Fashion styles of women's coats 2014-2015

coat The new season can be considered a key element of every woman's wardrobe.Of course, the trend is very much, but among them there are styles that are most often found in the new collections of famous designers.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the fashion trends in 2015.

worth noting popular prints such as zebra, plaid and leopard.Most fashion houses have focused on these original colors.But the bright coat patterns, experts recommend to choose a neutral clothing.This will help maintain the integrity of the image and accentuate the style of clothing.

Demi coat 2014-2015 are characterized by the simplicity of the silhouette, femininity and elegance.A model for the winter coat - it is primarily a combination of leather and fur decoration.

Classic style

No matter what the weather outside, every girl wants to look beautiful and stylish.In order to comply with the latest fashion trends, we should pay attention to the woman's coat.A spokeswoman of more conservative views, recommended to choose a classic style.

Coats in the fall classic style black from APCcombined with the beret asphalt shade of red handbag on a chain APCsandals and brown tones from APC Classic Women coat of dark blue color from the collection Cedric Charlier , combined with black trousers Cedric Charlier, black and gray handbag and shoes with heels blacks Cedric Charlier. Classic style coat of white Christian Wijnants in combination with a T-shirt and white shorts tone Christian Wijnants and boots light gray shade on the heels of Christian Wijnants.
Demi coat classic style brick hue of a new collection of Issey Miyake in combination with blouse gray-green tones , black pants and boots Issey Miyake black wedges by Issey Miyake. The classic red coat length below the knee from Versace combined with lacquered black trousers , a stylish black and silver topom tone Versace and pumps from Versace. Classic style coat of bright yellow tones of the Versace collection , combined with a black top, a short skirt black and yellow color Versace and high boots in black Versace.

a coat for autumn or spring is usually made in the shape of an hourglass, with an emphasis on the waist and creating soft outlines.The cut of the upper garment mostly straight or slightly flared.Note also the mandatory presence of the belt.

Classic version female coat called a universal option for any woman's figure.Particularly impressive is this element of the wardrobe look combined with ankle boots with heels.

direct style coat has a rectangular shape.It is very comfortable and looks elegant.Since women this option is the most popular every year designers are coming up with a variety of add-ons to make the coat even more fashionable.This style is also suitable for any type of figure.

Classic coat grass- green shade combined with trousers gray tones , red hat , sweater, gray-green , black purse and shoes on a small heel. Classic red coat with wide belt in combination with a white shirt , black leggings , cream-colored scarf , handbag beige and silver tones and bright red boots with high heels.

coat for spring with a flared bottom part will hide stout hips and balance the volume top.Girls with A-shaped figure advised to choose a model with a large collar.This compensates for the lack of volume in the upper part of the female figure.

double-breasted coat

One popular outerwear - Double-breasted coat.This is the choice of business women.Looks a coat is always kept, stylish and elegant.Sew its natural and soft tissues.The main feature - emphasis on femininity.

Double-breasted coat plum color with a thin belt and a length below the knee from Catherine Malandrino , combined with tones of black ankle boots with textured pattern with high heels by Catherine Malandrino. Double-breasted coat for autumn black from the new collection Felipe Oliveira Baptista , combined with a cap of black tones Felipe Oliveira Baptista and boots Wedge matching coat by Felipe Oliveira Baptista. Breasted coat of dark blue color and length below the knee with a thin belt of Trussardi collection combined with high boots in black from Trussardi.
Women Short double-breasted coat for spring black from the new collection Viktor & amp;Rolf combined with tones of black shoes on a solid course of Viktor & amp;Rolf. Demi brown double-breasted coat in conjunction with a black trouser suit and black shoes with open-toed heels on average .

Coloring breasted coat in 2015, the most diverse - from beige to dark blue shades.According to experts, leaders are even and close-fitting styles.Most models are supplemented with a thin belt or pockets.

Double-breasted coat color cappuccino length above the knee in conjunction with knitted sweater brown tones , golden straight skirt , maroon handbag and shoes red - yellow hue. Double-breasted coat in black with gold buttons , combined with elegant red dress , clutch Handbags black tones and high-heeled sandals .

The new autumn-winter season are popular double-breasted versions knee-length coat.While long fashions are now considered less relevant because of its impracticality.

worth noting as a winter coat with a collar of a long-haired fur, which is a fashionable trend.This style is a straight silhouette with a mandatory application of the belt.

