Hair dye without ammonia

Discontent own appearance combines together women of all generations.Whether the fair sex blonde, a brunette, young or not - any would like to look completely different than it is.That is why different companies for the production of cosmetics and hair dyes, no matter what economic crises are flourishing, and some husbands do not always recognize the woman who opened the door to them in their own home.If only a few decades ago with the appearance of experiments were not always safe in the 21st century, they have become less harmful.Now a variety of cosmetic products at the same time take care of the skin, moisturize and protect her, and hair color without ammonia helps to keep the hair even after the regular change of image.The most quadrupeds colors without ammonia include:

  • L'Oreal Casting Gloss - the structure includes a patented complex of caring based on royal jelly.It nourishes the hair, making them soft and shiny.The palette of paint has about 25 shades, from the lightest to the black.
The palette of colors Loreal casting creme gloss

palette of colors Loreal casting creme gloss

  • ammonia-free color Schwarzkopf Essential Color - resistant cream without ammonia.The composition of the formula includes natural caring ingredients: extract of lychee and white tea, includes 20 shades.
The palette of colors without ammonia from Shvartskop

palette of colors without ammonia from Shvartskop

  • Garnier Color Shine - refers to semiproof dyes that enhance the natural shade of hair color and add shine.Paint Color Shine is able to paint up to 50% gray hair.The structure means includes cranberry extract and argan maslo.Palitra paint Garnier Color Shine without ammonia has 16 shades.
The palette of colors Garener

color palette Garener

  • Wella Professionals - sparing paints, palette which has nearly 70 colors.
Ammonia-free color palette Vella

paint palette without ammonia Vella

  • Londacolor - intensive toning paint palette includes 34 shades.
The palette of colors without ammonia Londa

palette of colors without ammonia Londa

Spectacular bright shades of paint without ammonia

Spectacular, bright shades of paint without ammonia

What is it - ammonia?

Modern ammonia-free color combine two functions:

  1. help to get saturated color;
  2. caring for the hair.

In order to appreciate all the existing benefits of such dyes, it is necessary to understand what kind of damage causes hair to all the usual ammonia.

ammonia, namely, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, is added to almost any in the hair dye is not accidental.Its main role is to ensure the durability and longevity of the color.It is this compound causes the dye to penetrate deeply into the hair and secured there.But aggressive substance brings heavy damage and destroys the hair so that it is often after staining, many women suffer from severe hair loss.If such interference becomes a regular, then the hair structure is destroyed, the hair becomes lifeless, dry and brittle, thin and weak.

Brightness and care - feedback bezammiachnoy paint

Brightness and care - feedback bezammiachnoy paint

Advantages ammonia-free color

Not long ago, manufacturers are also thinking about creating a paint that does not cause so much damage to the hair.While the paint was already without ammonia, it was not persistent and was considered likely toners than coloring.Now, however, it was necessary to improve existing technologies.The issue of creating a puzzled paint company Schwarzkopf.After all, a professional manufacturer of paints for lightening and toning well aware of all the harm caused by such hair products of its customers.Therefore, the first at the same time gentle and persistent hair color without ammonia appeared with the active participation of scientists of the company.

Esstestvenno shades of hair color without ammonia

esstestvenno shades of hair color without ammonia

good hair dye without ammonia has a number of advantages over the old model dyes:

  • It smells very nice, thanks to the elimination of ammonia from the composition as it gave ammonia paint an unpleasant odor.
  • ammonia-free color perfect for hair dye for pregnant women.They can be quiet for the baby's health as well as the absence of ammonia in the paint eliminates the harmful paint.
  • bezammiachnoy paint completely fills the gray hair and gives gray hair silky and soft.
  • resistant paint without ammonia able to maintain healthy hair, does not dry them, and has the ability to deep positive impact on the structure of the hair.Therefore, this painting is both paint and cosmetic and medical procedures.
Bright shades of paint without ammonia

bright shades of paint without ammonia

result bezammiachnoy staining paint


hair dyes without ammonia provides very careful when staining consistent results, which gives coloring cream, even gray hair.Through this re-staining can be performed less frequently than when using conventional paints.The paint without ammonia protects the hair from the negative effects of dyes, so they remain healthy, natural and elastic.


One of the important roles played by colors, which are obtained as a result of hair coloring bezammiachnoy paint.Almost all modern manufacturers currently palette of colors for hair without ammonia is diverse and full of different shades from natural to extravagant.So now there is no problem for the doubters, how to choose the right hair color.

Shiny and healthy hair after coloring dye without ammonia

shiny and healthy hair after dyeing paint without ammonia

Benefits of professional paint without ammonia

This issue deserves special attention, as at all times, many women concerned about the following: why hairdressers hair after dyeing have auniform and lasting color than the staining in the home?The answer is simple: It's all right in the paint, not the one who paints.Professional hair dyes have a very different composition than the dyes designed for home use.Even consistency of the professional series is quite different.It is not the usual cream and a very complex combination of oxidants, a variety of dyes, stabilizers, in the proportions and ratios that can understand only professional.So do not try to repeat yourself what to do master.