Coat with fur

This season coats with fur was significantly displace the bulky coats and jackets.It gives its owner greater sophistication and charm.Due to the fashion trends of world trends our offer a huge variety of coat patterns, for both adults and children.

Models coat with fur

Fur has long been considered a decoration of intellectuals and people with high social status.Currently, it is available to everyone.And the designers have tried to please anyone, even the most capricious taste.

fur sew this beautiful coat is used the most diverse: Pestsovoye, mink, rabbit, fox fur, fox and astrakhan.And the material is taken cashmere, leather, brocade or gabardine.Let us consider some of the popular models of fur coats.
Never comb wet fur and fur keep the product near a heat-generating objects.

Coats with fur blue -green blouse combined with a grass - green tone , short skirt melange colors , black and green leather gloves , a handbag with a floral pattern and golden shoes black on average heel . A short coat with fur leopard-print blouse in combination with the burgundy color , straight black skirt with a textured pattern , the classic clutch black color and tone suede red high heels.
Coats with fur for winter milky and knee-length combined with white leather gloves and suede ankle boots brown- green tone heels . Women coat with white fur length below the knee in conjunction with a black hat , blouse dark -green , checkered pants fashionable prints black-and- blue colors, black ladies

O-shaped version of the coat

very elegant and looks nice on-figurative winter coat with fur on the female figure.It is very similar shaped uniform and more often this dress has a detachable collar.Long Sleeves can tuck because it has a soft flap.

Demi coat with a fur - shaped silhouette of the marsh- green hue from the collection of Assembly in conjunction with the black beret Assembly and closed shoes gray and black tones of the Assembly. Multi-colored coat with a fur -type of style of BCBG Max Azria dress combined with black and white tones BCBG Max Azria, a gray cap BCBG Max Azria and classic shoes black by BCBG Max Azria. Coats with fur - shaped silhouette of a gray- black from the collection of BCBG Max Azria , combined with a long blouse black tones with an abstract pattern BCBG Max Azria, a black knitted cap , a skirt to the floor a light gray tint and black heels by BCBG Max Azria.
Coats with fur in the autumn - shaped silhouette of the black-and- white colors of the collection Bibhu Mohapatra , combined with translucent hat Bibhu Mohapatra and black sandals tone wedges of Bibhu Mohapatra. Coats with fur for winter O- style dark blue colors from the collection of Zero + Maria Cornejo in combination with pullover plaid colors black and blue tint Zero + Maria Cornejo, black leather trousers and boots with stylish blue Zero + Maria Cornejo. Coats with fur for winter - shaped silhouette of the saturated pink color of Carven in conjunction with the black-and- white scarf Carven hue and tone of black ankle boots Wedge from Carven.

Direct coat with fur

stylish and sophisticated fur coat with long replaced the bulky outerwear.Sewed it from all sorts of materials and fur, as well as have a different texture.Most often it is used for such fur as mink, fox, sheepskin, fox and sable.

Coats with fur for winter light brown straight silhouette of the new collection Alena Akhmadullina combined with blue and white jumpsuit with a wide belt color , red knitted hat and shoes Alena Akhmadullina sky blue tone heels of Alena Akhmadullina. Straight coat with fur reddish- brown hue of Alena Akhmadullina in conjunction with cobalt -colored knitted cardigan Alena Akhmadullina, straight skirt plum tones , cream-colored bag with fashionable prints and checkered shoes copper tone in the middle of the heel Alena Akhmadullina. Coats with fur direct style for the winter dark gray from Bally
Coats with fur direct style black and brown color from Belstaff in conjunction with the clutch on a chain black Belstaff and high boots in black and brown tones from Belstaff. Long coat with fur straight silhouette in black and white colors of the new collection Blumarine in combination with ankle boots in black on a solid course of Blumarine. Straight coat with fur dark gray shade of Brandon Sun , combined with purple scarf Brandon Sun, classic trousers blacks Brandon Sun , and black ankle boots with high heels Brandon Sun.

adjacent silhouette

Extravagant leather coat with fur-fitting shape, emphasize all the advantages, and the fur is warm in any weather.Such clothing is water and the wind, so you can safely put on it in rainy weather.Adjacent long coat is best worn with boots with heels, it will undoubtedly give a charm.

