Harm and benefits of tanning.

Ability to get a nice, even tan all year round - not only the dignity of the solarium.Sessions ultraviolet radiation contribute to the improvement of the skin at certain problems, disinfected light, well-warmed up the muscles, making the body a rest.Before considering, harmful if solarium , it should be noted and its positive effects on the body.In addition to a good cosmetic effect, the energy of light helps the normalization of metabolism that can be used in the treatment of several diseases.

between wellness sunbathing and outdoor sun deck there is a fundamental difference.Tanning in the sun it is impossible to control the intensity and type of light flux.Of particular importance it has for people with sensitive skin. Solarium, harm and benefit which are discussed in detail, makes it possible not only to adjust the amount of incoming rays, but also to find the right balance between long and short ultraviolet rays.This allows us to reduce the risk of damage to the skin to a minimum.

Use solarium

So, if there is a need to improve the synthesis of vitamin D in winter, increase the body's immunity to infections, reduce the risk of hypertension, improve skin condition in some diseases, get a nice tan, you can use the horizontal and vertical solarium.Of course, there have tanning contraindications , which can not be ignored, so you should pre-weigh the "pros" and "cons" to take steps to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

difference between horizontal and vertical solarium solarium

Which to choose?Horizontal model allows the body to relax under the warming influence of the light rays to reach relaxation.But it is worth noting that in a tanning solarium may lie not so uniformly as in the vertical, where the body is exposed to ultraviolet light from all sides.Solarium horizontal and vertical solarium, harm and benefit which do not differ significantly, require compliance with safety rules.Mode solarium must match the type of the skin, the eyes need to be protected sunglasses, do not skip ultraviolet.


tan tan, natural and artificial, is contraindicated in people with hypersensitive skin.In addition, you can not use the solarium with acute exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as after surgery.UV light is harmful to people with diabetes, liver disease, nervous and hematopoietic systems.Analyzing the issue, harmful if solarium for women , it should be mentioned that the overheating of the body in the critical days cause increased bleeding.Also hormonal changes in these days can lead to the fact that the tan on the skin lie unevenly stained.

Serves whether pregnancy contraindication to tan in a solarium?Of course, it is.During pregnancy load on the body and so it is very high, so the additional factors affecting the intensity of the circulation, are harmful to the body. Pregnancy and solarium absolutely incompatible.Solarium should be avoided and lactating women - the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the body affected by hormonal reorganization, not only leads to the formation of spots on the skin, but also increases the risk of tumors.

The solarium can be dangerous

solarium can only be recommended mode.In the case of abuse of inevitable consequences of varying severity - the body can be severely damaged. How dangerous solarium? Firstly, the intensive and long-wave ultraviolet radiation destroys the collagen contained in the body.As a result, the skin becomes dry and inflexible, silky hair loses.Furthermore, it may be triggered by any exacerbation of chronic disease and increased risk of cancer.

In order to minimize the effects of tanning , dosing must be strictly radiation and limit the sessions.From the impact of the rays that cause premature aging of the skin, can help protect themselves special funds for tanning.Special attention should be paid to the mole.Under ultraviolet light, they tend to degenerate into a malignant tumor.People with lots of moles tan is contraindicated.Those who have a single large moles, it is recommended to seal their patch before using a solarium.

uneven tan, burns and stains

fairly common problem when using the solarium are burns.Most of all this subject to people with very fair skin that tans and almost burns easily.In addition, burns from tanning may occur if the skin is exposed to sun just before laser resurfacing, hair removal, chemical peels.In a weakened organism or because of certain medications may cause an allergic reaction to the sun's rays.Photodermatitis appears as an itchy rash, and in this case, need to consult a doctor to determine the cause.

tan looks impressive, but it is not always possible to achieve.Hormonal disorders in the body provoked by some diseases, taking a number of medications, pregnancy, often lead to the appearance of dark pigment spots on the skin. spots after tanning (chloasma) may also occur if the skin before tanning was done perfume.Get rid of the spots will help the whitening cream.Increasing the size of chloasma - a good reason to see a doctor.To the solarium carried only positive emotions, it is necessary to pay attention to the implementation of all recommendations.