Eyelash beams

Today, beauty salons offer the beautiful half of mankind a set of effective solutions to change the appearance.And, first of all, it concerns the eyelashes: not every woman can boast lush and long eyelashes.Exit?They can be artificially boost!

are two technologies eyelash.First - poresnichnoe capacity, and the second most popular - eyelash beams.About that, what is the advantage of this particular cosmetic solutions over the others, as well as the technologies used to implement it, we will discuss in this article.

Accrued beams eyelashes are better suited for single major events.All this is due to the fact that the bundles of artificial eyelashes are heavy, and despite the excellent appearance, they are heavier eyelids and quickly fall off.

Bundles of extension eyelash

of extension beams eyelashes

course, you can add the fact that in this case the extended eyelashes do not look natural.However, in order for this notice, you must closely consider the woman's eyes.So, what do we get?It is enough to prompt giving his own eyes expressiveness and beauty!Consider technology such capacity.

immediately refute rumors that it is a dangerous procedure.Through direct attachment to the eyelids, own eyelashes do not suffer.Therefore, there is no risk of subsidence natural lashes with the artificial.The adhesive composition used in the building, selected purely individual, and thus preferred natural composition.Therefore, you should not worry that there allergic reaction.

So small bundles lashes just stick to the outside of the century!Of course, this is preceded by a series of preparatory procedures: removing make-up and subsequent degreasing century special lotions, application of protective strips in order not to affect the natural lashes.And it's all done very quickly: the professional capacity of one beam takes no more than five minutes.Also important is the relatively low cost of such a decision.You can find a specialist ready to make capacity of each bundle of fifty rubles per beam.

course, eyelash - only part of the activities to create a unique image.Such a decision requires careful treatment: the need as little as possible into contact with the surface of the eyelids, try to defat the periocular area and not to the effects of fatty creams lashes.

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