Syoss Professional - palette of colors for hair

palette of colors Syoss (Sos) Professional impresses with its diversity.Any representative of the fairer sex is easily chosen a shade that can transform the image beyond recognition.Whether it's brown hair color, fiery red or natural brown - it's all possible with paint Syoss.Now you can get professional care and staining without leaving home!

The palette of colors for hair Syoss (Sos)

Sos color palette presented in several products for hair coloring:

  • Baseline - is a professional quality for stable result.The palette of colors Syoss - Sos - can be divided into four kinds of shades: light, brown, red, black.When you create a baseline Sos developed a highly effective formula that is able to fix the intense color pigments so deep that sated hair color persists for more than a month.
  • line clarifiers.Sos color palette designed to lighten presented in three ways: a strong bleach, intense and average.Now, professional lighting and is available at home.Clarifying particles gently neutralize the color pigment of hair, so there is no yellow color after dyeing.
  • line Syoss PRONature - Sos Proneycher - designed to to create a natural shade of hair: blond, brown, red, dark.This paint contains in its structure a minimal amount of ammonia and gingko extracts and aloe vera, making your hair after coloring, soft, shiny and healthy

The palette of colors Syoss (Sos) professional.


  • line Syoss Mixing Colors - Sos Mixing Colors.This trend was invented to create a multi-faceted, shimmering shades of hair after coloring.The structure consists of two dye inks - basic and intense, which is obtained by mixing a unique, rich and trendy color.The palette of colors Syoss Mixing Colors - Sos Mixing Colors - allows you to create a bright, saturated colors, from brown hair to the color of caramel blond.

The palette of colors Syoss (Sos)


Marianne, 23 years old: I tried the novelty of Soss Mixing Colors (Sos Mixing Colors) - I love it!Salon painting houses, and all for 200 rubles!Now I will always use this paint!

Tatiana, 46 years: Paint Soss I liked the perfect balance of price and quality.Now I do not need to spend 1,500 rubles for regular painting appearing gray hair.

Natalia, 34 years old: I tried to lighten up in the home.Risked - I was pleased with the result.Painting Soss I liked the lack of yellow color and quality moisturizing hair, thanks to the air conditioning, which comes bundled.