How to get people to respect and fear itself

Ask anyone (children or adults) and I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that respect - it's important.The problem arises when you start to ask what does it mean?Therefore, many people do not quite understand it correctly.

good example of respect for a parent who feels that he should not use the words please and thank you, with your children.In fact, many such parents.But, despite it all, they say, "I - the parent!Manner we show respect for other people. "Similarly, lack of manners showing disrespect.It also does not matter who you are showing or not showing it, for the age or relationship does not matter.

respect or fear?

Respect - respect it!It nourishes itself.How can parents demand respect, but, then, the same time refuse to do what the same for those who are most concerned about?What do they hope to teach their children?

These parents do not create respectful attitude within his family.That is based on the "fear of a parent" to create a sense of power.This kind of "respect" exists, but whether it is really such?It turns out that in this way, we just make ourselves respected.

The world is like a mirror, or why people did not appreciate

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The same confusion with fear and respect is increased inadolescence.In fact, this is wrong.They often rely on social ranking to decide who deserves respect.Unfortunately, fear - a way that is often used as a means to get and keep a place at the top of the highest school chain.

Gang members often speak strictly about making the respect of others.Again, they confuse respect and fear.Threats force you to respect!A force someone to respect at gunpoint is not correct.
Before you get respect - Learn to love yourself

Before you get respect - Learn to love yourself

Why some people are afraid of others?

social phobia or social anxiety is quite common among people these days, and it makes it difficult for people to live happily.This problem may not only make it so that a person will be present fear of other people, but it may lead to the fact that it will start to avoid social life situations.

Human beings are social by nature, if they do not communicate with other people, they die, but there are some people who are afraid of communicating with other people?

appears to make people afraid of itself is not necessarily.There are people who are afraid to have contact with other people, and try to avoid different societies party.It should be the other way around to help this category of people stop acting reclusive.Why are people afraid of?

One reason is the fear of the people associated with the past, as they are afraid of meeting new people, public speaking phobia on.It turns.This may be because, as a kid, people felt that her parents chose the younger brother instead.

Since our childhood experiences determine how we interact with the world in the future, this man grew up with the idea that someone will always be preferred over it and thus decided to avoid people.

Getting her husband to respect yourself easy!

forced the husband to respect yourself easy!

his fear of the people and social phobia - no more than a means of protection to help avoid a situation that happened to him when he was a child.

Of course, this is only one example, and you may be afraid that the people for another reason may be afraid of others, but the concept remains the same.Something happened in your past that you try to avoid once again.

For example, the solid is safe to say that some people are afraid of others, because they have low self-esteem and, thus, do not want others to evaluate them.As a result, they grow in an unhealthy environment, these people have lost confidence in myself and began to be afraid of people, to protect their own importance.

How can I overcome this fear?

Effective ways to get others to respect yourself

effective way to get others to respect themselves

Here are some practical steps:

  1. you need to understand its past: the first step to overcome the fear of the people - is the study of the past and find out what happened.If you can not do it yourself, do not hesitate to contact a specialist.
  2. Correct your beliefs: let's assume that you have found out that the cause of your fear of humans is ignored when you were a child.At this point you have to get rid of limiting beliefs and replace them with healthy ones.
  3. Building self-esteem, knowing that something happened to you is not your fault, and the bad things that happened in the past does not mean that this will be in the future, you will feel even better.

How to get people to respect themselves?

Respect people can not be achieved overnight or in a short time, it takes some time.As you may have heard before you have started to respect, it requires a lot of hard work and patience.

How to stop and start chatting embarrassed

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How to win people's respect

following list of actions will surely makepeople respect you:

  1. Make something special: You do not have to be a super hero to be respected in our time, but you must do what others could not do.If you are looking for your mind to people you respect, you will find that some of them have made outstanding achievements (at least from your point of view) and you will see that at the same time, they treat people well.As humans, we may not want to see others better than us, but when we see someone who has done something extraordinary and, then, the same time treats us well, we will certainly respect it.
  2. Never ask anyone for anything, if you want something from someone, then there is no problem to ask for it, but I never ask for it.As humans, we tend to think of those who implores us, as people who are weaker than us, and therefore, such a person becomes very difficult to respect.
  3. Never be in need: whether you need emotional support, someone you love, or work, money, or something else - never show people that you need this thing.Some people may not suffer if they saw needy person, but most of them will be looking down on him.Phone calls or questions can only devalue you, and you will never get respect, as you wish.Even if you are in need to ask for things, pretend as if you do not need them, being polite.
  4. stood his ground: we are all humans and we all are faced with difficult times, but if you really want to scream, cry or act, even if you are no doubt unhappy, still do not do it in front of people.Even when you get a big shock do everything possible to stand on his own, to behave calmly, and you get more respect.
  5. Respect yourself, you are unlikely to be able to get others to respect you if you do not have enough respect for themselves.
Rome was not built in one day, it takes some time to learn a new behavior to get used to it and let people pay attention to it.Once you follow the above guidelines, you will get people's respect.
What do you respect others

What do others to be respected

few instructions, the use of which may also help you gain the respect of others.

  1. Dress properly.A way to express themselves in the clothing will greatly affect how people will treat you.This is especially important for women.If you want to get respect from men, and others, pay attention to the amount of tissue that covers your body.Exposing too much skin the open sight of others can be fashionable statement for you, but for others it will be used as a measure of how much respect you deserve, and deserve it at all.
  2. treat others with respect.Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is always true.If you can not respect others, do not expect that they will honor you.You reap what you planted and this universal law.
  3. Be confident.Know who you are and value yourself as a person with a view to ultimately manifest it in their actions.People will respect people who believe in themselves, in comparison with those who bathe in self-pity and negative.
  4. Review your relationships and change those that harm your relationship with others.If you notice that a person avoids you or laughing at you behind your back, it does not show respect.Consider your life and deeds to find out what areas need to be improved so that you get the respect you deserve.
  5. Be honest.By being honest in dealing with people, earning their trust and ultimately their respect.Your principle and character of your best investment in obtaining the respect of people, so cultivate them as best you can.
  6. earn respect.If you think that you can demand respect from others by force, then you are wrong.This is one of the virtues that come naturally to those who work hard.Manipulating others that they started to respect you, you are not only dangerous, but also can make a fool of yourself.Humble and then work hard to become a good man.Your efforts will be rewarded with respect for people.

As you can see, it will not work if we do not piece on this effort.As they say: "Without the work does not pull the fish out of the pond."The main thing is not to overdo it!Do not confuse fear with respect.And before you, to listen to all the advice listed above, carefully consider exactly what you want: to have fear, or is it respected?