Rhinoplasty (Nose): contraindications rehabilitation reviews

Rhinoplasty - is one of the trends in plastic surgery, which has become a separate part of it, which is designed to deal with acquired or congenital defects of the nose.Thanks to this procedure as rhinoplasty can correct various problems that are associated with nasal breathing, correct possible consequences after injuries or adjust the appearance of the nose on the basis of purely aesthetic indications.
large number of people who are experiencing some discomfort with respect to the shape of its nose, rhinoplasty refers to the procedure as a method of last change something.
In this case, it is necessary to understand that the procedure itself is quite expensive and very complicated.It requires a high level of professionalism of the doctor who will carry out the operation.Not to mention the fact that the need for expensive professional equipment, which is sometimes just not available public hospitals, so it is best just to consider it private medical institutions, which are all necessary for the license.

Rhinoplasty Nose: methods

At the moment there are only two options of surgery to the nose after rhinoplasty has acquired a kind of indoor and outdoor.

With regard to the latter, this method requires the incision of the skin and the lower part of the nasal septum, no more than 5 mm in depth.Further, there is an operation in order to achieve the desired result.This method is used rhinoplasty often if needed most comprehensive review to conduct a complex operation.In this case, very easy to carry out the removal and relocation of cartilage, as well as perform detachment of soft tissues.

In turn, closed rhinoplasty technique offers the possibility of surgery directly through the nostril slits that complete healing is completely invisible.



Types rhinoplasty

As for the types of rhinoplasty, but at the moment there are quite a number of different procedures that can solve a specific problem, without particular problem.

Rhinoplasty nostrils. This procedure solves the problem of large nostrils.After this procedure, the patient may remain somewhat subtle scar at the base of the nose, which in principle does not substantially be seen in 99% of cases.This procedure is carried out as the basis for aesthetic indications in the same way, and as the second operation, in order to reduce the swelling after the previous operation, which was carried out on the nose.

Before & After pictures Rhinoplasty nostrils

Before & After Rhinoplasty nostrils

Plastic nose. is considered the most difficult kind of rhinoplasty, the maximum that can change the entire appearance of the whole.But it is a sober assessment of the situation, the choice of a surgeon and medical institutions, where it is all going to happen, as all should be at the highest level and the best possible experience of the surgeon.In this case, the correction is most often snub or hooked nose, but is not uncommon, and the return of the axis at its original location after displacement.

Photos before and after rhinoplasty nose

Photos before and after rhinoplasty nose

Correction columella. first step is to decipher the concept columella - a jumper directly between the nostrils, which is at the bottom in between.It may be too narrow, broad or irregular.Surgery to correct it is quite simple and requires only a small (partial) excision and further healing of cartilage in the desired location.

rhinoplasty photos

Rhinoplasty: Photo columella

Correction of the nose. In this case, the alignment of the axis may occur, or smoothing the nasal hump.In the case of such an operation affects not only the cartilage, bone and partially.

Rhinoplasty: Nose photo correction

Rhinoplasty: Nose photo correction

Contour.A typical non-surgical rhinoplasty , which with the help of injections with hyaluronic acid, can correct small defects of the external nature.

Injectable Rhinoplasty

Contour rhinoplasty

Septorinoplastika. Represents alignment deviated septum.This is done in the presence of a problem such as snoring and to facilitate breathing.



turbinotomy (can be laser) .In this case, the full potential problems with nasal breathing may be completely or partially remove the hypertrophied mucous membrane, which is a problem.

Electrocoagulation. If there is a slight hypertrophy of the mucous membranes of the nose, then her influence with the help of safe and imperceptible pulses of electric current.

Augmentation rhinoplasty .It aims to correct defects with a small lifting the nose.

Photos before and after augmentation rhinoplasty

Photos before and after augmentation rhinoplasty

Grafting. This type implies a cartilage transplant in order to build the desired shape of the nose.Cartilage tissue taken from the same patient, often from the very same septum, ear or rib.

