Paint palette Kutrin hair in the photo

Cutrin - Kutrin is one of the most famous and popular companies producing tools for hair care here can be attributed not only balms and shampoos, but also professional dyes.At present, its products are popular in many beauty salons.

When using a professional color palette Cutrin - Kutrin achieved perfect results, as well as an excellent effect and shiny and healthy hair as a result of staining.Buy products Cutrin - Kutrin only in specialty stores and beauty salons.

The palette of colors for hair Kutrin - Cutrin

palette of hair colors Kutrin - Cutrin

Through the use of funds from Cutrin - Kutrin condition of the hair after dyeing is not degraded, but on the contrary, they become softer, obedient and shining.Hair filled with vitality and energy, look more healthy and silky.An important advantage of funds from Cutrin - Kutrin can be considered not only a variety of shades of the palette of colors, but also the fact that the paint can be used at home, it is enough to visit once a stylist and pick a hair color.The wizard will help in this difficult matter and can pick up the paint, which will change the face beyond recognition.

Bright shades of hair color palette Kutrin - Cutrin

bright palette of shades of hair dye Kutrin - Cutrin

palette of hair colors Cutrin - Kutrin of a series of professional hair care involves the mixing of colors, so bring a unique tone by changing the proportions Now there is no difficulty.The main thing is not afraid to experiment.

newest technologies for better protection of hair:

Included in the antioxidants and arctic cranberry seed oil give the defense the internal structure of the hair, prolonging the color fastness, caring for hair dyeing process, protecting the hair from negative influence of ultraviolet light.

extraordinary brilliance:

hair shine thanks to the arctic cranberry seed oil.

Health and Care:

linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid belonging to all shades of paint palette Cutrin - Kutrin give health scalp and hair, moisturize and align the structure of the hair.Tokotrientoly - are antioxidants, which prevent the negative impact from the outside and prevent premature aging of the hair.Color fastness is achieved through Polyquaternium-22.

Dark shades of hair color palette Kutrin - Cutrin

dark shades of hair color palette Kutrin - Cutrin

Ease of use:

plastic consistency SCC-Reflection makes it easy to mix with kremoksidami without the formation of lumps, while easily applied to the hair and paints over them perfectly, which is especially important inhair color with gray hair.

reviews paint Kutrin:

Tanya, 23 years old: Paint Kutrin I liked.Hair after it soft, and the palette is so diverse that will please anyone.

Olga, 34 years old: great, great result!Bright, showy flowers, shiny healthy hair!

Mila, 43 years old: Ideal paints the gray hair, the color is stable and saturated.