Almond oil: the use and application.

Almond oil is widely known in aromatherapy and cosmetics.Its use as a food additive in medicine.This is an essential oil, which can vary the composition and nutritional standards and thus will carefully take care of the face and body skin, hair, eyelashes, eyes and nails.Consider the features and benefits of the essential oil, to meet interesting recipes based on natural ingredients, including almond oil.

Almond oil - features and benefits

Homeland almond oil the Middle East, which has long been a favorite almond ingredient in many recipes and was part of the drugs used in medical procedures.Almond belongs to the subfamily Prunoideae family Rosaceae, the subgenus Amygdalus, Prunus genus and has a few species, such as Amygdalus / Dulcis and communis, etc.Today, the best known are two kinds of sweet almond Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis and bitter almonds Amygdalus communis.

Suppose you purchased almond oil.Reviews of it can be very different, depending on the manufacturer and used manufacturing techniques.Using almond oil for the face, you can not only improve its appearance, but also significantly improve health.If you apply almond oil for hair at an early age to old age hair will retain the volume softness and health.If you know that the use of almond oil in cosmetology gives a guaranteed result, you have the confidence that they enriched cosmetics improve skin and overall health, the level of consciousness is turned off, and the body itself helps him in the recovery.

differentiation in the production of different grades of oil occurs on the basis of color, as sweet almond has white flowers, while bitter almonds - color pink.Use in cooking oil of bitter almonds is prohibited on the grounds that it contains hydrogen cyanide.

Sweet almond oil has more useful features and wider range of applications than bitter.This bold, clear oil with a pale yellow, mild, slightly nutty flavor.

It consists of olein, a small portion of the glycerides, linoleic acid and other components.Before almond oil began to be used in cosmetics, it is used in cooking as an excellent substitute for olive oil.

Keep this oil is used for cooking is not recommended, as the raw almond butter has harmful chemical constituents and bacteria, which can cause all sorts of diseases.

Features of almond oil:

  1. medicine. In this industry it is well known laxative properties of almond oil.For a soft chair to be taken inside the daily two tablespoons at a time.It must be remembered that the oil must be taken no more than seven days.
  2. in the pharmaceutical industry. Sweet almond oil is used as the basis for injecting drugs.It is an excellent solvent for drugs that already exhibit its properties in aqueous solution.
  3. in cosmetology. Sweet almond oil is used in the cosmetic industry.Due to its moisturizing properties, it is used as the basis for cosmetics and skincare.It is also used in the manufacture of soap.
  4. Massage Oil.Thanks healing properties and high nutrient content, sweet almond oil is used as a massage oil.It relieves stress and nourishes the skin, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  5. Aromatherapy. This is one of the essential oils is used to prepare compositions for relaxation therapy.

known fact that almond oil cleanses the skin, especially with a lot of sweat pores.This property of essential oil of almonds, we'll talk further.

Today more than ever popular mask with almond oil.Beauticians recommend using this oil for aging, aging skin, but also for young skin and body, it brings a lot of benefits.Using almond oil in combination with other oils, for example, connecting it with tea tree oil and jojoba oil, it is possible to obtain an excellent combination of essential oils that can not only improve the skin condition, but also help with stretch marks.

Almond oil for face

Almond oil for face

Almond oil and its properties takes care of skin and body

The composition of many cosmetics and care agents for face, neck and body part almond oil.But why pay for expensive creams and masks, if they can be made at home?

To start using almond oil for skin can start to try to use it as a cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.With it you can easily clean the pores on oily skin.The main thing is to properly perform the procedure.

Fruits of almonds

Fruits almond

purifies oily skin with almond oil

Take a few drops of almond oil on your palm and gently for 3 minutes, rub it in a circular motion.Approximately 2-3 minutes composition must absorb into the skin.Then soak a cotton cloth with warm water and gently squeeze.Close your eyes and cover the face with a cloth.This will help open the pores, remove dirt and dead skin.Now take a cotton ball and wipe the skin.As a result of these manipulations, the skin becomes clean, soft, open and cleanse pores.Using almond oil can cook a great facial scrub.

Facial Scrub based on almond oil

As a basis we use almond oil, it is necessary to add salt or sugar to enhance the exfoliating effect.If you have sensitive skin or areas affected by acne, it is better not to use salt.This scrub almond oil acts as a good moisturizer, and granules of sugar and salt to remove dead cells and dirt.

Use this scrub is necessary once a week.
Almond oil can be used for the treatment of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.To do this, apply almond oil on a cotton swab, which is necessary to cover your eyes for a few minutes, it is better to do it at night.

order to obtain visible results need to carry out the procedure every day for a long time.Such masks under eyes will also help get rid of "crow's feet" and wrinkles.

massage almond oil for face
If do facial massage before bedtime, you can provide additional power for dry skin, reduce wrinkles and improve the overall texture of the cover.Almond oil makes it possible reduce the number of sunburn and its effects will contribute to improve the overall condition of the skin.Ideal for massage - sweet almond.

