Secret posleremontnogo cleaning: whether to turn to the professionals?

make repairs in the apartment - it is 70% business and 30% - is to bring everything in order, remove the debris, all wash and grate, so that you can arrange the furniture and move on.

Are you sure you want to clean the apartment after the repair?

you sure you want to clean the apartment after the repair?

Overhaul of the apartment is over, and now the owners have to make grandiose cleaning to remove all debris, wash and polish the surface.And already then arranged the furniture, hanging curtains, accessories.In one day, just do not get to do all indicated.There are three choices: take a vacation, to order cleaning cleaning company, or call for help from relatives.

clear space on their own

Even in a studio apartment can not be done post-repair cleaning for two days.But take a vacation and devote the first half of his property to bring order and second - rest, will be correct.The first thing to do - draw up a plan:

  1. car on order for garbage collection and buy at the hardware store large bags.
  2. collect bags debris and the remains of a building tape.
  3. garbage disposal.
  4. removes dust from walls and ceilings.
  5. special means to launder door frames, doors, window sills and windows.My
  6. and rub to a high gloss, glass and mirror surfaces.
  7. Next - removal of dust from carpets, cleaning of sofas, other upholstered furniture.
  8. Clean the fittings, plumbing.
  9. My floors.

Now that the work plan is, you need to break it down by day of week.Upon completion of all the processes are hung lamps, arranged the furniture, etc.

If you are ready to do everything yourself, then certainly after such a great work have every right to go on vacation.Let not the Canary Islands, but the Black Sea in Crimea - for sure!

on order posleremontnogo cleaning

If no time to clean yourself, you can order the help of experts.Now on the market of cleaning services company operating weight.Choose the one that causes more confidence and calm about their business.And do not forget that in addition to the usual cleaning surfaces in professional services include such essential items as dry-cleaning carpets at home, furniture processing special structures and tidying gardens.

What this version better than the first?Cleaning will take place just a few days, you will not need to worry about garbage collection, purchase of suitable cleaning and detergent.All the experts do.Yes, and a few pairs of hands are always better than one or two.

Cleanup cleaning is considered the most difficult and time consuming.It is important the specific approach, in order not to damage the walls, floors, double-glazed windows are not broken down and generally not completely spoil the mood rainbow Cleanup.

call on the help of relatives

This will be the most cheerful maid in your life!That's where the main thing - a clear organization.Just released from the control of a number of relatives - and once something is broken or spoiled.

more: do not forget that the entire company must be a couple of times a day to feed, drink, with each family to discuss his case.Think yourself, how many days will extend this pleasure?Of course, if you like noisy companies and relatives, you can enjoy at least a month cleaning.

Under either option, sooner or later cleaning is finished, and you sigh quietly, remembering how terrible dream, overhaul and bringing housing up after him.