Tattoo cat - photo.

cat is the most mysterious, attractive, mysterious and contradictory being.A great number of legends and myths dowry dedicated to them.Cats cursed, worshiped, they devoted music, poetry and painting line.Cats have become part of a person's life, so it is not surprising that their depictions in tattoos.

With special love for tattoo cat are of the fair sex.Choosing the right tattoo, can give the image of glamor and mystery, as well as serve as a wonderful decoration, giving confidence and courage.

Modern masters provide us with a huge variety of sketches tattoo cats.Because of this, everyone can become the owner of the tattoo to choose the one that appealed to him.

The symbolism and significance of cats in different nations

There is a theory according to which the cat is the only animal that domesticated itself.These creatures have exchanged part of their freedom at home and food, paying for is the protection of grain and other supplies from small pests.But it was equal to the union, because to this day, the cat remains independent.

C special reverence for cats treated in ancient Egypt.In some cases, they were buried in the statutes, betraying mummification.Very beneficial for cats treated in the Scandinavian countries.In the harsh northern climate it was very difficult to cultivate and preserve the grain, so it was considered a great value, and a cat like no one can protect it.In ancient times, the cat symbolized the night, the moon, grace and feminine appeal.Also, cats were revered in the East.In Japan, they now symbolize luck and wealth.

Sketch of tattoo cat girls on the back Sketch of tattoo cat for a woman on the neck Cat Tattoo women on the forearm
Sketch of tattoo Cat Women on the blade Photos with cat tattoo on the inside of the arm Tattoo Egyptian cat on shoulder blade

Cats were worshiped along with their hunting qualities, and also for their grace and beauty.But there were times when they underwent persecution.Europe in the Middle Ages began the extermination of cats, as they were considered witches and assistants harbingers of misfortune.But this led to a terrible result, the city was flooded with rats, carrying with them the plague.Today

cat settled down in homes and hearts of people.And increasingly, they become an ornament of the body.

value tattoo cat tattoo

a cat can have very different meanings.As she cat tattoo symbolizes the mind, tenderness, secrecy, freedom, grace, freedom, curiosity, cunning and mystery.But the main thing is that cats have a soul and each one has its own different from the other characters.Tattoo with a cat can emphasize certain quality of its owner.

cat - is the richest way used in tattoos.They have a wide variety.This can be a battle, decorated with a cat on his shoulder scars of brutal men or gentle touching fluffy kitten, which is designed to emphasize the tenderness of its owner.The most common images such as a cat with arched back, cheshire cat, a cat jumping, Egyptian cat, cat paws, a black cat and a kitten.

Sketch Cheshire Cat tattoo on the inner side of the arm Sketch of fashionable tattoos with a cat on the inner side of the arm Sketch of a female cat tattoo on the inner side of the arm
Sketch of tattoo depicting a cat on the inner side of the arm Sketch of tattoo depicting a cat on the back Sketch of tattoo realistic cat shin

The most common tattoos for girls is a cat with arched back and a tattoo cat paws.With them she can emphasize its ability to stand up for themselves, in spite of external fragility and weakness.

man who with humor and love of life refers to not focus on complexity, you can apply a tattoo cheshire cat.This philosophical character, able to disappear, leaving a dangling in the air smiling.This tattoo gives confidence.

tattoo wild cat jump symbolizes the ability of holders to find a way out of any difficult situation.This is due to the fact that the cat is in the fall easily flipped on its feet.

Egyptian cat tattoo embodies the main qualities of this creation: grace, beauty and mystique.Often it looks like an impenetrable slender silhouette with elongated body and a twisted tail.

Sketch of tattoo mystical cat between the shoulder blades Sketch of tattoo Cat on shin Sketch of tattoo cat girls on the forearm
Kitten Sketch tattoo on his stomach for women Sketch of tattoo cat paws on the shin Sketch of tattoo cat on the back

huge popularity of the tattoo with a black cat.In technical terms, it is very simple tattoo, in the absence of sophisticated colors and transitions.Very nice decoration for romantic and tender girl will tattoo the kitten.

In most cases, the cat tattoo is a deeper meaning and a hidden meaning known only to the owner and his entourage.

Women tattoo cat

just looks great cat tattoo on the blade.If necessary, the image can be easily hidden under clothing.

Very stylish looks elongated cat tattoo on his leg, especially on the lower leg, on the side of its parts.This ornament is able to draw attention to a charming slender legs.This tattoo is acceptable in bright cheerful colors.

tattoo on the wrist looks very attractive with a little cute cat.It is able to highlight the beauty and grace of women's hands and shape of the wrist.Exquisite patterns in the form of cats and cat tattoo muzzles and pictures, where apart from them there are also other elements are acceptable in the neck.Great look tribal cat claws ear.Very cute and sexy look with cats tattoo on his stomach.

Tattoo is a means of expressing individuality, decorates the body symbolizes the specific traits of the owner.Variety of options for tattoo and places of their application, allows you to select what is necessary for you.Sketches tattoo will certainly help you find the right image.

Sketch of tattoo Cat Women on the back Women Sketch of female tattoo cat tattoo cat between lopatkaminskoy on the back
Sketch of tattoo Cat on shin Sketch of tattoo cat in the neck Cat Tattoo women on the shin

main styles tattoo cats

Each tattoo artist provides a variety of services.There are customers who want to capture on itself an accurate portrait of your pet.Then you have to comply with the characteristics of this cat is.

But increasingly popular stylized image of this beautiful animal.At the peak of the popularity of Tribal style, do not concede him an Egyptian, Mexican and others.

Relevant tattoo cat in a deliberately cartoon style, as well as abstract animals.Acceptable tattoos representing the entire abstract compositions with the introduction of the image of a cat.

Sketch of tattoo girls with a cat on the shin Sketch of tattoo cat for women around the neck Tattoo with the image of a cat for women
Sketch of tattoo cat for girls Sketch of tattoo Egyptian cat on the back for women Sketch of tattoo Cat on shoulder blade

color tattoo is also different variety.It can be one-color cats, bright images, as well as a tattoo made special paint, which occurs only when exposed to ultraviolet light.The main importance is consistent with the nature of the owner.Can be completely different and the size of the whole composition of tattoo on the back or a huge cat to a tiny image on the neck behind the ear.

Temporary tattoos with cat

To include temporary tattoos with henna tattoo cat.This work of art is created is completely painless, while it looks like a real tattoo and keeps for several weeks.

Most often in such a way to put images on the hands and feet.This is due to the fact that these places are fine and dry skin, which henna lasts longer.Temporary tattoos have no age restrictions, and suitable for all skin types, thanks to the natural use of natural dyes.Henna is not allergenic, non-irritating, it is clean and safe.

Sketch a temporary tattoo Cat Women on the neck Temporary female cat tattoo on the ear Sketch a temporary henna tattoo Cat Women
Sketch a temporary tattoo on her hip cat Women temporary tattoo on his neck Cat Sketch temporary tattoo Cat Women on the leg

Image henna does not stain clothes, does not spread.This is the best option for those who are not identified with their wishes and preferences.

henna is applied to the surface of the skin, not under it as a permanent tattoo.Natural dyes dark color can achieve the desired effect of tattooing.Warm color is very rich and attractive.Among other things, the cost of applying a temporary tattoo a fraction of the cost of a permanent tattoo.