Fur products «Made in Greece - Produced in Kastoria» - a perfect mark of quality

production of fur, and the art of his treatment in Greece and, in particular, in the city of Kastoria, has a long tradition, dates back to the Byzantine era more.

For nearly 400 years (from 1640 to the present day) fur industry in Kastoria has developed so rapidly that the city over time became not only one of the world's major centers of the fur trade, but also one of the most important centers of production, processing andSales of fur and has occupied second place in the world.In addition, Kastoria is the only center for the production and processing of fur in the West, and, hence, throughout Europe.

Today, all major cities around the world - such as New York, Paris, Munich, etc., work representatives of the fur industry of Kastoria, which supply the world market magnificent fur art products of Greek producers.

course, achieving and maintaining these results contribute to, first of all, relentless follow current fashion trends and the introduction of new production technologies.

Fur products «Made in Greece - Produced in Kastoria» - a perfect mark of quality

Furs «Made in Greece - Produced in Kastoria» - a perfect mark of quality

From 1987 to the present day Kastoria manufacturers control 90% of sales of finished products, made of fur plates in the "dissolution" -a unique method of tailoring, perfect for fur of different lengths, widths, and sizes that are fluent in Kastoria highly skilled craftsmen, who are leaders not only in the processing of fur, but also in the field of tailoring, due to which the Greek fur products compare favorably with those of allothers.

Kastoria Furriers Association, since 1976, holds every spring the International Fur Fair, which is one of the most important exhibitions worldwide and, accordingly, represents the most important and prominent event in the economic life of the entire region of Western Macedonia.The next, 39th International Fur Fair, will be held in the spring of 2014 Kastoria.

Great combination developed fur production with the natural beauty of the city of Kastoria, located on the shores of the lake, known as Lake Orestiada and will make shopping a unique pleasure - in a city where tradition is intertwined with modernity.

In turn, every visitor of Kastoria can admire plenty of stylish and elegant fur, exhibited in numerous shops and venues of the city, as well as due to the large range of models and surprisingly affordable, select and, accordingly, to buy a fur coat -to taste and to a person, the quality of fur products, sold under the label «Made in Greece - Produced in Kastoria» even not negotiable!

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Welcome to the world of Greek fur in the picturesque town of Kastoria!