Female black coat with fur in winter by a close fitting style Altuzarra combined with classic white blouse , a straight skirt to the knee in black Altuzarra, scarf bright orange hue and closed shoes with checkered prints of Altuzarra. A short coat with fur close fitting style brown by Azzaro , combined with trousers Azzaro gold-tone and black high -heeled suede boots by Azzaro. The fitted coat with fur knee-length black from the new collection Balenciaga combined with straight black trousers and boots Balenciaga gray- black tones in the middle of the heel Balenciaga.
The fitted coat - jacket with fur black and white with a thin belt from the new collection Bally Coats with fur for winter fitted silhouette gray with a thin belt from the collection of Band of Outsiders , combined with the original cap blue-gray tones of Band of Outsiders , and black patent leather boots Band of Outsiders. The fitted style coat with fur gray- black tones of Bibhu Mohapatra , combined with the blue hat poluprazrachnoy Bibhu Mohapatra, handbag gray and creamy Bibhu Mohapatra, trousers and sandals milky black and white colors on a platform sole .

Tapered style coat

This style will suit a woman with luxurious forms.Most often it is sewn with wide arms and ¾ flared at the bottom.If a woman has a full figure, it is nor any other, hide flaws and adds a unique elegance and charm

Coats with fur trapezoidal silhouette gray- beige tones of the collection Bally Coats with fur trapezoidal style white with black trim from Bally Coats with fur trapezoidal style black and white tones with a wide belt from the Brandon Sun , combined with the dress chocolate hue Brandon Sun and ankle boots black high-heeled Brandon Sun.
A short coat with fur trapezoidal silhouette red from the new collection Holly Fulton , combined with a short skirt black tones Holly Fulton, checkered blouse with color prints and black boots on a solid course of Holly Fulton. The trapezoid coat with fur creamy brown color of J. Mendel , combined with trousers in black J. Mendel, pitch black leather handbag and shoes grass -green high-heeled shoes from J. Mendel. Coats with fur in the fall trapezoidal style cream-colored collection of Kate Spade , combined with a hat milk tones Kate Spade, trousers with leopard print handbags pale pink Kate Spade color and black and white shoes with heels of Kate Spade.

Do not store your fur coat in a plastic bag, it must be stored in hard cover at23 degrees in a ventilated area.And in any case does not stack furs each other, it is a very negative impact on their quality.

Palette Fashionable coat with fur

most fashionable colors were recognized classics - black, gray and white.It allowed them to blend with hints of olive, beige, red, etc.Deep blue tone conquered the podium for several years and this year it has not lost its relevance.
Black and gray cashmere coat with fur holds a leading position.Some of the designers in this model element wardrobe add neon "lighting", they do not hurt the eyes, adding juicy shades of that color.

Coats with fur gray- brown color , combined with blue jeans , a brown bag , knitted cap in dark blue tones and high gloves light brown. Demi coat with fur dark gray color with a thin belt in combination with pink color blouse , short black shorts , black handbag colors and trendy ankle boots with heels . Coats with fur in winter light brown color combined with a black knit cap , black handbag colors and high boots on a solid track.
Black coat with fur knee-length in conjunction with the trouser suit black and white colors and ankle boots in black on a solid track. Coats with fur in the autumn pink long below the knee in conjunction with pitch black handbag and ankle boots with heels in black. Coats with fur creamy pink color combined with a black cap , a long dress of black and white tones and stylish black boots wedges .
Coats with fur in the spring brown horizontal pattern and colors combined with high leather boots chocolate brown shade on average heel . A short coat with fur bog -green combined with blue jeans , clutches dark blue and black boots with heels tone . Coats with fur in the spring above the knee length blue- black tones with a thin belt , combined with fashionable black boots with high heels.

length fur coats

This year, the designers offer a variety of product length: short coat-jacket to a long and rigorous.For those who can not afford the product with natural fur, created similar models coat of faux fur of any length and sewing.

is important to understand the purpose for which you get a robe.The most popular length just above or below Cullen.Such variations are visually stretched shape.Long classical model with natural fur suit women of any age.Such a style of coat has side slits and allowed stand collar or hood.

A short coat with fur dark gray combined with melange colors blouse , dark blue jeans and black boots tones on wide heel . Coats with fur for winter leopard combined with leather pants brown tone handbag red- brown color , and brown boots on a small heel .
Coats with fur in the fall black dress combined with black and pink colors, clutch gray- black color with a textured pattern and stylish pink shoes on the big heels. Coats with fur for winter milky combined with a light gray knit hat , handbag and boots golden tones of gray- black color with an abstract pattern on a wide -heeled shoes .

Shorter coat is in the shape of a trapezoid or straight.It is undesirable to select fragile woman of medium height with a long coat to the knee.Visually, a coat will be shortened even more growth.

large women do not buy a model in the form of a bag, better flared to the bottom of the coat.Those who follow the fashion trends, we should pay attention to the coat-dress with a fur collar, knee length.Such clothing line emphasizes the waist, shoulders, hips and hides the flaws.This style emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and catches the eye of men.

advise not to buy a coat in tight, it must sit freely on the figure.

popular among young people oval silhouette coat.The fur is usually located on the edge of the sleeves and hem, stand collar.

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