Tours in Zwolle, Netherlands

On the right bank of the river Eysel, in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands, is modest and charming Zwolle.The whole town is imbued with the spirit of antiquity, which makes it extremely attractive for tourists.Nowadays, many of them going on tour to Holland, visit it with the excursion program.Zwolle is famous not only for its centuries-old architectural decoration, but also stunning natural splendor.

The town grew around the middle of marshland in 1230 on the site of ancient settlements.Its name translated from Dutch and means - "the swamp."Now lives Zwolle 112,000 inhabitants, and the city is the administrative center of the province of Overijssel.One of the most environmentally friendly settlements of the country, it is almost all pedestrian zone.Road transport is successfully replaced bicycles.

Meet the Zwolle is better to start with the Market Square, located in the historical center.Its main attraction is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, in which there is an old organ.The church often hosts concerts of organ music.

Not far from the church is the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, and is famous for its high tower called "Pepper."Locals call it so because of the appropriate form and consider it their symbol.Inside the tower is the Municipal Museum with an interesting composition exhibits which tell about the history of Zwolle.

Tours in Netherlands

Tours Netherlands

Another striking monument of the city is the bridge over the river Eysel built in the middle of the last century and topped with a semicircular arch.Of interest is the second, more modern bridge erected in 1995, whose support in the form of huge wrenches.

in Zwolle remains of the medieval city walls, as well as powerful Saxon gate, built of red brick in 1406.From modern buildings stands the theater building, built of concrete and glass, and famous for its excellent acoustics.

In the heart of Zwolle is well-kept promenade, specifically designed for walking and recreation.In the vicinity of the city you can see two old windmills around which created a small open-air museum.Its exhibits acquaint visitors with the history and traditions of the region's locals period XVII-XIX centuries.

addition to tours of the city and its surroundings, tourists visit and cozy eating places Zwolle.Restaurant "The Library" located in the former book store Dominican monastery holds three Michelin stars - the highest ranking restaurant.In Zwolle you should definitely try the famous potato pie, sandwich with bacon, fruit tarts and pancakes with jam.

The city stores you can buy a souvenir porcelain, chocolate, beautiful jewelry, cheese and tulip bulbs.Especially for tourists with kids in Zwolle created a great theme park "Ekodrev."Its pavilions housed geological and biological exhibitions, there is a tunnel piranhas and a diorama of the dinosaurs.

in Zwolle fairly mild climate prevails.In summer there are cool, the temperature does not exceed +18 ° C.In the winter a lot of snow, with heavy frost does not happen.In early December, the city starts a traditional festival of ice sculptures, which come masters from various European countries.Every year they try to surprise residents and visitors Zwolle original icy composition.

During the festival, which lasts until the end of January, the city erected a real ice hotel.Tourists coming to the Christmas and New Year holidays in Amsterdam from Moscow will visit Zwolle and settle in one of the rooms a unique hotel.All the furniture in them carved from blocks of ice, and the temperature is -10 ° C.