Models and styles of coats for girls

Each girl is shaping the future woman.And all parents want their child absorbed the best of the world.Naturally, this also applies to clothing.Choosing a girl stylish and fashionable clothes, you are planting it in early childhood right taste, which in the future will be reflected in her manners and preferences.

Now we will talk to you about autumn and winter coat for girls.They already formed in childhood a certain taste.Be sure to consider it.At this time, there are many many different styles coat for little fashionistas, which are made of natural materials such as cotton and fleece.

fashionable style coat for girls

Currently styles and colors proposed models coats just wonder their diversity and uniqueness.Consider some of them.

direct child coat suitable for everyday life, and for "the publication."The best material for his tailoring - a cashmere.It is warm, comfortable and looks rich.Under it, you can wear as a trouser suit and dress outlet.

Coats for girls knee-length straight style blue-violet color , decorated with big bright buttons and a wide belt . Cashmere coats for girls direct style length just above the knees soft pink hue , decorated with a bow to match coat and black fur cuffs and collar. Coats for girls directly below the knee length style coral tones combined with black pants and high boots creamy on a solid track.

cashmere winter coat for girls most often a bright palette, but you may well choose and classic shades such as dark brown, gray or beige.If you decide not to buy a coat for everyday life, but only for certain cases, you can pay attention to the color white.

Baby coat semiadherent silhouette will look very nice on the girl.It turns it into a small lady.There are some styles that have a belt looks in the form of a bow.Most often it has zip button.Under this model is best to wear a dress or skirt with a blouse.

Semiadherent coat for girls above the knee length coral shades , decorated with colored pattern in conjunction with boots in black and purple tones . Coats for girls semiadherent silhouette bright pink color , decorated with embossed abstract pattern combined with black pants and high black lacquer boots . Coats for girls semiadherent style asphalt tint and knee-length combined with slippers silver-white tone .

adjacent coat suitable for slim girls.It is both short and long.Stand Collar.Short, just above the knees, wearing a coat worth trousers.But under a long dress can be any clothes.

Coats for girls adjoining silhouette length up to the knees and coral tones , decorated with a wide belt and fur inserts , combined with boots in black on a solid track. Adjacent coat for girls length just above the knees , purple and decorated with a wide belt, abstract pattern and fur hood , combined with autumn boots blacks . Coats for Girls Fall adjoining style silver- blue hue with a wide belt and fur collar , coupled with sky-blue jeans and sneakers tone silver color.

Baby coat trapezoidal recommended for girls with corpulent forms.It will beautify and give charm to your fashionista.The color scheme is not limited.Its length above the knee or foot.Most often performed sleeves with cuffs.Fasteners - buttons, collar round shape.

Coats for girls trapezoidal style knee-length pink , decorated with wavy braid, in conjunction with a hat to match the coat. The trapezoid coat for girls purple color with a color pattern , combined with shades of purple beret and high fur boots snow-white tones . Coats for Girls spring trapezoidal dark gray tones , decorated pockets and big buttons , combined with matching beret coat and high black boots .

models Winter coat for girls

Winter - it is the year in which just need to keep my child from hypothermia.To do this, pick up the necessary, practical and fashionable warm winter coat for girls, which will be worn for a long time and the like.Designers have made a variety of stylish coat for little fashionistas.

Coats for Girls winter milky and knee-length , complemented by a wide belt and fur collar black. Leather coat for girls in the winter color of cappuccino and a knee-length , decorated with abstract pattern and fur inserts cream tones , combined with a clutch to match coat and black boots . Coats for Girls Winter purple- orange color and a fur hood in combination with jeans blue tones and high boots asphalt shade.
Winter coat for girls chocolate cream shade with a fur hood in combination with blue jeans and high boots marsh tone . Coats for Girls, winter light gray tones , decorated with fur collar and wide belt , combined with violet- gray scarf , cap gray shades and high white boots . Winter coat for girls light purple hue , complemented by design and fur hood , combined with black pants and high boots, gray- black tones .
Coats for Girls, winter blue and with a fur hood in conjunction with scarf blue-gray color , blue jeans and high boots white tones . Winter coat for girls pink knee-length fur decorated with red accents , combined with the shoes of silver-white tone . Coats for Girls winter orange knee-length , added pockets and fur inserts , combined with a cap in the same style , and closed shoes chocolate color.

cashmere coats for the girls will surely give elegance, beauty, and at the same time perfectly warm in the winter.Many models to the sleeves sewn cuff, which provides heat retention and dryness of clothes your child.

shaped a lot - a coat with a collar, with hood, flared, close-fitting, with a collar and without it, and so on.Perfect in winter weather and drab coats for girls.It warms and creates a beautiful image.

Note that coat for winter, wearing after the season, it is better to hand over to the dry cleaners and stored away from sunlight and moisture.

Demi children's coats

demi coat is designed to be worn in the fall or spring, so it should not be too warm.Most often, parents buy their children coats than one season.Therefore it is necessary to purchase it at 2-3 size larger, because children grow quickly.This does not affect the appearance of the girls, as often a coat tied with a strap.

autumn coat for girls is better to choose bright colors.Material that fits well, light and beautiful - it's cashmere.The most important distinction it is considered that it does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

also perfect for Demi wearing a knitted coat for girls.More often than not it is included in cap and scarf.Choose it possible for girls with any figure.

Demi coat for girls coral color , complemented by decorative flowers and fur collar , combined with black pants and high boots light brown tones . Coats for girls in the fall or spring colors melange gray- brown tones and decorated with blue buttons in conjunction with slippers chocolate hue. Demi coat for girls bright blue knee-length tones combined with high boots in black.
Coats for girls in the spring or autumn melange colors blue shades and decorated pockets , combined with jeans gray. Direct demi-season coats for girls dark gray tone knee-length and enlarged white openwork collar combined with the shoes of silver-white color. Demi coat for girls gray- brown tone length above the knee , decorated with fur inserts and big buttons .

Colours coat for girls

girlish clothes, usually full of pink shades.And more often than mothers when buying pay attention on this color.But we hasten to inform you that this year's trendy colors are orange and blue hues.Girls between 10 and 12 years fashion designers have picked up a red-wine-tone coat.According to them, these shades are very suitable for children of teenage age.

Coats for Girls Fall grass- green shade length above the knee in conjunction with rubber boots dark blue tones and gray umbrella. Coats for Girls winter plum shade with a fur collar , and in conjunction with knitted scarf gray- brown color and high boots, green and brown tones .

very important when buying baby clothes, pay attention to its strength.Children are active and need to acquire practical clothes for them.

How to choose a coat for girls

course, you must pay attention to the material from which the coat is sewn on the style and color.It should not be just beautiful but also practical.

Winter coat for girls and black fur collar , combined with knitted black scarf , burgundy pants , black jacket with a pattern , gray gloves and rubber boots green colors. Demi coat for girls beige hues combined with a dress dark blue hue , knitted beret scarf matching coat and rubber boots white with red accents and abstract pattern .

If the coat is slightly stained, it is best to clean it with a dry cloth or brush.

Most often parents choose their children a model with a hood, as it is this attribute of the child and protects against rain and wind.And it's the right decision.But at present there are a lot of options coats that will not allow the child to catch a cold.In winter, better to buy drab and cashmere coat.If you choose outerwear on warmer time of the year, the note knitwear and coats, ponchos.These cuts do not hold down movements and they can be put under any clothes.