Hair dye Palette Vellaton

new cream Wellaton - Vellaton palette of shades is very diverse, able to give your hair a bright, saturated color and healthy shine.This is due to the perfect combination and reducing nutrient serum and unique coloring components.Modern technology of hair dyeing, which is based on the structure of oxygen, not only gives a bright color, but also helps to maintain it for a long time.

innovative whey Color Therapy (Color Therapy), which is part of the paint contains amino silicones that should envelop each hair, making it practically vulnerable after the staining procedure.The effect of strong, healthy, shiny, thick and soft hair is visible from almost the first application of serum.With regular use, the problem of fragility and brittle hair after coloring fades.

Light colors in the palette of colors for hair Velllaton - Wellaton

bright colors in a palette of hair colors Velllaton - Wellaton

variety of shades

Palette cream Wellaton - Vellaton - represented in 32 shades.Currently, each package package is supplemented with serum disposable bags Color Therapy (Color Therapy), which should be used after staining.Serum can also be purchased otdelno.Palitra hair dyes Vellaton familiar in shades, which are offered in both professional hairdressers.

Palette Vellaton (Wellaton) - light colors

Palette Vellaton (Wellaton) - light shades

Vellaton paint has many advantages:

  • Brown and black colors from a palette of green leave no glare, which always have cheap paint;
  • After coloring the hair looks much better;
  • appears healthy shine;
  • Paint is not washed for a long time;
  • practically no smell of ammonia.

Structure palette hair dye Vellaton

If we consider the color palette Vellaton more detail, we can note its structure:

  • main line;
  • Intense light colors;
  • Intense reds;
  • colors of natural minerals;
  • Inspiration nature (natural colors).
Palette Vellaton (Wellaton) - dark shades

Palette Vellaton (Wellaton) - dark shades

palette of colors for hair Wella Wellaton (Vella Vellaton) - diverse and able to satisfy the taste of any of the fair sex, without exception.Many prefer the paint thanks to a good choice of colors, the possibilities of professional coloring, as well as because of the minimal damage to the hair.


Sofia, 24 years old: To paint the selected color 8/74 chocolate with caramel.The result is a color of dreams and at the same time kept the hair soft, shiny and silky !!!!!I Recommend !!!

Valentina, 32 years old: only crash of the paint and are always pleased with the result!Prior to that, I tried a lot of other producers, and 2-3 weeks after coloring your hair become faded rusty hue.After the final staining was about 1.5 months, and the color is almost washed away.

Masha, 19 years: I bought the paint Vellaton 9/03 sunny, very pleased with the result.I color the hair to your natural brown.Eventually getting a nice, bright, sunny colors and soft hair.He worried that there will be a yellow tinge, as the hair is not pre brightens.Fortunately yellow left.