Make no shadows

Modern overloaded life care makes women more to work on makeup and general manner.Business, shopping and work put more requirements for the appearance - bright or too bright makeup looks are not just a vulgar, but treacherously gives women aged.

salvation for many busy working ladies or kids become increasingly popular makeover without shadows.

eye in the classic and full make-up match is given a central place.Not surprisingly, it is the selection of the shadows and subsequent thorough application - is the foundation of almost any make-up.But there are times when the best option may be considered trendy makeup without shadows, suggesting the most natural looking woman.In addition, this will make the perfect option for those representatives of the beautiful half of that on a hot summer day or the output does not wish to overload the eyelids.In this case, they will be able to use this technique.

Is makeup without shadows

Of course, yes.This makeup - this is one of the best options to emphasize the naturalness of style.Perfect make-up without shadows - is the use of extremely transparent and light colors for the entire face.Therefore, it can be considered, first of all, day and year for this make-apa.As for the advantages of fashionable makeup without shadows, they are undeniable.This make-up:

  • significantly reduces the time for morning beauty treatments.
  • emphasizes the natural female beauty, not overloaded with some accents and unnecessary detail.
  • Lets break the skin from cosmetics.
Make no shadows: a step by step photos

Make no shadows: a step by step photos

Benefits makeup without shadows

Makeup made without shadows and excessive layers of foundation, - top art.He is the focal point of any spyware woman - noted a similar make-up is quite difficult, but expressive eyes, perfect skin and harmony of well-groomed eyebrows will not leave anyone indifferent.

Run as a natural make-up is quite simple, prilovchilis to your skin type and its state, so this alternative office female employees have to taste, morning routine often limit the ability to lead in the face of the order.

Summer time in the offices of asphyxiating or heated air forced to abandon the multi-layered heavy foundation, proofreaders and facial shadows.Make-up is required to preserve the freshness of the face, so you need to use the lightest bases (diluted basis or with a light moisturizer).Apply this mix is ​​needed on the entire face, without losing the fragile and rather problematic area under the eyes.

Fashion make-up version of the arrow and without shadows The idea of ​​daily makeup without shadows Natural old makeup without shadows
Beautiful version of makeup without shadows and with a focus on the lips Daytime makeup option without shadows Makeup thin arrows and without shadows on every day

An important usability is boundless natural make-up - with irregular working day or unscheduled meetings make it without any shadow will look excellent even after optimal 8 hours.Various expensive baked shade after 6:00 crumble and lose their glamor and stifling atmosphere (office or transport) shortens life even more shadows.

Many men oppose screaming colors and make-up of congestion.Natural shades of makeup without shadows perfectly solve this problem.

How to make without shadows

If no shadow on the eyelids, it does not mean that the face should not be any other cosmetics.But sometimes natural makeup to make more complex than any of the options with the shadows.The right makeup without shadows - is an opportunity to use other means of decorative cosmetics, which are usually applied in the following order:

    • Transparent (very easy!) Tone for the face.If the texture is too thick foundation, it is advisable to mix it with the usual cream.
    • concealer hiding imperfections - corrector.This means it is desirable to use even in the summer.
makeup without shadows.Inquiry.

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  • Light summer powder - preferably with a matte effect, removes shine oily skin.
  • Light blush, the color of which is as close to natural.It takes only a few strokes on the cheeks.
  • translucent lip gloss or lipstick with a neutral shade.
  • To highlight the lips, you can use a pencil.

What emphasis

casual makeup without shadows - is an easy and natural make-up.Therefore, to talk about in this case accents are not quite appropriate.But, as noted above, can be isolated and emphasize the lips by using a special pencil.

If you want to make the right make-up without shadows expressive, be sure to move the eyebrow pencil eyebrow shadows or dark tones.

Day make-up without shadows

lack of eye-catching shades does not mean the absence of other ornamental and no less important tools.To make the daily stressed all the features and veiled all the errors, it is necessary to apply a step-by-step tools in the correct sequence.

EASY SUMMER MAKEUP | least cosmetics

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first sign in the case of an ideal state of the skin is necessary to produce correctors or tonal foundations.The lighter and qualitative basis, the smoother and harmonious skin will look.Summer options more dyshashie and transparent, the winter - rich in minerals and denser (frost) texture.

Edit town problem must be carefully and slowly, every move has to be fluttering and rastushovyvayuschim.And proofreader, and the subsequent tone will form the most natural.

To hide the greasiness of the skin (especially on a summer day), nebhodimo easy to use and as close to the natural skin tone powder.A layer of mineral or matting powder should not resemble stucco.Light strokes perfectly cope with excess skin tone and brilliance.

Easy healthy glow - an amazing bar any (especially fluorescent) makeup.Subtle pale pink blush emphasize silky skin and focus on smiling woman.

The idea to create a day of make-up without shadows Beautiful casual wear make up without shadows Stylish make-up day with an emphasis on lips and without shadows
Casual version of the make-up with black arrows, focus on lips and without shadows Makeup without shadows on every day The idea of ​​summer wear make apa without shadows on every day

main decoration makeup without shadows are well maintained and laconic lips.Give them light and feminine mischief help different lipstick or lip translucent neutral natural tones.Add expressiveness and sensuality help light pink or red pencil.

without makeup eyeshadows of different colors

golden eye, especially in the dark, almost amber, face, are impeccable decoration and make-up without any obtrusive shadows in this case - the right decision.

To beat such eyes is quite simple - tonal foundation is obliged to repeat the skin tone, light tone cream creates an impermissible pun combined with dark neck and hands.Powder can not attract, but the powder is justified only in the case of oily skin, and then powder is used more as talc.Mascara is required to be of high quality and maximum shade coal so amber eyes open with even greater force.Lipstick is better to pick a matt and darker tone lips.

Blue-eyed beauty with ivory skin required to focus on the depth of your eyes.Pale skin should be diluted with pink and peach blush and light powder.Tone Cream with ivory skin is quite risky, since the temperature drops may be noticeable its borders.But mascara should use more pleasant brownish because cornflower blue eyes will shine the most impressive.

Natural wear make up without a shadow gray eyes Gentle make-up without causing shadows for blue eyes
Light make-up without the use of shadows for brown eyes Day make-up without a shadow for green eyes in the photo

For pale skin tones should carefully try lipsticks.Saturated, especially blood or wine shades give way unacceptable puppet.But delicate fuchsia and peach rose perfectly balance the extraordinary blue eyes and pale skin nobility.

Green eyes have always elegance and attractiveness, natural make-up emphasizes the benefit of their sensuality.But the lack of shadows can add to the image of angularity.To avoid this and skillfully highlight green eyes, it is necessary to emphasize their thin line of eyeliner (pencil give a fairly broad band and in the daytime it is not very appropriate).Mascara zelenoglazok should choose warm shades of brown or purple.Lipstick should choose a more restrained and imposing - translucent peach will be an amazing companion for green eyes.