How to choose a universal coat of the figure

coat is an important part of a woman's wardrobe.To some it helps to look more elegant, someone hide the flaws and to express the dignity of the figure.But if such clothing is chosen correctly, even beautiful body can turn into an awkward silhouette.Therefore it is necessary to choose the type of coat shape and pay attention to even the smallest details.

There are several basic criteria of how to choose a coat on a figure.There are five main types of diversity among female figures.And each of them you can pick up your universal coat.

Select coat type hourglass figure

figure of "hourglass" figure, or in the form of a guitar - this is the most feminine style.Do owners of such figures shoulders and hips almost the same width, clearly stands out waistline, chest and hips.

ladies that will suit all types of classic, and not just variants of outer clothing.This can be a coat of such fabrics as cashmere, leather, woolen cloth, wool, tweed.Beautifully will look close-fitting model or with a belt.
Coats for hourglass figure can be both direct and expand downward.In the area of ​​the chest and hips should not be large pieces that can visually spoil waistline.The top can be both low-cut and closed, but not voluminous collars.

Coat black and white colors in the cage for an hourglass figure , combined with the dress of a light brown color , a beige hat with a veil , handbag and shoes in black leopard print heels and open toe . Black female coat with a thin belt at the hourglass figure , combined with a multi-colored blouse , a skirt of red tones direct style, clutch black and beige shades and classic black high-heeled shoes .

colors is also better to choose from classics, such as black, gray, white, navy blue and shades of brown cherry.As for texture, it largely depends on the height and weight of women.Those who are taller and bigger is better not to burden a large textured, and vice versa.

Styles of women

If a woman's hourglass figure, but it is not very tall and plump, experts recommend to buy a fitted style coat, expanding towards the bottom, which will be an ideal option.Note that while the belt is better not to wear.

Female black coat with a fur collar on the shape of an hourglass Altuzarra combined with classic white blouse , black skirt direct style Altuzarra, scarf bright orange color and black shoes and white checkered prints Altuzarra. Autumn coat knee-length beige tones with a thin black belt in the shape of an hourglass new collection Bottega Veneta dress combined with black Bottega Veneta and black boots with heels Bottega Veneta. Women coat in black with red print on the hourglass figure of a new collection of Pedro Lourenco combined with velvet bag black tones , leather gloves Pedro Lourenco and white ankle boots Wedge Pedro Lourenco.
Demi above the knee length coat light brown tones for an hourglass figure , combined with shades of blue scarf and black clutch . Women coat long brown above the knee , decorated with a thin belt, for an hourglass figure , combined with closed shoes bog- brown hue and a bag of dark green tones. Women coat for autumn drill - brown shade on the hourglass figure , combined with a blouse of gray tones , blue jeans , leopard print bag and black boots with heels .

Coats for owners of a rectangular shape

rectangular figure suggests that the shoulders, waist and hips about the same width.When choosing a coat to a rectangle shape, it is important to define the waist and add a silhouette curves.There are suitable options for tightly woven clothing that will be like outline silhouette.

Styles of women

give shape to the upper and lower parts of the body to help large pockets and large buttons.Not bad will look for the owner of such a figure and double-breasted coat demi-season.

Demi Women coat dark gray hue , decorated with small flowers , the figure of the rectangular type of collection Alberta Ferretti , combined with black shoes to go low by Alberta Ferretti. Women coat burgundy tone with a fur collar and thin for a rectangular figure from Andrew Gn , combined with black leather gloves Andrew Gn, bag plum color and open black heels by Andrew Gn. Coat for winter ivory figure of a rectangular type of a new collection of Bessarion in conjunction with scarf dark gray hue Bessarion and high boots gray- brown tone on the heels of Bessarion.
Women Short winter coat in ivory for a rectangular shape in combination with a red scarf , knitted white hat , a handbag and ankle boots brown tones bog brown color on a high heel . Women coat brown in the fall for the figure of the rectangular type , combined with a multi-colored blouse , short skirt dark blue shade , bag bright orange tones and black boots on a solid track.

important to remember that the length of the article should not be below the knee.It should here be careful when choosing a coat with a belt which can certainly emphasize the waistline, but only if it is properly matched.In this case it is better to use wide straps that visually reduce the waistline, but, again, if you are the owner of a decent "tummy", then it is better to remove the belt.

colors may be varied, but it is better if it will be a combination of colors close to the asymmetric trim.

