How to choose irons for alignment of hair?

overwhelming majority of men love straight hair and beautiful girls.In addition, they go crazy when the best hair embedded in a beautiful, voluminous hair.But what to do with the girl on the nature curly hair?In fact, you just buy a hair straightener!However, as it is to choose the right?What should pay attention to?This article about these issues will be discussed in detail.

Selecting curling hair

Choice curling hair

How to choose the perfect utyuzhok, hair straightener?

So, what to look for when choosing?How not to miscalculate and buy only high-quality iron is?On the market there are so many similar products that the girl while visiting the outlet simply scatter eyes.But professional stylists and hairdressers are advised when choosing a curling to pay attention to some features of technology.

1) Thermal.

Thermal means that she herself can choose the temperature at which the curling iron will work.If your hair is docile and do not require special attention, it is possible to use the most minimum temperature operation.However, if the hair was curly and sticking out in different directions, then we need the maximum temperature.This makes it easier to work with Thermal Curling Girl

2) Type of surface

necessary to resolve the question of how to choose a hair curling iron?In such a case, it is important to pay attention to the type of working surface of our equipment.Most often, there are irons with ceramic plates and metal.Ceramic plates and ironing them, are much more expensive, but provide protection to the hair from the negative effects of the process of rectifying.Metal plates are much more common and more popular due to the low prices for equipment.Also recently spread with Teflon-coated paddles.They protect the hair from the negative effects of temperature, the hair did not even elektrilizuyutsya.

3) The width of the surface of the ironing

can meet very thin ironing and those that are more wide surface.It all depends on the hair of the fair sex.If they are very thick, it is better to choose the iron is a wide surface, as it ensures a better treatment of the hair.Also, if a girl's hair is not thick, more rare, then it is ideal for a small iron is narrow surface heating.

Of course, the girl should always remember about that curling can not be absolutely safe for the hair.Many manufacturers claim is based on the information about its magnificent materials and on its new technology.However, even the healthiest hair can suffer from frequent interaction with the heated surface to two hundred degrees.For this reason, the girl is always careful to use a curling iron and remember the beauty and health of your hair.