Fimo Nail Design

time restrained colors and repetitive forms of the past, along with cold weather today in fashion brightness, originality and, of course, creativity - in particular this applies to manicure.Therefore, materials for nail design should be chosen original and not dull, for example ... polymer clay.

Fimo Nail design pictured

Fimo Nail design pictured

Do not be surprised because of artificial clay-based plastics, also known as Fimo and made funny and sometimes very realistic image that can turn your manicure in picturesque applique.Needlewoman has long chosen this soft, pliable material, but in fact it is a nail newcomer.Nevertheless, many ladies have mastered this kind of design, and are in no hurry to change it for any other.

Still, after a little imagination and Fimo - and polish "bloom" buketnye candy, fruit and berry, and virtual-smaylovyh composition from which the eyes do not tear.The choice is huge figures, their placement options are countless, but before the winds started up manicure "crafts", make sure you are not allergic to certain substances, which are part of polymer clay.If all goes well, you can start rukotvorchestvu in the truest sense of the word.

To begin to prepare all necessary: ​​

  • nail files,
  • pusher,
  • ultraviolet lamp,
  • gel,
  • Fimo nail.

First of all to file your nails to the desired shape, push back cuticles using a pusher, clean the surface of the nail plate and cover it with a thin layer of gel.It is this layer we will "plant" vending pictures.If you purchased Fimo in the form of cylindrical rods, cut figures have yourself with a razor blade, pre-heating of the material in his hands.However, on sale there are ready-to-use thin plates.Each figure is carefully attached to the nail, and should avoid contact with the composition of the cuticle, or skin, or all your efforts will go down the drain.At this point, you can complete the picture by using the nail rhinestones, sequins and other decorations - the main thing that they looked harmoniously in the selected color.When the composition is ready, fingers can be placed under a UV lamp for one minute.Then again, nails should be covered with a layer of gel to cover up irregularities under the lamp to dry and sand.The resulting Manicure splendor will only consolidate the finish-gel layer and a three-minute drying under ultraviolet light.You will see that this will not go unnoticed manicure and make your summer even brighter and more cheerful.