Rhinoplasty: Photo graftinga

Rhinoplasty: Photo graftinga

Laser rhinoplasty. performed using a laser, which makes the procedure less traumatic.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty. carried out after previous operations, as a supplement or correct the work.

Rhino_before_after (3)

Revision rhinoplasty: photos before and after

non-surgical rhinoplasty. principle of operation is the introduction of special detectives, who entered with minimal trauma and thus allow to adjust the shape of the nose.

What is he, a perfect nose?

In fact, everyone's nose is a unique and perfect in its way, but despite this many people could not read and so do not leave attempts to create your perfect their opinion nose.Scientists in this case could have gone on and still find - it looks like a perfect nose?

ideal nose should be slightly strung up, so his sekrutny angle should be 106 degrees.This is achieved by conventional lines only "the tip of the nose-forehead" and "tip of the nose, the middle of the lower lip."

It is worth noting that this nose was chosen only after statistical surveys were conducted over 4 000 people who have shown a variety of pictures of girls that have a completely different shape of the nose.

The scientists also noticed that if women have the nose spread is less than 90 degrees, it becomes like a man's.

As for Hollywood celebrities, among the happy owners of a perfect nose, it is worth noting, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Middleton, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Bill.The most popular form of the nose of all the surgeons, the nose is Kim Kardashian.

Rhinoplasty: Picture perfect nose

Rhinoplasty: Picture perfect nose

Indications for the procedure

  • problems with nasal breathing.
  • Utolchenny tip.
  • large nostrils.
  • saddle shape.
  • hump.
  • long nose.
  • deformation due to physical trauma.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty: contraindications

Like any other surgery, rhinoplasty has contraindications, among which it is worth noting the following:

  • The first thing worth noting is the fact final formation of the facial bones andrespectively the nose to reach the age of 18.It follows that it is impossible rhinoplasty nose can not be carried to people who have not reached that age.Despite this, when the threat to life or health, exceptions can be made.
  • A similar situation is with the patients who crossed over 40 years.Surgeons try to avoid surgery because of the fact that in this case increases the risk of complications and slow healing of tissues.
  • pathology of cardiovascular nature, hypertension and coronary heart disease.
  • diabetes.
  • Oncology.
  • Pathological processes of the kidneys and liver.
  • poor blood clotting.
  • Any inflammatory processes in the place where the surgery is scheduled.

Rhinoplasty nose: photo

Rhinoplasty nose: photo

Preparing for rhinoplasty, and rhinoplasty

analyzes and reports about the procedure, confirm that the operation involves quite serious training, because it is a surgical intervention in the body, so there are quitea high risk of complications.It is in order to reduce such risks to zero, you need to preparation for rhinoplasty held by all standards.
Two weeks before the operation, the patient should first abandon medication, which are composed of aspirin.This is due to the factor that it dilutes the blood.Also, you must refuse to accept any drugs that can affect blood pressure destabilization in any direction.

directly at least 2-3 days before the operation must be completely refuse to accept vitamins E. Also in this period, it is necessary to limit yourself from sunbathing and direct sunlight.Talking about alcohol intake and smoking does not make sense, since it is unacceptable not only to the operation, but in general.When up operation is only 6-12 hours, should refrain from taking food, creams and cosmetics applications.Also rhinoplasty it will be made during the month.

about all this in more detail will talk with the patient, not only the surgeon, and anesthesiologist.The entire list of required procedures and tests will be provided to the patient during consultation, but be sure to include the following:

  • Blood: coagulation, biochemical and total, Rh factor, and group.
  • ECG.
  • urinalysis.
  • Fluorography.
  • assays for hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.

