Popular types of peels - which peeling better?

Peeling - one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today.The peculiarity of this procedure carried out in beauty salons, is to clean the face, during which one way or another is removed upper stratum corneum of the skin.As a consequence - enabled the recovery process and update the skin by improving blood flow and metabolism.After the procedure, the facial skin becomes more elastic, fresh.

Professional peeling, conducted in the cabin, is diverse.Depending on the specific indicators, cosmetologist will offer you the hardware, chemical, vacuum, mezopiling, laser or ultrasonic peeling.

Face Peeling

Peeling faces

Hardware peeling, grinding, or - one of the most popular types of peels.The procedure is performed by special apprat which removes layer after layer of horny skin cells.The main disadvantages of this method - traumatizing the skin, leading to irritation, as well as the need for a course of treatment (usually - ten).

Chemical peels - another kind of peeling.Unlike hardware, which if necessary can be carried out independently at home, chemical peels performed in a doctor strictly cosmetic center.Today, cosmetologists used fifty types of chemical peels, the most popular of which is a peeling fruit acids.The peculiarity of this type of chemical peel is its deep, up to the dermis, the penetration into the skin.

Traditionally, fruit peels (also sometimes referred to as peeling AHA acids) using a standard set of acids: glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, citric.This procedure takes place painless peeling keratinized skin particles, rejuvenation and improvement of skin.

Regular procedure makes more efficient use of any creams, lotions and serums.

Contraindications under which fruit peels are not recommended are allergic to one or the other component, a recent tan, the summer of the year (due to solar activity), any damage to the skin.

Another version of a chemical peel - is salicylic peels.

There is a basis for the composition of salicylic acid, characterized by its ability to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.In addition, the acid penetrating deeply into the skin, does not irritate the skin layers, which minimizes the possibility of side effects of post-peeling.

Laser peeling - as least popular type of procedure.This is a very effective option peeling that can successfully work on places like, for example, the skin around the eyes, is not available for processing by other methods.

peculiarity of laser peel is that the procedure is carried out exclusively in the clinic.If a chemical peel can be done in house by special means a weaker concentration than the same procedure in a beauty clinic, then perform facial laser resurfacing can only be a professional doctor-cosmetologist.During the procedure you need pain relief.The main disadvantages of this method are a long recovery period (up to one month, depending on the intensity of the procedure), in addition, the laser affects only the upper layers of the skin, which means that the procedure does not help with the pigment spots and deep wrinkles.

procedure will benefit every woman, but you must first consult with a doctor who will help you to choose the option that best suit your skin, consult with your particular problem.