Hairstyles that make less than 30 photos

As with the help of hair can look younger and fresher?This question is raised by many women who are over 30 years old.All of the fair sex, regardless of age always want to look attractive and compelling, so the choice of hairstyle is as important as choosing the right makeup or clothing.When choosing hairstyles should take into account not only the age, but also several other factors: type of appearance, face shape, style of dress.

Hair that makes younger: volume on the hair of medium length Hairstyle for giving youth: oblique fringe on the hair of medium length Rack with a bang

Direct elongated hair of medium length Hairstyle, making younger: bob with bangs Shorter square with straight bangs

Haircut cascade with bangs oblique Volume waves on long hair Hairstyle for visual rejuvenation: square with oblique bangs

Haircuts for visual rejuvenation

There are several common hairstyles that can make any woman much younger than visually.For each type of appearance and shape of the face assumed a modification and addition of data packings, as well as the selection of hair color based on the individual characteristics of female appearance.


short haircut or hairstyle under the boy is suitable for women of all ages, without exception, and those who are 30 years old and those who are over 50. Short hair looks perfect hairstyle women are not fullwith a precise contour face with manicured eyebrows and skin.Women with overweight or with a slightly blurred facial features necessary to choose a hairstyle options for a boy with a little elongated temples, bangs, and laying more voluminous.Fashion is now an option for styling short haircuts - hairstyles with effect of wet hair.

Hair Kare kare has a large number of different options: clear lines, recycled inside tips, haircut cascade.Rack can be extended and can reach only the jawline.Bob haircut is different - if a woman 30 years younger than she does, the more young ladies like styling can add a couple of years.An important consideration when choosing this installation is the fringe.The bangs can hide forehead wrinkles, the main thing to pick up bangs oblique, asymmetric, as straight bangs able to draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes.

Long hair

older women should not grow hair below the shoulders, because it does not look very carefully, however, they were not well-groomed and healthy.Effectively looks haircut cascade on long hair.It can also be supplemented with an oblique elongated fringe.Long hair is convenient by the fact that they can be assembled into an elegant beam or to make a low ponytail.

gives freshness laying

to make an image lighter and fresh, you can put your hair in several ways.Similar styling suitable for long and medium hair.Short haircuts are not intended to diversity when selecting stacking, can only put their changing parted or pulled back.


to create this hairstyle is enough to wind the hair on curlers or large lay with forceps.Do not make a careless way, let the hair looks neat and elegant.To do this, you must create curls after them with lacquer without combing.


beams for women of mature age is not desirable to do on the top and back of the head.This hairstyle can be free or accurate, depending on the case, for which it is performed.


To tail hairstyle looked appropriate, the tail should not be too high.Secure it can gum obkrutiv free strand around gum, or decorate her hair bright hairpin.

Greek hairstyles

Boxes in Greek style make any woman younger and more attractive.Greek haircut can be performed not only for special occasions, but also as laying on every day.The freshness and youth give Greek styling with thin bandages with face framing curls and a low ponytail.

At age changes appearance is not immediately run to the beautician or a plastic surgeon.Sometimes it is enough to choose the right hairstyle that will help lose a few years.

Video to create a rejuvenating hair with his hands

Hairstyles in the Greek style.

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The video shows styling in the Greek style for middle-aged women.Such styling lends a certain playfulness and helps to visually lose a few years.

low ponytail with volume

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styling for long hair - a low ponytail with volume.This hairstyle is suitable for walking and other daily activities.

Hairstyle quads (Hollywood waves)

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Laying haircut bob waves.This hairstyle is refreshing and makes a person younger.

tail in the style of 60th

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tail in place of 60-ies - the perfect hairstyle for women of middleage.