The palette of colors for hair Schwarzkopf

palette of colors for hair Schwarzkopf - Schwarzkopf - is striking in its diversity.The company produces a large number of hair dyes that are excellent value for money and quality.

The palette of colors schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf)

assortment of colors Schwarzkopf - Schwarzkopf - includes:

  • Persistent cream paint Palette - Pallet.The palette of colors Schwarzkopf Palette - Schwarzkopf Pallet - allows you to find your own unique hue, thanks to the wide choice of colors.Pallet not only colors the hair, but also takes care of them.As a result, hair is shiny, well-groomed and shiny.

Hair Dye Schwarzkopf palette (Schwarzkopf Pallet)

  • Deluxe (Deluxe).This is the first ink, which includes seven oils and high color pigments.Schwarzkopf color palette is rich in various shades - you can any color, from the ashen hair to purple.
Schwarzkopf deluxe
  • Salon Colors - Colors Salon.The palette of colors was developed with the participation of professional colorists podium.It is designed for creating rich and very resistant shades, as well as an incredible shine.
Hair Dye Colors Salon - Salon Colors
  • Palette (Pallet) fitoliniya.This paint is different low ammonia content.It is also rich in natural marine collagen.As a result, the hair healthy, strong and well-maintained.Schwarzkopf Palette colors include a wide range of natural shades from light brown natural hair color to a deep brown.
  • Palette Color & amp; Gloss - Pallet Color Glos.Paint-Care for the juicy, radiant color.It contains macadamia nut oil, which preserves the structure of the hair coloring process.
Palette Color
  • toning gel.This dye does not contain any ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.Wash off after 8 times the use of detergents.Schwarzkopf Palette colors represented 10 shades.
  • Paint-mousse.New from the company Schwarzkopf.It is enough to shake the package several times and put the resulting mousse to the hair.The result - lasting color and groomed shiny hair.
Persistent cream paint schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf)


Arina, 34 years old: Recently decided to try to lighten your hair yourself.Acquired in-store paint-mousse from Shvartskop.I liked the result - to lighten hair 4-5 tones.The paint does not flow perfectly distributed!

Daria, 43 years: a long time, use a paint Palette, I like value for money, as well as the condition of the hair after dyeing.

Pauline, 56 years old: As soon as the first family noticed a gray hair, immediately bought the paint Shvartskop.Since it does not change.Shiny hair after dyeing and the color lasts about a month.