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Many of the fair sex love to experiment with their hairstyles.The easiest way to change the look - it bangs.This element contributes to giving the general image of novelty, charm and highlights, as well as masks slight imperfections.

In the new season the most popular solution is a haircut with bangs to the side.There are many design options such bangs.

bangs to the side may be oblique, sparse and short, or, on the contrary, long and thick, reaching cheekbones.This fringe fits into any hair, giving exquisite flavor.

bangs to the side does not require much effort and a lot of time during installation.This item is suitable to any type of person, depending on the thickness.

Pick up bangs to the side

Benefits hairstyles with bangs to the side , first of all, that it is optimally suited to almost any type of face and long hair, and, most importantly, easy to install.Looks at the same time, such a haircut - feminine and gentle, so is ideal for those who first decided to experiment with your own hair.

hide some facial imperfections and adjust existing form allows long bangs to the side , well, here is short, on the contrary, it will make the appearance more open, give brightness and expressive lips.The last option - the best solution for those who prefer a romantic style of dress, hairstyle and makeup.

Short haircuts with bangs to the side

Short haircuts with bangs to the side designed to emphasize the beauty and graceful contours of the face.Oblique fringe contributes to giving proportional to any type of person.Especially stylish, it looks for a haircut bob with asymmetry.

Creative hairstyle with bangs to the side for medium hair thin copper hue Fashion creative hairstyle with oblique bangs for medium hair black color Bob haircut with bangs for light curls and a triangular face
Emo Haircut for short fine hair black Eye makeup in black and gray tones in harmony with peach blush and lipstick natural tones and complements the image of the blonde bob haircut with a long fringe to one side Brown thin hair to a bob haircut with ragged ends and side parting complement makeup for green eyes in gray and black , blush and lipstick pink shade

very popular pixie haircut, the main focus is getting the bangs to the side.That it gives the image of femininity, eliminating the overly boyish style short haircut.

The new season evolved bob haircut.His main trends are oblique fringe, shortening and asymmetry.Bangs will help to smooth the square and triangular faces.The classic bob in the new season perfectly in harmony with the ragged bangs to the side.In conjunction with ragged ends it will give the image a bold daring.

Choosing bangs to the side, it is recommended to pay special attention to the shape and length, which will be in harmony with the facial features.This will help smooth the bangs cheekbones, the face will look visually younger and more feminine.Almost every short haircut has variations with bangs to the side.Depending on the length and thickness of bangs can be achieved completely different visual effect.

Medium- light brown hair color for a bob hairstyle will complement evening make-up in the style of dark eyes Smokey Eyes with burgundy lipstick shade and will be a good option for a warm appearance tsvetotipa Bob Haircut with ragged ends and side parting would be an excellent option for brunettes and supplemented with saturated make-up lips in black tones Creative image on every day in the form of a combination of stylish haircuts bob with side parting the hair light brown in color, with oblique bangs and makeup in shades of brown and terracotta
Stylish elongated haircut bob hair ashy hue Asymmetrical bob haircut with ragged ends and elongated fringe will be an excellent choice for brunettes with pale skin type , combined with natural day make-up Fashion haircut bob with bangs oblique and elongated front locks for light curls
Example everyday styling ragged haircut hair ashy hue The idea of ​​creative strizhkis asymmetrical bangs short dark hair Short creative hairstyle with bangs oblique to direct light hair

haircuts with bangs to the side for medium hair

bangs to the side emphasize the great image with a hairstyle for medium hair.Particularly elegant look this fringe coupled with a deliberately casual styling.This option will give confidence and determination.

main trends of the new season are minimalist, femininity and asymmetry.Bangs to the side meets each of these requirements.

very stylish and attractive looks elongated squares to an average length.Will give a special charm to it bangs to the side.In addition, such a bang very well with wavy hair and hairstyles, laid in curls.At the same time the bangs can be smooth or match all of the hair styling.

Cascade option creative hairstyle with bangs to the side for fine long hair dark brown color Women Bob haircut with extension for thick hair ashy hue
Torn creative hairstyle with bangs for medium hair ashy hue Asymmetric creative hairstyle with a long bangs for medium hair black tones Creative bob haircut with ragged ends and elongated bangs to one side is ideal for light brown hair color will blend with blue eyes , isolated black eyeliner

bangs to the side looks great in evening hairstyles for medium hair.The strands may be loose or be stacked in creative bundles, braids or curls, underlined stylish accessories, as applicable.

average length gives unlimited possibilities of hairstyles that will go well with bangs to the side.These haircuts will be appropriate in any situation with proper selection of the form.

Bob haircut with a long fringe to one side will be a great option for ash blondes with brown eyes , and will be in harmony with the makeup in light brown tones Brown hair look great on a bob haircut with ragged ends and elongated fringe that will be a good complement of the image , consisting of a make-up in gray and black colors and the natural shade of lipstick Bob haircut with bangs for owners of red hair perfectly in harmony with the blue eyes , isolated black eyeliner , light - brown blush and lip gloss beige tones
Bob Haircut with ragged ends of elongated bangs to one side on her black hair harmoniously complement the image combined with the make-up green eyes isolated blue shadows and lipstick burgundy shade Eye makeup in brown and black tones in harmony with lipstick beige hue and complements the image of the evening with a blonde bob haircut with a long fringe and additional volume Trend Cut elongated penalty for blondes with hair of medium length

bangs to the side at the long hair

At all times, do not lose their popularity long hair.They confer a gentle feminine image.Bangs to the side at the long hair can be both short and long.

the selection bangs should be approached seriously.It should match the overall concept and the shape of the face.The girl, who prefer to leave the face open, suitable short bangs to the side.The image of the finish bright makeup.It is best to look with short bangs simple hairstyle in which hair has the same length.Short bangs to one side for long hair need daily care.All locks must be neatly stacked.

