Palette Hair Dye Schwarzkopf Brilliance of the photograph

Hair Dye Schwarzkopf Brillance:

palette of shades in an international portfolio Brillance - Brilliance - includes 62 shades, which were developed by experts of the company Schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf) from different countries.

paint color Schwarzkopf Brillance - Schwarzkopf Brilliance - is persistent, intensity and saturation of colors.Diamond shine achieved by a special color protection formula.

All colors included in the color palette for hair Brillance - Brilliance - bright, stylish and unique.Particularly rich and diverse palette of Brilliance shades for dark hair.

The palette of colors for hair Brilliance - Brillance

palette of hair colors Brilliance - Brillance

Basic colors palette of colors Brillance

main palette shades of hair dye Brilliance are:

  • Scandinavian Blonde
  • Satin Blonde
  • Natural brown
  • Luxury Brown
  • Brown Velvet
  • Dark brown
  • Noble Mahogany
  • Dark blue VishnevyyCherno
  • glowing red
  • golden brown,
  • bright brown
  • Maroon
  • Ultra-Purple
  • Black and red.

Line shades "Fashion Collection" - "Mystery of Love»

recently Lavinia Biagiotti, a young Italian designer, has developed three new exclusive colors for the line under the name "Fashion Collection" - "The Mystery of Love", where the content of the color pigment increased15%.

  1. Crimson is preferable for those who can not live without the game of passion.
  2. mysterious red-brown is perfect for those who prefer life and relationships unexpected and unusual twists.
  3. luxurious and spectacular dark blond designed specifically for elevated, refined and aristocratic ladies.
The bright and showy colors in the palette of colors Brilliance - Brillance

bright and spectacular colors in the palette of colors Brilliance - Brillance

Line shades Brillance Luminance

This line also consists of three colors:

  1. Bright Copper - perfect for gentle, elegant temperament.
  2. Flaming Red will be indispensable for those who prefer the wild, bright colors.
  3. Ultra-Violet - great for stylish and creative persons.
Estesstvenno shades in the palette of colors for hair Brilliance - Brillance

estesstvenno shades in the palette of colors for hair Brilliance - Brillance

Thanks to a new patented formula, called "constant color" colors much longer remain very intense, shining and bright.This active ingredient is "constant color" is able to securely hold the pigments inside the hair structure.Color because it may be bright for much longer.

paint palette Brillance - part

The composition of hair dye Brillance - Brilliance - includes a special color protection formula that allows us to achieve the staining unprecedented saturation, and brightness of colors.Formula carefully affects the structure of the hair and scalp, without causing irritation, itching or other unpleasant components of any staining.To avoid allergic reaction or reduce its expression, it is required before the application is necessary to conduct a test on the skin for approximately 48 hours before staining procedure.

The composition of this paint includes active safety components that significantly reduce the impact of adverse external factors.With these substances, there is no burn-color in the sun, allowing the hair for a long time remain soft, shiny and healthy.Also, there is no need for reducing hair masks because of possible dryness and brittleness.

Paint incorporates nutrients and reducing components which each hair is smooth, which provides the effect of light reflection.Pigments as if sealed in the hair structure, ensuring brightness and saturation of color.This color is intense, radiant and attractive, like a diamond, even a few weeks later.

Dark shades of paint Brilliance Shvartskop (Schwarzkopf Brillance)

Dark shades of paint Brilliance Shvartskop (Schwarzkopf Brillance)

application of hair dye Schwarzkopf Brillance

Dye Schwarzkopf Brillance - Schwarzkopf Brilliance - not only distinguished by the variety of shades in the palette, but it is very easy to use thatIt provides an intense and long-lasting result of coloring.Before using the paint must be mixed with cream developer, then carefully shake the vial for 30 seconds and spread the mixture on dry hair.The paint should be kept on the hair for about 30 minutes.

After staining procedure is recommended to apply balm to the hair.This facility has been specifically designed to give hair more shine.Balsam restores hair very gently, he covers them with a protective film and gives the hair shine and glow.


Irina, 45 years: I use the company's products Schwarzkopf - Schwarzkopf - a long time.Recently tried to paint Brillance (Brilliance), the result surprised me - my hard and dry hair is soft and silky.

Valentina, 32 years old: I've been searching the paint, such that for a long time not to wash off and dried the hair.It considers only those companies where there is a bluish-black color) and finally chose!Schwarzkopf Brillance (Schwarzkopf Brilliance) !!!Once I realized that I had chosen the right!I can not stop looking at the color of the hair)

Anya, 19 years old: Paint Schwarzkopf Brillance - Schwarzkopf Brilliance - my first experiment.Before that I never painted hair.The result pleased me - my hair is incomprehensible "mouse" shades are bright, shiny and glamorous.