Next, you will need to sign a large number of papers, among which you put the signature on the consent for the operation, allowing the surgeon to the assistant has the opportunity to initiate a correction.Remember that the best rhinoplasties is someone who not only has extensive experience in conducting such operations, but also has all the necessary permission.By the way, if the surgery is performed for patients who are under 18, the application is made on his parents, who will have to sign it.

operation should be carried out in the hospital, but on the basis of specialized medical institutions.

Best rhinoplasties must provide all services

Best rhinoplasties must provide all services

recommendations before surgery

To the nose after rhinoplasty was just such a way, as you imagined it, it is necessary before surgery, seriously prepared.Before that, of course you need to pay a lot of time recruiting high-quality, specialized and professional medical institutions, which not only specializes in plastic surgery, but also in particular for rhinoplasty.

Immediately before the procedure, you must complete a full course of medical examinations and consultations with a number of different specialists, among which should be a surgeon, physician, anesthetist and ENT.The surgeon should perform a preoperative examination and give an assessment on the basis of medical history and condition of the appearance of the face.There will also be produced modeling genome, which will subsequently be made.Also at this stage, it will be announced and the cost of the operation individually.

latter procedure, which must pass before the operation - visit a psychologist.This is necessary to make sure a psychologist could exactly that desire to change the shape of the nose is not a momentary whim, and a solid and balanced decisions.

Month after rhinoplasty: photo

months after rhinoplasty: Photo

Rhinoplasty: anesthesia

anesthesia that is used during the procedure of rhinoplasty, is determined solely by the individual characteristics of the operation, the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon's preference.At the moment, there are only 3 types of anesthesia: rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, general and local anesthesia with sedation.

During local anesthesia, the nose is completely numb and all the adjacent area.At this time the patient sees and hears everything, and sometimes even feel some pressure.

use of local anesthesia with sedation, the most comfortable type of anesthesia, but it is risky.

most convenient type of anesthesia, in which the operation is conducted, a general anesthesia.This is due to the fact that the patient is completely immobilized, he does not feel any sensations and has no unpleasant memories about it.Under general anesthesia is performed so almost any type of rhinoplasty, especially the most complex operations.

Regarding safety for the patient, it is definitely the safest local anesthesia, but if its use is not relevant in a particular case, but of course you need to use common.General anesthesia, as well as during sedation there is little risk that the patient is breathing independently, and airway during rhinoplasty does not reserved, so they can get into the blood.

The operation lasts on average no more than 3 hours.If necessary, after healing can be further operation.

Successful rhinoplasty: photos before and after

recommendations after surgery

Just want to note that the swelling after rhinoplasty is quite normal.This is due to the fact that lymph flow is broken, and he continues to grow more swelling for 3 consecutive days, and further goes to decline over the next three weeks.

Regarding soft tissue swelling, then the duration of this effect may be achieved up to six months, and sometimes up to a year.

immediately after surgery, the patient must necessarily translate into a recovery room where he must wait (orthopedic) beds.The first few days, it is best to comply with very strict bed rest, and you must lie only on the back of the head, this is very important.
about 3 days after surgery, the patient will breathe the mouth solely due to the fact that the nasal passage is closed swab.During this period, the patient will actively dry lips, so it is recommended to use chapstick.

first ligation will occur immediately on the day after surgery, and then, in the absence of contraindications, the patient will be transferred to the clinic, but it is better to stay in the hospital for at least another couple of days.At this time, will take courses that are designed to restore the blood and remove the swelling, so that the recovery will be even faster.

nasal swabs are removed in 3 days, depending on the type of rhinoplasty.
Attention!Tampons are removed painlessly only if before, they will be imbued with a special composition created on the basis of ointment.

After the patient is discharged, you must adhere to all the recommendations of the attending physician and stick to special regime to the healing process took place according to plan:

  • from your diet is necessary to completely eliminate solid food, and to remove all physical activities.Be sure to exclude the use of the sauna, solarium, saunas and hot tubs.If possible, it is best to restrict and sex.
  • Do not eat too much salty and spicy food, not drink liquids at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • strictly forbidden self.