Causes of age spots on the skin

The term "dark spots" is meant patchy skin changes, manifested change in the degree of its pigmentation.The appearance of age spots are accompanied by a variety of diseases that differ in appearance reasons, structural features and methods of stain treatment.

pigmentation disorders of the skin are quite frequent cause of treatment to cosmetology.More about this issue, read the article: Brown spots, which discussed in detail the issues of their treatment and prevention.

Dark spots

Brown spots

in cosmetology for their removal is used a variety of methods: laser treatment, chemical peeling, mesotherapy skin, biorevitalization, whitening mask and so on. But for the treatment of pigmented spots to be effective, you must first understandthe causes that caused the emergence particular spot.Only then can you start treatment.

formation of pigment spots by several factors.

Firstly, it is hormonal changes.The most common spots appear after the age of forty years, but can also be formed at a younger age - often in women on the background of pregnancy or taking contraceptives.

Second - exposure to UV light (exposure to the sun or in the solarium).

Contributing factors to the appearance of age spots found to prolonged stress, increased nervous and psychological stress, lack of vitamin C. In addition, the appearance of age spots and contribute to some drugs, as is usually prevented in the summary.There are also cases of skin pigmentation due to the use of poor-quality cosmetics.

most common cause of age spots is recognized as "wear and tear" of the body with age, in particular the endocrine system, liver, and the skin itself.So often these spots are called "senile" or "liver".In aging skin, some cells begin to produce and store the pigment melanin in the sun more than it is needed.In addition, the replacement of old cells young starting to happen slowly, so no special procedures are delayed pigment spots on the skin for a long time, but very often - forever.In many respects, such a breach in the skin occurs due to the fact that with age, worse start working the liver and kidneys, and to compensate for this is necessary to strengthen the skin excretory function.Harmful substances, excreted through the skin, a negative effect on her.In particular, the cells of the skin "settle" free radicals disrupt the structure of DNA and the synthesis of proteins.

contributes to the appearance of pigment spots hormonal changes the body, occurring after forty years.In women it is expressed more clearly, but now experts say that both men about the same age is a kind of analogue of menopause.

In most cases, age spots are just a cosmetic defect, but sometimes can mask skin cancer.Therefore, before any whitening procedures, you must consult a beautician or dermatologist.