The hyaluronic acid in cosmetics and Bad

Today, progressive women want not only to understand the trade Macs cosmetics, but also to know what the makeup is and what the most effective components.As part of the most popular cosmetic lists the various plant extracts, rare resins, oils and acids.It is not surprising that women want to know how these components work and how to fit together.

cosmetologists are increasingly on their blogs mention of hyaluronic acid as a very effective component of cosmetics.What is hyaluronic acid, and what properties it possesses?

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide found in the skin of man.Properties of molecules of hyaluronic acid - a high degree of hydrophilic, allowing the skin to retain moisture and maintain collagen and elastin in the form.

Most hyaluronic acid is in the skin of newborns, eventually its amount decreases, the skin becomes thinner, loses its elasticity, becomes brittle.

collagen and elastin fibers, intertwined to form a solid frame, through which our skin becomes supple and taut.Hyaluronic acid fills the space between the molecules of collagen and elastin, and holds the fibers in position.Therefore, it is important that stocks are not depleted hyaluronic acid.To this was added hyaluronic acid in cosmetics, is administered subcutaneously by injection, are used as dietary supplements.

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin

hyaluronic acid.History and application.

accidental discovery of the American biochemist Karl Mayer in 1934, began to hyaluronic acid (a complex carbohydrate - a polysaccharide), a molecule that has the ability to attract 1,000 times more water than it weighs itself.Only after 40 years of research have shown that the hyaluronic acid promotes retention of moisture in the intercellular space and skin regeneration.

in 1982 was first used hyaluronic acid for the production of cosmetics.The pioneer was the Japanese company Pola.For deeper penetration and retention of moisture in the epidermis in the company micronized hyaluronic acid molecules that contributed to the restoration of metabolic processes.

Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful moisturizer.It is a natural acid, which is contained in the human skin, in the space between the fibers structural proteins - collagen, elastin, and it keeps them in the correct position, a filling, as well as regulates the water balance.Over time, its content in the skin decreases, and wrinkles and decreases the tonus.

Reduction of hyaluronic acid is associated not only with age.This can cause smoking, taking certain medications, temperature extremes, ultraviolet light, poor diet, stress and other adverse factors.
Hyaluronic acid

hyaluronic acid

for skin care using high molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and causes it to produce collagen.As well as the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which forms a film on the skin, retains moisture.

Gialuonovaya acid is used for the manufacture of creams for the face, get rid of wrinkles, anti-aging injections, essences, sera.

Hyaluronic anti-aging

Anti-aging (anti-aging) - a young branch of medicine that fights the aging process and its negative manifestations.Saturate to make more elastic and refresh skin and enhance the formation of elastin and collagen help mesolifting - "a beauty prick".When

mesolifting into the surface layer of the epidermis administered solution of hyaluronic acid.Suffice it to 5 treatments, to preserve the effect for six months.

impact of hyaluronic acid is indicated for smoking;at a constant fatigue and even color of the skin;stresses that it is experiencing;after sunburn and the appearance of wrinkles.

hyaluronic mesolifting will look young at any age.Before the procedure necessarily address to the doctor-dermotokosmetologu.
Hyaluronic anti-aging before and after the procedure

Hyaluronic anti-aging before and after the procedure

result of the introduction of hyaluronic acid solution is to improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing deep wrinkles, disappearance of wrinkles, sagging removal and restoration of facial contours.

Hyaluronic acid suitable for people after 30 years with any type of skin.At this age, the first wrinkles begin to appear and worsen complexion.To prevent just use cream based on hyaluronic acid.

for young skin use products with hyaluronic acid for 2 months and then take a break for 3-6 months.For permanent use, they are recommended only for mature and dehydrated skin.In more severe cases, the age-related changes gialuronoplastiku experts apply.

effect of hyaluronic acid on the body

Glaurinovuyu acid is widely used in cosmetology.It is added in cream, in lipstick, masks, balms, lotions and gels.Such cosmetic products contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic kaslota has the following effect on the skin: normalizes the body's water balance, fills wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and elastic, slows down the process of keratinization of the skin.And facilitates the effects of skin-allergic diseases and helps to prevent cancer.
Effect of hyaluronic acid on body

Effect of hyaluronic acid on the body

Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid face, neck, décolleté and hands removes the signs of aging, has a therapeutic effect on the body.

for rejuvenating and anti-aging effect, choose a cream with hyaluronic acid content is not in last place in the percentage ratio with such substances as keratin, coenzyme Q10, collagen, elastin, lecithin, and other tretinoin. Hyaluronic acid penetrates well into the skin, and other components contributepenetration and delivery of important substances.