Coat retro

Most designers called the most fashionable styles - a coat in a retro style.This option outerwear resembles a dress above the knee length.Coat creates a fitted silhouette and attracted the attention of everyone around.With this item in your wardrobe, you can always look stunning.

Coats in the style of 40-ies of the last century, often complemented with ruffles, a thin belt in a color coat or soft fur.This model is considered feminine and even a doll.

Coats retro silver tone length above the knee in conjunction with the black blouse , multicolored skirt , a gray hat and a backpack plum shade. Short vintage coat purple combined with black leather pants , a light gray sweater , knitted hat black tone and high black boots with a small heel .
Coats retro red knee-length combined with black beret and red hue , bright red leather gloves with fur trim , a red bag , clutch and ballet flats red tones decorated with a black flower. Coats retro dark gray tones combined with blue dress with a thin belt, clutch Handbags emerald hue and dark blue shoes with high heels.

for representatives of the business sector designers have created a double-breasted coat in retro style with flared skirt sun.This style looks both simple and elegant.For it is advised to purchase a classic shoes with heels.

Another fashion trend coat called decadence.It is characterized by a straight cut, the average length and width.This model of retro coat is perfect for both business-woman and active girl, select items wardrobe for everyday use.

Retro plaid coat color gray- beige tones of Tommy Hilfiger in conjunction with the hat to match coat and high boots in black on a solid course of Tommy Hilfiger. Coats retro white-cream tone length above the knee from the new collection Valentin Yudashkin , combined with a little retro hat beige shade Valentin Yudashkin, white fur collar and white pumps tone by Valentin Yudashkin. Black retro coat the floor, decorated with a white lace collar and cuffs from the collection of Valentino.
Demi coat retro gray tones with a floral pattern and decorated with white cuffs and collar by Valentino combined with beige boots with heels Valentino. Coats retro white with patch pockets on Vanessa Bruno in conjunction with a handbag white tones Vanessa Bruno and open boots silvery-white hue on the heels Vanessa Bruno. Coat in retro-style gray- golden tones with textured pattern and a thin belt of the Vera Wang collection combined with a blouse of gray shades , matching trousers coats and Vera Wang black boots with high heels by Vera Wang.

fancy stuff of a new season is very similar to the ones worn by our mothers and grandmothers.Charming in its traditional model of retro coat still looks modern.Plaid outerwear will go well with dark and monochromatic outfits, and bright colors.

Coats in the style of grunge

pay attention to the style of grunge, which was most popular in the 90s of the last century.Today it is once again becoming fashionable.The main feature is the combination of incongruous.For example, a compound of brutality and glamor, rough skin and parts of transparent lace.Thus, designers of extraordinary original creations, which wants to try every fashionista.

Short coat in grunge style bog- green hue from Karen Walker in conjunction with a multi-colored blouse , shorts bright orange tones Karen Walker and beige shoes with high heels from Karen Walker. Coats in the style of grunge black with blue and green accents of the new collection of Louise Gray combined with the black-and- white blouses, trousers matching coat Louise Gray and black boots , a yellow tint on the heels Louise Gray. Coats in the style of grunge black with fur trim from Zero + Maria Cornejo combined with shades of gray trousers , a sweater of gray tones Zero + Maria Cornejo and light gray ankle boots with heels from Zero + Maria Cornejo.
Coats in the style of grunge grass -green combined with a dark blue knit hat , sweater cobalt tones with animal pattern bag red color and high brown boots on a solid track. Coats in the style of grunge light green tones , combined with a plaid dress colors blue colors, stylish handbag in black , decorated with studs , black boots and a broad -heeled shoes .

coat in the English style (frock coat)

riding jacket or coat in the English style has semilying silhouette and double-breasted button closure.The characteristic trait - English collar.In the manufacture of such outerwear today use traditional materials, such as wool, cashmere, tweed, or artificial.

Black frock coat with a thin belt of A. Detacher combined with a dress of blue- orange tones A. Detacher sandals and a dark shade of blue on the heels of A. Detacher. Frock coat of dark gray color with a fur collar by Timo Weiland combined with short dress blue tone Timo Weiland, a black hat and boots in black and white color on a solid course Timo Weiland. Frock coat in the spring with a thin black belt and a length below the knee from the new collection Tocca combined with classic black tone shoes with heels from Tocca.
Pink frock coat length below the knee in conjunction with a blouse of gray tones with a thin pink belt, blue-and- white skirt , purse, sky-blue hue and stylish dark purple boots with heels . Coats for autumn frock coat light brown shade with a fur collar , combined with a black knitted cap , bag black and high boots, gray- black tones. White frock tone knee-length combined with short dress lilac shade beige scarf and high boots , light gray .

is important to note that this style looks wonderful on any figure, emphasizing its advantages in a favorable light, and hide minor flaws.Designers are advised to combine riding jacket with a skirt or trousers in a classic style.

