Linens for creating comfort in the bedroom

style bedroom - a very personal matter.Certain standards in design will help to give the bedroom atmosphere distracted from everyday problems and relax before the new labor day.Mood and character sleeping room, by the choice of type of materials used in the decoration.

course, are taken into account certain parameters.An excellent choice would be bright natural materials, surfaces that do not have to give glare, because of them quickly tired eyes.Obkleivaya wall wallpaper, try to choose high-quality and expensive wallpaper, with the effect of velvet or velor.In the end, it turns out plain smooth walls with embossed patterns, which is so nice to feel his hand.

color tones in the interior of the bedroom

style of your bedroom is mainly dependent on the color palette used in the design.For example, bright colors give relaxation, green - will create a feeling of spring freshness, blue - naveyut airy, cool celestial spaces.The main thing when choosing a color, not too saturate the room and not to overload the design.Select a pair of combined tones and complemented by a small harmonious accents.



Effectively will look rich blend of light and dark tones, but the application of a strict black and white combination in the bedroom are more tiring than to relax.Also in the interior of a bedroom is possible to use saturated colors, however, it is better to do, if you're willing to experiment, you can use a bright red color.

sublime look wallpaper light-brown color with burgundy or note.To enhance the effect, you need to buy linens light tones, and as unusual accessory will serve as a bright carpet on the floor.

Turning to the bedroom color scheme should take into account the shape, location and height of the ceiling of the room."Cool colors" suitable for the southern room, and "warm" - to the north.Visually bright colors increase the room, making it roomier, and intense and saturated - it is visually reduced.

Linens buy

Linens buy

bedroom interior design and construction taking into account the fact that the people in this place is to have a good rest, not to lubricate the comfort all should be in harmony with each other.And even this imperceptible thing as a mattress should fit into the overall picture, that is, no light shine through the sheets.

Turning to the color scheme of the bedrooms should take into account the shape, location and height of the ceiling of the room.Cool colors are best used in the room focused on the southern direction, and warm - on the north side.Visually bright colors increase the room, making it more spacious and visually intense and saturated it reduced.