Almond facial oil ❤

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Clean the face and do massage using almond oil before going to sleep and your skin willhave a much better view than ever before.

How to use almond oil bring back the shine and health of hair

Using a large amount of funds for the care, we hurt your hair.Getting short-term effect we hurt the hair follicle and the hair itself.A truly effective way to restore hair structure - the use of essential oils that keep them healthy, give extra food.One such treatment and care oils - almond.

Drupe almonds on 54% consists of oil that determines the commercial value of the almonds.This oil is three main types of fats and fatty acids which provide useful properties of hair oils.In the first place - it is a mono-unsaturated oleic acid, and omega-9 oil.The almond oil contains about 78% of the fat.

It also contains about 17% essential fatty acids belonging to the Omega-6.The oil contains a small amount of super-unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other oils, such as sea buckthorn oil.

Such a composition is suitable for all hair types and has a soothing and restorative effect and strengthens the hair along the entire length, especially at the roots.

Bath with almond oil for hair strengthening

These baths are often offered in beauty salons, but you can make them yourself and at home.Its main feature - cleaning.

Even heavily soiled hair using almond oil can be cleaned of grease, dandruff and make silky.This bath not only improves the scalp, but also soothes the scalp.

addition of oleic acid in the oil with vitamins C and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, as well as a protein that enhances the nutritional properties of almond oil.

Almond oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Tibb treatises yunani sages of the past recommended the almond hair oil as a source of vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, which increase with regular use of intelligence, speed of thinking.

Almond oil and cleaning a property of

Almond oil and its cleansing properties

Nourishing Serum with almond oil

Add luster to hair and curly tresses by using the whey butter almond.

To do this, take a dry henna powder and dilute it with warm water to a paste.This should be done the day before use of the mixture.Before applying to the hair in henna paste is necessary to add 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, one egg, a few drops of lavender essential oil, which will mask the smell of raw eggs.Mix well and leave for 10 minutes.

resulting mass Apply to hair and leave for one hour, you can cover with plastic cap or bag.Wash your hair with clean running water.After several applications on the scalp and hair, you can several times to improve their condition.

What you should know that the lashes were healthy?

Did you know before that almond oil can be used effectively for the growth of eyelashes?If not, we will introduce you to these unique properties of essential oils.Every woman wants to have a healthy and long eyelashes, as they make your eyes more beautiful and attractive.

Almond miracle.

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Not many of the fair sex was lucky to be born with perfect lashes.For this reason, many people use mascara and false eyelashes to enhance the visual appeal of the eye.This makeup is the reason for dull and unhealthy lashes century.To cope with this problem will help the essential oil of almonds.It is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and minerals, which are carefully taken care of eyelashes and return them to a healthy and radiant glow.Almond oil has excellent emollient properties, improves the condition of the hair cuticle.

It promotes the growth of thick and long lashes.It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents the loss of eyelashes.

application of almond oil and massage the eyelid to help restore the normal pH balance of the skin and improves circulation.Thus, there is an increase in number of healthy eyelashes.This essential oil is less greasy texture as compared with other oils without causing discomfort after application to the eyelashes, which allows to achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time.

better to put almond oil on eyelashes and skin around the eyes at night before bedtime.First we need to wash your face with soap and warm water.With great care, remove the eye make-up, why apply a drop of baby shampoo on eyelashes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

To achieve the effect you want to use refined almond oil, but in any case not a mixture of oils.

For starters just take one or two drops of almond oil on your fingertip and apply to the cilia.Spend procedure gently massaging gently at the base of the lashes.Leave the oil on overnight and early morning to remove its remnants with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
Let your lashes will always be healthy and well-groomed.

Almond oil for eyelashes

Almond oil for eyelashes

Almond oil for eyes and nails

Dark circles around the eyes and sagging skin becomes unattractive appearance, and the essential oil of almonds will help to cope with the problem.Its cosmetic properties allow carefully take care of the eyes, the skin around the eyes.

Almond mask to remove wrinkles around the eyes
offers a unique tool that will help eliminate wrinkles around the eyes.For this fit refined almond oil, is rubbed into the skin with fingertips.It is enough to put a few drops of almond oil around the eyes and on the eyelid and you will feel relief and improvement in overall condition.

nail plate also requires careful maintenance.

To do this, use a mixture of essential oils of almond, ylang-ylang and lemon.

used one drop of each essential oil of five milliliters.Apply the mixture must be at okolonogtevoy skin and nails.This structure reduces the fragility of the nail plate, to restore good looks and strengthen nails.Enough daily application and the result will not be long in coming.
Author: Oksana Kravchenko