Henna Hair: coloring, shades reviews

Henna has always been popular among women, who appreciate the good care of the hair and the most used means of naturalness.Henna - a completely natural ingredient obtained from crushed dried leaves of a particular bush that grows in India, North Africa and Egypt.At the same time, depending on the application of henna: whether it will take part in the hair painting or as a coloring agent for applying tattoos (mehndi, body art), using different parts of the bush.
Henna besides beautiful color has a number of useful and even medicinal properties.From a medical point of view, henna - a great healing wounds, it can relieve headaches, to treat ulcers.Thanks to the B vitamins, it helps the skin to breathe, creates a hair conditioning effect, but also affects the structure of the hair, strengthening them.
has long been believed that henna can prevent dandruff or to significantly reduce the amount it gives hair a rich natural color and healthy shine.

A variety of henna allows to choose the desired color for any woman!

Diversity Henna makes it possible to choose the desired color for any woman!

Hair coloring henna

believed that using hair coloring Henna can only get a variety of shades of red or copper color.However, with proper and correct combination of henna with other natural products / components can achieve a variety of colors, ranging from light to blue-black.
example, to result in a reddish , henna powder should be diluted before painting not hot water, and hot red wine.
saturated purple hue , which will sparkle beautifully in the sun, can be obtained by adding the heated fresh beet juice henna (instead of hot water).
Noble dark shades obtained when mixing henna on natural coffee.In addition, x and y may be combined with basmoj - other natural dye, which is derived from the indigo plant.Basma good to add, if you have a lot of gray hair as it promotes better staining them.To achieve
golden light colors henna can be diluted chamomile extract or turmeric
After dilution henna powder in one of these components is desirable to add to the mix a few drops of essential oil.Thanks to him, the paint will fall evenly on your hair will become silky and after dyeing.

Natural components give health and strength to the hair!

Natural components give health and strength to the hair!

Instructions henna hair coloring

henna hair dye you will need 40-50 grams of henna powder (for short and medium hair) to 200 grams (for long hair)

  • if your hair is normal or dry,the day before staining make mask nutritious home-based hair oils.This will prevent excessive dryness of the hair after dyeing with henna.
  • henna powder is diluted with hot water (or wine, lemon juice, beet juice) to the consistency of thick cream.This is about 1 cup 1-2 tablespoonsHenna.Stir the mixture to no more lumps, cool to warm temperatures.
  • throw with a protective film on your clothes, wear special gloves.To avoid dyed leather at the junction with the hair, you can miss the mark this area with a fat cream.
  • mixture of henna applied with a brush on a clean dry hair, as in conventional dyeing, making frequent partings and carefully prokrashivaya hair.You should begin with the occipital area.After the application of henna can comb the hair over the entire length to evenly distribute the paint, pick them up, fix.Be sure to cover the top cap or polyethylene and wrap a towel.Coloring quality henna much better disclosed in a warm environment.

Average holding time of henna on the hair of 1-1.5, but this time, you can bring up to 2-3 hours.If you are only interested in the therapeutic effect of henna, the mixture can stand on your head for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.Wash the hair after dyeing with henna only warm water without the addition of shampoo!Rinse hair should be as long as the flowing water is clear.

results henna for hair coloring: photos before and after

Oriental beauties know how to emphasize the magic and charm of women!

Orientalbeauties know how to emphasize the magic and charm of women!

Iranian henna

Iranian henna went on sale for a long time, even during the Soviet era, when it was one of the most popular means of conversion itself, changing hair color.it has always been considered effective, giving usually reddish tint and significantly improves the overall condition of the hair.However, at the moment she can to give that appears in the open sale of Indian henna.

Indian henna

appeared later a well-known Iranian henna, won the sympathy of many fans of natural and safe hair dye.Indian henna is considered to be of higher quality, grind it finer and therefore the dilution it forms a homogeneous slurry, is easily applied and washed off.

addition, Indian henna tint gamma richer and more varied: there is a shade of Burgundy, swallowtail, honey, light brown.

Shades of henna hair

Today there are quite a variety of shades of henna, which, as mentioned above, you can further adjust or diversify through a variety of components that dilute henna.
So besides the traditional Iranian henna, which gives a variety of reddish and copper shades , you can buy Indian henna.Indian henna can be black shade , or shade of dark chocolate, there is also the color of mahogany , burgundy , chocolate brown and even golden .
Despite the name of the color, which can mean the packaging, it may not always coincide with the end result (depending on the original color, you have painted hair by chemical means, the structure of the hair).
enjoys a premium colorless Iranian henna , which has an extremely revitalizing, firming effect on the hair without giving them shade.It has a positive effect on hair and is exclusively natural products, which makes it possible to use them regularly and take care of hair.

White henna hair

sale can be found the so-called white henna , which helps to discolor hair.However, it should be careful, as this component has nothing to do with natural henna, and is a chemical drug, usually negatively affects the state and appearance of the hair.

The effect of henna dye - beautiful healthy shiny hair

effect henna dye - beautiful healthy shiny hair

hair after dyeing with henna

hair after dyeing with henna are right touch thicker, thicker, stronger.They gain a healthy glow and a natural pleasant shade.
To avoid increased dryness of the hair after dyeing with henna can energize their oil per day prior to staining or 2-3 days after coloring to make a mask on the basis of oil and egg yolk.

Video : Master class: how to dye your hair with henna.A detailed description of the components and the process of applying the mixture to the hair!

How to dye your hair with henna

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Reviews of henna hair

Svetlana, 34 years : a long time ago I use henna as a natural means of toning and firming effect is noticed only for the nature of my fine hair!Receive and beautiful tone, and healthy hair!
Maria, 48 years old : henna began to enjoy after noticed that the chemical coloring hair has become hard and brittle.I came back to this proven natural remedies that I know and trust.Hair lived and purchased a beautiful color.
Natalia, 27 years : after dyeing with henna hair looks healthy and strong.Sometimes, however, feel that they are becoming more dry and hard.But modern natural balms-rinse quickly solve this problem.But nice shade shimmers in the sun and looks very natural on the hair!

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Hair Care (CH1) -Okrashivanie henna hair (before and after)

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