Frock coat of dark gray tones combined with a multi-colored dress, clutch Handbags beige color and gray sandals wedges . Frock coat red- pink color combined with a translucent blouse burgundy tones colored skirt , a handbag and sandals emerald hue aqua high heels.

Depending on the cut of the top of the coat under it select the most suitable accessories.With classic style are perfectly combined volume scarves worn underneath.Also good emphasize femininity and elegance of the garment are small, sophisticated hats in the style of 20-ies.

Coats in the style of PIN-up

Another fashion trend of the next season is the retro coat.This can be called the return of the post-war era femininity 40s of the last century.Outerwear, created in a cheerful and frivolous style PIN-up, found today in most fashion houses.At first sight of a coat can not be overlooked nice coloring, cell, and focus on the waist and elegant female form.

Demi coat style PIN -up floor-length light gray tones with floral prints and a thin belt of the Louis Vuitton handbag , combined with gray , decorated with fur , Louis Vuitton sandals and a light purple hue on the heels of Louis Vuitton. Coats in the style of PIN -up for autumn gray- brown color with a thin belt from the collection of Marc Jacobs in conjunction with a handbag checkered red tones Marc Jacobs and copper-colored shoes with heels Marc Jacobs. Coats in the style of PIN -up beige shade length above the knee of a new collection of Valentin Yudashkin , combined with the classic white shoes with high heels by Valentin Yudashkin.

draw attention to the fact that many designers have created such a coat, a fashion reminiscent of the most middle of the XX century.Such clothing will always look stylish and feminine effectively, attracting the attention of others.

Coats in the style of PIN -up cream and beige hues combined with orange blouse , beige shorts , handbag pink tones and closed shoes coral shade on a solid track. Coats in the style of PIN -up light pink color combined with a skirt of red and black colors , sweater white tones with an abstract pattern and open on a wide -heeled boots .


bestselling styles coat in 2015, is also a raglan.Its main feature - cut sleeves, which are integral with the shoulder.Note that this cut was invented at the time when the notice that the seams outerwear soak in rainy weather.Because of this, there is a discomfort in the shoulder area.Do as raglan collar stand.And the length of the entire product line usually reaches his knees.

Raglan in the fall of the royal blue color length above the knee in conjunction with classic trousers in black. Demi raglan gray tones combined with a short black dress and black high heels . Raglan in the spring of dark gray color with pockets in combination with a white shirt , black pants , black sneakers and a bag of black.
Raglan in the autumn sky blue color , combined with a multi-colored blouse , black trousers , black tone handbag and boots on a solid track. Demi raglan chocolate hue with pockets in combination with pullover bright blue tones , white pants , handbag aqua and white and brown sneakers . Raglan asphalt color Knee-length combined with classic trousers and gray tones of golden brown shoes with heels .

In the new season, designers offer a variety of options for such a coat with bright colors and trendy prints.Each girl can choose a frock coat to taste.

duffle coat

Thanks to the English designer, the world saw the coat called duffle coat.Today, this model looks the same as before.The main features spacious called cut, mounted hinges and clasp on large buttons.Also characteristic is the kind of coat sleeves having a length of ¾ and a standard version of the hood.

Duffle coat of dark red tones combined with a blouse light gray color , leopard print scarf , black trousers and high boots pale brown on a solid track. Duffle coat Coats brown combined with knitted pullover gray tones , bright blue jeans , handbag red hue and suede black shoes on a small heel .
Duffle coat of dark blue color , combined with a cap of gray and pink colors , shirt colors of coral , blue jean shorts and black boots on a wide -heeled shoes . Demi coat duffle coat of dark red color in combination with beige blouse tone sulfur trousers , black purse and boots , ugg light brown.

note that the length of this outerwear is never lower than the hips.This handy short jacket style is visually reminiscent of sailors.In the season 2015 differs duffle coat pockets and fashionable colors (usually blue shades).