Another little trick: if you choose a coat with an unusual asymmetrical pattern, you can make a rectangular shape more feminine curves.

Short black coat on the shape of a rectangular type in combination with a blouse in black and white color , straight short black skirt , leather gloves , dark-brown tones and black patent leather shoes on a solid track. Demi coat asphalt tint for a rectangular shape in combination with a pink blouse , a black hat , backpack light purple tone and multi-colored shoes on a solid track.

Models coat for pear shapes called

pear figure implies a narrow shoulders and wide hips.Coats for pear shapes should be visually reduce heavy bottoms and shift attention to tiny shoulders.Here to help different parts of the decor.For example, a lush fur collar and wide sleeves.You can also buy a model with large applications, or the buttons at the top.It may be large pockets, but they usually do not look very elegantly above the waist.

Demi female yellow coat with a fur collar for pear shapes , combined with a translucent black blouse , a long skirt black tones with a floral pattern , a black clutch and open shoes black and golden tones on a wide -heeled shoes . Women coat yellow with black dot pattern and collar stand for a pear shape , combined with trousers classic style dark blue hue , white and blue blouse , blue clutch beige tones and closed black platform shoes .

fabric is better to choose medium density, but not hard.The length should not be below the knee, it will weight the bottom more.The texture is desirable to choose based on the weight if the hip is too full, it is best not to risk a large texture.The belt can be used to highlight the waist.

Models of women

colors the taste, but you can win on the contrast.For example, the white color at the top, and a dark - in the bottom.You can also share their strap.Will look unusual, but the balance of the figure achieved a hundred percent.

Winter coat gray- blue hue with fur trim for the pear shape of the new collection of Chanel combined with gray Chanel skirt and high boots , dark-brown tone with metal buckles high-heeled Chanel. Coat for winter gray-blue tones for pear shapes from Chanel combined with melange scarf , bright blue Chanel fur hat and high boots in black and brown color on a solid move by Chanel. Demi coat dark gray color with fur trim for the pear shape of the Custo Barcelona collection in conjunction with the short dress gray Custo Barcelona and boots gray- golden tones on the heels of Custo Barcelona.
Black coat for winter for pear shapes combined with brown boots on a continuous track and a bag of chocolate shades on a long strap . Short coat pattern on winter mustard color for pear shapes combined with black pants , a black knitted cap , high black boots and black tones for bags on a chain . Short black coat for pear shapes , combined with a scarf beige tones , blue jeans , handbag chocolate hue and black boots on a solid track.

Coats for triangular figures

triangular figure - is when the pear on the contrary, that is, broad shoulders and narrow hips.This form is more typical of the male sex.But do not despair, having this type, because it is very easy to transform.Of course, winter coat for the Triangle should have style, flared towards the bottom.It could even be a model with pleated, flared skirt.

Demi coat of bright red tone for the triangular shape of the collection Bouchra Jarrar blouse combined with red scarf red- pink color , classic black pants and Bouchra Jarrar black heels Bouchra Jarrar. Women coat for autumn blue- black tones with fur trim for triangle shapes from J. Crew , combined with black trouser suit and classic J. Crew gray heels from J. Crew. Coats for autumn wood shade for the triangular type of figure of Karen Walker in conjunction with a skirt above the knee cream tones Karen Walker and beige shoes from Karen Walker.
Black coat for winter for owners of triangular shapes , combined with a fur hat , bag and shoes red tones , dark-brown shade on a solid track. Demi Women coat color brick to shape a triangle in combination with the scarf yellow- black colors and black trousers . Women coat for autumn bright red tones for Triangle combined with jeans blue tone purple handbag and boots dark blue color on a high heel .

Notice to the top as possible with minimal accents, but rather, that they were not there at all.But the bottom vice versa.If you do not like much flared style, it is suggested to take a coat with huge pockets.Cut may be deep and V-shaped, it will help to visually reduce shoulders.


Experts recommend to emphasize the waist by a wide belt too.Color is also possible to play, as is the case with a pear figure, but just the opposite - a dark top and lighter bottom.Billing as in the preceding case mainly depends on the size woman.

If you sew a coat on order, dressmaker can specifically reduce the length of the shoulder, as if cutting off visually shoulder.But it is more applicable to soft tissues.

