How do edging manicure?

Many women

nature endowed sensitive skin.So often nail treatments cause discomfort and pain.This is especially important when edging his performance.But that's no reason to stop to watch his hands, because you can choose the method of edging care.

Edged manicure

Edged manicure

To perform edging manicure, requires quite a bit.Various kinds of tongs and shears can be set aside - they do not need.And not necessarily to go to the salon almost every woman will be able to perform this simple procedure yourself.By the way, this method is also called European.

nail treatment begins with their disinfection and removal of cuticles.In order to achieve the desired result, which becomes visible at once, the procedure must be repeated several times.Women who have dry skin, it is best to avoid edging manicure.The same rule also applies to those who have long been doing manicures, causing skin coarsened.

initially wet a cloth in a solution of alcohol and wipe the skin of the hands and nails.If there is a remaining nails varnish, then it should be removed.Use the best tool without acetone, as it not only dries the nails, but also contains useful components such as nutritional oil.

The next step file nails to give them the desired shape.Nail file should not be with a metal surface, the preference is to give, for example, glass products.Movement in the filing should be made in one direction, starting from the edge and moving towards the center.

now can be treated cuticle.To mitigate it applied a special tool.It helps to ensure that the cuticle in the future ceases to grow.This effect is achieved due to the content of milk and fruit acids and antiseptics.

Five minutes later, using the orange stick to push back the cuticle base of the nail plate.Dead skin is the same stick can be easily removed, you can use a thin brusochek pumice.It is a kind of nail files with sputtering of aluminum or porcelain.

If a woman is just starting to develop in manicure, it may seem difficult the first few times.The main thing - to follow a simple rule: the cuticle should be removed from the central part of the nail plate toward the edges.This will avoid the appearance of sores.Upon completion of the procedure, wipe nails with a clean cloth.

If the skin is dry hand, it is necessary to pre-soften the cream or to make a special warm bath with a moisturizing oil.When the manicure is complete, the excess oil is removed with a napkin.When it comes to manicure, then steaming it is not recommended.

final part of the nail is moistened using a cream or butter and lightly massage the fingers and hands.Now you can apply varnish or protective agent.

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