Instantly deeply moisturize the skin essences and serum.They contain large amounts of hyaluronic acid.

hyaluronic acid affects both the health and the skin with dilated capillaries, dry and irritated skin.When applied to the skin it penetrates only into the layer of the epidermis.Ingestion affects the speedy healing of wounds in the dermis, the eyeball.

also gialuronuvu acid, in the form of dietary supplements used to restore the joints, fracture, in osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, arthritis.It is an essential element of the joint fluid, cartilage and ligaments.Its deficiency leads to friction joints and further deformation.During exacerbation of these diseases apply injection into the joint.Ingestion (oral) relieves pain and increases physical activity.

Hyaluronic acid for skin

hyaluronic acid for skin

Hyaluronic acid are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.Also, people who are allergic to chicken protein and derivatives thereof.

Also hyaluronic acid is a member of the vitreous eye.Therefore, hyaluronic acid is used for eye care.Her introduction to the eye reduces fatigue, prevents conjunctivitis, dryness, fatigue from wearing lenses when working at the computer.It is used as an additional tool in surgery for cataract, corneal transplant and lens.There

this acid in the form of tablets - special food supplements.Their composition further comprises hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and vitamin C, which promote the action of the acid.

functions of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid - a unique biopolymer that possesses the ability to attract a large number of water molecules and keep them around.It is considered the main regulator of fluid in the intercellular space.One molecule of this acid is able to retain and attract more than 500 molecules of water.

Beauty and skin health is impossible without normal water balance.Hyaluronic acid is securely holding the fibers of collagen and elastin, so skin retains firmness and elasticity.Over the years

skin loses volume as hyaluronic acid it becomes smaller.But the lack of this acid is typical not only for aging skin.The bad environment, bad habits and poor diet can lead to the loss of much of the hyaluronic acid in the skin of young people.

hyaluronic acid

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However, hyaluronic acid is not only responsible for the elasticity of the skin, the whole body needs this indispensableelement:

  • Hyaluronic acid is a part of the cartilage and helps maintain the health and mobility of joints.
  • Most experts attribute hair loss male pattern is a disadvantage of this polysaccharide.
  • amount of hyaluronic acid in the body has an impact on oral health.

Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

hyaluronic acid is produced in the form of food supplements.The composition of these drugs include low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamin C, collagen and elastin to strengthen its action.

However, hyaluronic acid in the form of vitamins is not particularly common.But when you consider that the study on the use of hyaluronic acid in the heat, we hope that it will soon receive this BUD is the same simple as receiving ordinary vitamins.

Some foods contain a part of the hyaluronic acid, or contribute to its elaboration.Most of the hyaluronic acid contained in the products of animal origin, especially meat and liver.

hyaluronic acid is derived from connective tissue of animals.If you want to get it from food, cook and eat the meat jelly on health.

many acids found in fruits and vegetables starchy structures, such as potatoes and bananas.Hyaluronic acid contributes to the development of magnesium and vitamin C, therefore, include in your diet legumes, dairy products and citrus fruits.

hyaluronic acid in cosmetics

Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics.It was added in various creams, masks, balms, lotions and gels, it is also a part of the anti-inflammatory and wound healing agents.Cosmetics with hyaluronic acid creates on the skin surface protective film and does not allow moisture to evaporate from the surface.

Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics for mesotherapy.Mesotherapy - a procedure in which the active substance is injected under the skin in the form of microinjection.After these sessions, the skin becomes visibly younger, wrinkles are smoothed.
Hyaluronic acid in cosmetology

hyaluronic acid in cosmetics

Remember that excessive intake of hyaluronic acid in the human body or too frequent cosmetic procedures with its application can "spoil" your skin and it will cease to independently produce this substance.

Reinforcement facial contours or contour plastic procedure aimed at smoothing out wrinkles and restore facial contours.This is done using the same injection, but under the special scheme.Such a scheme is selected based on the degree of change of the oval in each case individually.

properties of hyaluronic acid

unique properties of hyaluronic acid are used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine - to treat violations integrity of the skin.In addition, its use in ophthalmology and orthopedics.If

beautiful bottle composed of hyaluronic acid, do not hurry to rejoice.In most cosmetic products it is contained in the form of high-molecular compounds, which also have a positive effect on the skin, but can not penetrate deep into its layers.Such funds form a film which protects the skin from moisture loss and safeguard against the negative impact of the environment.

If the skin needs intense hydration and recovery, cosmetics must contain a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.To create such a makeup needs high technology and high costs.Therefore, such funds are much more expensive, but the result is worth the money spent.

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Be careful when buying expensive cosmetics fromhyaluronic acid.Make sure the seller has all the necessary certificates and licenses.In specialty stores you can even provide the results of clinical tests of products.