Women coat for a red triangular shapes in combination with the short dress of silvery tones , clutches a bright shade of red and black sandals with heels . Winter red coat for the owners of the triangular type of figure , combined with a knitted cardigan dairy tones with an abstract pattern in a cage skirt brown shades , white handbag and brown boots on a wide -heeled shoes .

options to coat pieces of apple

figure in the form of an apple requires a very noticeable belly for narrow shoulders and hips.That is a circle in the center of the body that you want to hide.Coats for owners of such a figure, you can choose a direct and wide without any surface finishes, but you can slightly fitted to somehow define the waist.

Black coat in the fall or spring for the apple pieces from the new collection APCcombined with the beret dark gray shades and handbags on a chain of red tones APCand brown sandals on a small heel from APC Demi coat dark gray color with a thin black belt and large pockets for apple figure of Marc Jacobs in conjunction with a handbag in a cage red hues Marc Jacobs shoes and gold- tone chocolate heels from Marc Jacobs. Women coat of dark blue color to the apple pieces from the new collection Zero + Maria Cornejo in conjunction with cardigan checkered black-and- blue color tone Zero + Maria Cornejo, black leather pants and blue boots from Zero + Maria Cornejo.
Winter coat in black above the knee length for apple shapes combined with jeans blue tones , black ankle boots and a handbag beige hue on a high heel . Black short coat for apple shapes , combined with a dress of black tones with an abstract pattern , black leather gloves , black tones for bags and boots with heels . Winter coat with fur color asphalt sleeves for apple shapes combined with black leather gloves , black handbag , blue jeans and boots light brown tones on wide heel .

recommend to opt for products, up to the center of the hips that should be visually enlarge them.Better to use a soft cloth, but in any case not fitting body.Suit tweed or wool.If, however, you choose coat finishes, all its items must be located either at the top or below the thighs, but not near the waist.

Coats for autumn dark pink shade for the apple shape , combined with black dress with a wide pink belt, clutch leopard print ankle boots and open tone black and silver high heels. Demi coat in shades of green cell with a thin belt and fur collar for the figures in conjunction with an apple green dress , handbag grass- green tones and black shoes - beige hue on a wide -heeled shoes .

Experts note that the ideal color outerwear for pear-shaped body are plain and deep.Such as chocolate, malachite, color alder or eggplant.

You can also visually stretch and balance the horizontal trim figure or pattern.The texture of any large or small is not appropriate.

Coat styles for women with a figure in the form of an apple.

will look good on women of this type of model A-line.It will emphasize the waist and hides hips.However, its length should not be above the knee.

How to try on a coat

as an example of a coat and then do not be disappointed in the choice?Important - do not rush!It is necessary to consider and assess all the details.Try on clothes like better on a sweater, thin jacket, but not on the summer clothes, well, if suddenly, you get it in the warmer months.Drag things out of the house, not to be mistaken with the size, is also not necessary.In the store there is always a sweater or jacket that you can ask to borrow for fitting.

purchasing Women coat, be sure to look closely at the seams and lining.Seams should be strong, no protruding strands.Lining of a good product, too, is made of natural fabrics, thick.

Women coat of royal blue colors of the new collection Araks combined with brown cardigan Araks, dark gray Golf and closed shoes chocolate color on a solid course of the Araks. Women coat for autumn or spring blue- black tones with a wide belt of Jean Charles de Castelbajac , combined with high -heeled boots to match outerwear Jean Charles de Castelbajac. Demi leather coat color animal by Diane von Furstenberg , combined with leopard print blouse , trousers brick tone Diane von Furstenberg, brown bag and shoes black and red color on the heel of the Diane von Furstenberg.

Trying on a coat, pay attention to the shoulder.It must not hang below the shoulder.Hoses must not be lower than the base of the first phalanx of the thumb.Cross your arms in front, and if you can not do it with ease, so it's not your size.Coats should not puff up any front or rear of the bubble on the back.

The white double-breasted coat style for winter combined with milky hat , bag light gray tones and jackboots light brown high heels. Black female coat for winter combined with a black blouse , multicolored skirt above the knee , handbag beige hue and tone of black high boots with heels . Coats mustard hue length above the knee in conjunction with black handbag on a chain and classic shoes black and beige tones with heels .

If a model has a fur trim, then you should know that the fur coat requires extra care.And most importantly - do not chase fashion trends, choose what is right for you, and then you will be irresistible!