disappear over the warm, slightly coffee shades of blush.Effective in such cases would blush to the balls, a lot of color balance the color transitions and enrich the makeup.

contouring cheekbones.How to apply blush

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To find fame dolls, is to adhere to the law of minimalism.Though blush compact and unrivaled craftsmen in creating a romantic image, still inflate their presence on the face is not necessary.

rules applying blush on the face shape

Heart-type face .To properly apply blush on the type of heart-shaped face, you must first nanoch blush on the cheeks, and then shade them towards the ears.Do not forget to highlight cheekbones, which as a result will create a surround circuit.

How to apply blush on the type of heart-shaped face

how to apply blush on the type of heart-shaped face

Round and a type of person .To properly apply blush on the wide and round face, you should apply them from the bottom, and then shade at the temples, highlighting the lower part of the cheeks.

applying blush to round face

applying blush to round face

Square Type persons .To properly apply blush on the square type of person, you always need to apply blush from the bottom up, but for the best effect should allocate cheekbones.

applying blush on a square face

applying blush on a square face

Oval face type .The best option would be applying blush below the top.Do not forget the mandatory allocation of cheekbones.

applying blush on an oval face

applying blush on an oval face

Diamond, a pear-shaped and elongated face types.

applying blush on a long face

applying blush on the elongated face

applying blush on pear-shaped face

applying blush on pear-shaped face

applying blush on a diamond-shaped face

applying blush on a diamond-shaped face

Correction of the cheeks using

cheeks blush in all types of facial play,You can say a leading role.Round faces are characterized by wide and rather flat, but overall cheeks.The square, especially symmetrical face stands out the massive lower part of the chin and cheeks, and rectangular and triangular face is due to the cheeks and gets its expressive forms.Therefore, putting the right blush and powder, you can easily adjust the cheek, and hence the shape of the face itself.

to pull and smooth round face you want to use brown or honey-colored blush.Impose miracle blush must be on the sides of cheeks, the line gradually darkened and chin.Form bands blush should resemble an elongated triangle, sharp tip which extends to the chin.

Correction of the cheeks using blush

Correction of the cheeks using blusher

opposite triangle (extended to the temples) are holders safely square face.Saturated shades of blush to be required only on the cheeks, the temples have to blush a little fade.Due to the transition of shades disappear angularity and the plane of the face.

rectangular and slightly elongated face can save only rounded strokes warm shades of blush.The darkened chin and high forehead perfectly complement the makeup.Cheeks horizontally oval shade of blush will become more weighty and aesthetic.

Triangular, muffled to the chin, the person can be corrected by cheeks.Blush shades of peach and honey should be applied in the form of an elongated lozenge below the cheekbones, forehead and chin dimming balance the disharmony proportions.