Nutrition for bulking

In the beginning it is worth noting that we will focus on nutrition for weight set to form a beautiful relief of the body.In this case it is important not only to physical training.Properly balanced diet will provide a positive energy balance in the body, and the food, rich in protein and contains an optimal amount of carbohydrates to be material for muscle growth.

To maintain a positive energy balance requires that the food does not contain saturated fats and calories received into the body, it would not be completely consumed during exercise.In this reserve remain as a layer of fat.Well, if the ratio of fat: muscle is about 1: 3.

Power to weight gain

Power to weight gain

in the diet necessary to have sports nutrition, filled with the necessary amount of proteins and carbohydrates.Proper nutrition for a set weight must also be full of vitamins and minerals.Their lack of will impede the achievement of the desired result.There

especially in nutrition before and after exercise.

Firstly, training in the gym should begin no sooner than two hours after a meal.The volume of food eaten should not be too large, but with enough protein and carbohydrates.An hour before the workout you can eat food from a series of sports nutrition since they are more quickly absorbed, blood filling the necessary amino acids.Thus, the beginning of training the food digested, the stomach is empty, the nutrients in the blood, all the energy goes to the muscles, and the process of weight gain is the most effective.

After active exercise, the body behaves differently.At this time, it is able to more quickly absorb nutrients and, therefore, in the absence of food, not only burns fat, but also the "fishes" amino acid from the muscles, which greatly hinders the set weight.So almost immediately after school is very good to drink a protein shake that pretty quickly digested, filling the body with amino acids and carbohydrates.Then, in the next hour and a half you need a square meal.No features of power, in this case there is - mostly ordinary food.In terms of his recovery organism is most active around for three hours after a workout.During this period, it is desirable to give 30-40% of the food intended for the whole day, as all that is eaten after a workout, is to compensate for the energy expended, and the restoration of tired myshts.Eti rules apply to all programs of training.

Thus, in the process of building muscle power can not be underestimated especially before and after exercise, and remember that proper nutrition will help in the recruitment of the masses to form a beautiful relief of the body.