Laying haircut cascade on every day for fine hair of medium length, painted in a dark brown color, and complemented by an elongated bangs to the side Emo hairstyle for long hair dark brown color with a thick bangs to the side Option emo hairstyles for long hair purple hue with a long bangs to the side
The original women Trendy hairstyle for long hair a cascade of dark chestnut color would look great with bangs to the side and laying in the style of artistic disorder Correct cascade haircut for long hair and oval face , supplemented bangs to the side, amazingly combined with blond hair with a slight yellow tinge

most diverse density can have a long bangs to the side.This option is perfectly combined with the cascade haircuts.Bangs does not require special installation and looks good in any variations.Oblique bangs long hair does not have age restrictions.They look good in the everyday images and in the evening, and go perfectly with different hairstyles.In addition, the bangs to the side visually narrows the face, which is a great option for women with a broad face.

How fashionable to put the bangs to the side?

Today, hairstyles with bangs regain its former popularity and come back into fashion.However, choosing such a haircut is to find suitable placement options, because to deal with such short hair, at times, is quite difficult.What say the main fashion trends over the bangs, and how to take care of it and laid?

Unlike conventional, straight long bangs, one that is clipped to the side, more simple in styling and allows you to create an original and effective way without using any additional equipment and accessories.Therefore, those who do not know, like to lay on her side bangs , it suffices to use conventional hairdryer and appropriate comb.The hot air is directed from the roots to the tips, but, in any case, not directly to the hair, and then one or the other side.

Creative female hairstyle with coloring and styling for long thick hair Women Women
Laying torn asymmetric haircuts for medium hair with a long fringe Women Beautiful way to laying torn haircuts on short hair black tones

is important to remember that in order not to spoil the hair and create the effect of "rastrepannosti 'hair must be kept at a safe distance and do not touch the fringe.But choosing not maximum, and average temperature drying, after which side bangs will be fixed by cold air, you can manually create the perfect hairstyle similar to the work of a professional stylist.

Holiday laying ragged haircuts with bangs for shatenok Creative haircuts bob with bangs to the side hair dark brown color Creative image on every day in the form of a harmonious combination of haircuts bob with torn ends of the hair chestnut color and make-up day in light browns
Make-up in brown tones , emphasizing the gray-green eyes , perfectly fits in with the image of the asymmetrical bob haircut with ragged ends and elongated oblique bangs to the hair chestnut color Popular hair with styling for medium brown hair in the style of emo Torn haircut for medium black hair in the style of emo

Highlights and coloring for the bangs to the side

For girls who dream to make a special variety in their way, the perfect solution would be highlighting or coloring bangs to the side.To date, highlighting bangs became the most fashionable accent of the female image.This part is very refreshing hairstyle gives stylishness.
weave hair should be lighter than the pitch strands usually chosen warm shades.This will refresh your face and give the image of softness and femininity.

Effective Emo hairstyle for short hair ashy tone with a long fringe Youth emo hairstyle with bangs and thick strands Highlighted The idea of ​​emo haircuts for medium hair with purple highlights
Fashion creative hairstyle with thick oblique bangs for medium hair with highlights Emo hairstyle for short hair with a red tint oblique bangs Original Emo hairstyle for short hair with asymmetrical bangs to the side

For oblique bangs good option is subtle thin streaked strands, which will emphasize the unevenness shape.This will be a great addition bangs summer image.In addition, Streaked bang - a great way to emphasize the attractiveness of the hairstyle.

special charm in youth style gives the coloring of hair that looks great on the ragged and uneven bangs.Originally look strands that have undergone coloring of several colors simultaneously.Color strands must match skin tone, eye color, hair, and the basic concept of a hairstyle.

Bright and creative tone particularly stylish look on dark hair.Blond curls are best suited brown, red and ashen shades.

Option laying emo hairstyles for medium hair coloring with ashy tones Original styling Emo hairstyles for black hair with bangs oblique purple Haircut bob with side parting hair chestnut color with kolorirovannymi strands burgundy and orange tones will be an excellent complement saturated eye makeup in shades of black , brown blush and beige lipstick
Option creative ragged haircuts for fine hair of medium length Women Beautiful creative hairstyle with bangs oblique, and highlights for short hair

How to cut your own bangs to the side?

course, best of all, if necessary, adjust existing hair, apply to a nearby salon to not hurt yourself inept actions.However, in the absence of such a possibility, it is necessary to stock up with sharp scissors and comb with fine teeth and examine the information that, how to cut bangs to the side .

The procedure is quite simple: dry hair need to carefully comb, then slaughter those who do not need a haircut.Trim costs, taking small clumps, keeping them at the same angle of 45 degrees.Do not pre-wet the hair, otherwise you can not guess with the length, as well as to remember that jagged bangs to the side needs a haircut with special scissors and create a similar effect without the appropriate skills is quite difficult.

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Thus, bangs to the side become the main trend of fashionable hairstyles this year, allowing no specialefforts to change the boring hairstyle and refresh your own style on the eve of the summer dating and partying.And learning to make a spectacular styling and care for hair, her owner will always look stylish and attractive, while remaining in the spotlight!