Florist Wedding

Fashion - this is such a thing that changes constantly, but always meets the basic requirements of the time.What are the trends in fashion in such matters as the organization of the wedding?

Florist Wedding

Florist wedding

One of the fashionable phenomena pertaining to marriage is the marriage registration (in St. Petersburg, it has become very popular).More and more young people want to move away from the traditional scenario registry office and a banquet at a restaurant.If funds allow the young, it is possible to organize themed wedding with the departure from the classical scenario.Event agencies offer various scenarios: it may be a commemorative event in the sea or a Hawaiian-style, in the style of "baroque", etc.

Marine Wedding

Sea Wedding

Marriage can be concluded in any place and at any time, organized a trip priest.The cost of such an event is different.If you are capable to come up with a script, find the master and find a suitable place, it is only for the lease of the arch and its registration you will need to pay 5 thousand rubles.And for a full range of services listed above price starts from 15,000 rubles.Arch ceremony for visiting have to blend in with the overall theme of the holiday, it issued harmoniously main background.

At any wedding ceremony a lot of attention paid to the cars.Today, the machine decoration flowers produced both by real and artificial plants.For the best fixing requires special tools.As a complement to the flowers to decorate the car often use decorative gold rings, balloons and ribbons.With proper design of all it looks very colorful and beautiful.This case is best left to professional designers.

The bride

Bridal bouquet

There are a number of attributes that are associated with a wedding event.Optional accessories are used to create a full harmonious way with honeymooners, as well as in the design.These include, for example, the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere.They are always selected in such a way as to overlap with each other.It is not just decoration for newlyweds bought and boutonnieres for the witnesses for the most important guests.Flower products perfectly replace the traditional ribbon.For girls made beautiful floral bracelets are especially popular in America.If all these items (bracelet and buttonholes the witness and the groom, the bride's bouquet) overlap each other, harmonious look, the wedding pictures will look much more interesting.Often you can find for sale is a set of bracelet and boutonnieres, which cost starts from 500 rubles.

trying to organize a wedding event always perfect, providing all the details.It details create the necessary atmosphere for the celebration of the holiday.