Coat black duffle coat with fur trim from Tommy Hilfiger , combined with trousers of black tones Tommy Hilfiger, black hat and high-heeled sandals Tommy Hilfiger. Black duffle coat with patch pockets tone of the new collection of Tommy Hilfiger in conjunction with knitted black hat Tommy Hilfiger and high black boots with heels from Tommy Hilfiger.

This version of the coat in the fall made of wool pile fabrics with lining, usually made of checkered fabric.Today is also used leather and fur lining.Designers are advised to combine a coat with sporty trousers or jeans.

Trench coat

Another famous model female coat - Burberry trench coat or.In the autumn-winter season this year, an element of the wardrobe combines traditional beige plaschёvki with transparent waterproof parts.For a change, designers have used innovation: decoration pattern across the canvas dress in numerous hearts, coat with fur on the sleeves (short nap) and predominantly burgundy color.

Demi coat trench coat milky length above the knee from APCcombined with a handbag animal prints APCsneakers and white tones APC Coat trench coat for autumn yellow- black tones with a thin belt from Burberry Prorsum Collection in conjunction with a leopard print handbag and pumps from Burberry Prorsum. Trench coat for spring color of cappuccino with a thin silver belt from Burberry Prorsum handbag combined with a golden hue Burberry Prorsum and pumps from Burberry Prorsum.
Trenchkom dark red color with a wide belt from the collection Felder Felder combined with tones of red hat Felder Felder and black heels Felder Felder. Black trench coat with gold buttons and a thin belt of Juicy Couture , combined with trousers leopard print , purple bag with gold studs Juicy Couture shoes and black-and- beige shade heels Juicy Couture. Trench coat of silvery tone with a thin belt of the Juicy Couture collection in conjunction with scarf black - red color , brown handbag Juicy Couture, classic blue jeans and black boots with heels by Juicy Couture.

fashionable today are different options trench.It is important that it meets the tastes of the owner and perform their practical duties.

Coats trechkot red combined with a multi-colored dress, clutch Handbags beige color and black boots milky on a wide -heeled shoes . Trench coat for spring black color combined with a black handbag colors and fashionable black boots for a wide heel.

Coats Cape

Lineup today diversifies cape coat or cape.From his previous seasons distinguish different textures and patterns.This style resembles a coat for autumn coat with sleeves sewn.This volume cape, made in a variety of colors, fur, tweed or leather found in many well-known designers.

The coat - length black cape below the knee from the collection of Antonio Berardi in conjunction with short dress asphalt shade Antonio Berardi boots and black tones on the heels Antonio Berardi. The coat - cape of gray from Band of Outsiders in sochetnii knitted cap with asphalt tint , black and white blouse Band of Outsiders, capris gray tones and black boots with heels Band of Outsiders. The coat - cape in the fall with blue pockets of new collection Chloe dress combined with black tones with a thin belt and black boots Chloe heels of Chloe.
Demi coat - cape yellow tones from Victoria Andreyanova combined with matching coat dress Victoria Andreyanova and pumps white from Victoria Andreyanova. The coat - length black cape below the knee from Vilshenko combined with translucent black blouse , black skirt direct Vilshenko tone and black heels from Vilshenko. The coat - cape in dark blue tones of the collection Vilshenko in combination with royal blue color blouse , black trousers Vilshenko and classic black shoes with heels Vilshenko.

With a coat-cape, you can always look stylish, romantic and at the same time traditional.Note also the convenience, warmth and luxury model.Especially actually coats for ladies who prefer romance and tenderness.

In season 2015 this style becomes more voluminous, reminding clothes a couple of sizes larger.Such billowing cape became a hit on the shows fashion houses.

Cape Coat the floor of gray Vilshenko combined with a long dress of gray tones with a floral pattern Vilshenko and classic black heels Vilshenko. Long coat , black cape with fur trim on Vilshenko combined with a dress of black tones on the floor Vilshenko and black high heels on Vilshenko. Coats Cape burgundy shade from the new collection Vilshenko combined with a dress of gray tones and floral prints Vilshenko and shoes light gray shade on the heels Vilshenko.

fashionable women's coat symbolizes the new season style, rhythm, elegance and femininity at the same time extraordinary.Such outerwear best give all the lines and curves of the female body.Thanks to its cut, coat visually lengthens the form, making them slimmer.Of course, not everything is so strict and elaborate in this kind of clothing.Designers' offer various models and styles, from what fashionable coat made available to all women.

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