How to remove bio-gel nails?

To date, the use of new funds to strengthen nails is becoming more popular.We're talking about Biogel.Its composition does not pose any harmful, destructive means of the nail plate.That is why its popularity in such a short time is very grown up.It does not plastitsidov or acrylic acid.The basis bioglelya included protein.To cover the master Biogel nail nails in a beauty salon "Beauty Bar" takes no more than 30 minutes.And it means holding up to three weeks.Remove Biogel as it is possible.

Manicure Biogel

Manicure Biogel

on this nail gel is applied immediately, without any surface treatments.During contact bio-gel nail natural proteins both sides begin to interact with each other.The ingredients in the composition of the gel with vitamins nourish and enrich the natural nail plate, making it stronger.The most important thing at this facility, is that after the removal of bioglya nails look healthy and fortified.

Remover is a specialized bio-gel.It must always be the same brand as the bio-gel.The process of removal is softened biogel solution and does not include additional processing various saws.

In interiors master Biogel removed only by special agents of the same brand.And in any case, neither what other ways and means.

House Biogel removed with acetone or nail polish remover.To begin the surface need to be cut down a bit.Then, a cotton soaked sponge is applied to the nail surface, the foil is rewound by 15 minutes and removed.All this can be done, but no cutting of the upper layer.Then sponge in foil to keep have longer, 25 minutes after that, the softened Biogel independently remove the nail, but in this case, acetone will not make its surface smooth and beautiful as acetone does not have caring properties.

recommended not only apply to bio-gel nails in salons, but also at the same wizard to shoot him.Then they will live in a good condition.Just do not forget to take care of nails with the help of various baths, restorative oils and vitamins.Nails particularly lacking sunshine vitamin D. It is necessary to use the funds in which it is included.Mineral baths will make your nails strong, nourishing oils provide a natural shine and vitamins inside strengthen nails.

Love your hands, and then they will always be your main decoration and dignity!