How to tie a scarf coat.

In winter, putting on warm clothes, a woman seeks not only for comfort but also for beauty.In the wardrobe of the fair sex is always a place for scarves that give warmth and emphasize individuality.Their variety is plentiful.They can be rectangular, square, in the form of tubes or thin sections of tissue.Scarves can be manned with very different outer clothing.They look particularly elegant with a coat.The main thing is to be able to tie a pretty scarf.Try to figure out how to tie a scarf coat.

How to wear a coat with a scarf

beautiful and elegant combination of a winter coat with a scarf is also a kind of art.To master it, you need to make quite a bit of effort.The first step is to choose the right scarf under his coat and the image to which you aspire.This takes into account the material goods, his style, color and style.Do not forget about the fact that under your outer clothing, evening dress, formal suit or casual jeans.

Women coat of dark blue color on the Bouchra Jarrar is combined with a scarf - collar blue- gray color Bouchra Jarrar, black pants and shoes classic style of black tones Bouchra Jarrar. Coat for Fall black with geometric pattern by Diane von Furstenberg blouse goes well with brown colors , chiffon scarf to match the blouse Diane von Furstenberg, black trousers and black shoes - beige shade from Diane von Furstenberg. Demi coat of silvery color with a thin belt from the new collection Juicy Couture scarf combined with black and red color , brown handbag , blue jeans and Juicy Couture boots black colors Juicy Couture.
Coats beige shades from the collection Bouchra Jarrar combined with trendy plaid scarf white and pink colors , black blouse tone , classic cream-colored trousers and Bouchra Jarrar black boots with heels Bouchra Jarrar. Short red coat from the new collection Bouchra Jarrar well with delicate pink color scarf , classic black pants and shoes Bouchra Jarrar black tone on the heels of the Bouchra Jarrar. Short red coat from Karen Walker perfectly with melange knitted scarf black and white shades , black skirt length to the knee , and Karen Walker shoes cream tones Karen Walker.

On each day, a coat for the winter season is perfect pashmina scarf.It combines beautifully with many styles and are very well warms.You can wear it as a dress over the top and underneath.

The short coat for autumn gray- brown color with a geometric pattern goes well with knitted scarf pink , cream-colored blouse , trousers and plum tones on a wide -heeled boots . Short black coat for the winter well with chiffon scarf beige shade short dress gray colors , beige handbag and black boots in a wide heel.
Demi coat of dark blue color is combined with a scarf brick colors, gray cardigan with animal pattern , blue jeans and stylish boots light brown color on a wide -heeled shoes . The short coat for autumn burgundy color combined with leopard print chiffon scarf , gray translucent blouse , black pants and boots tone color of cappuccino with fur trim on a solid track.

under a free coat styles suited scarf-LIC, which is very relevant in this season.His highlight of that option in the form of a pipe allows to transform scarf hood.With unbuttoned coat LICs better put inside, and a buttoned can be worn on top.

Excellent look and always in fashion long stoles, of wool, cotton or cashmere.Basically, this scarf worn over the coat.Scarf-scarf or baktus, tied in many ways.You can casually throw on top or tie on a bare neck.

But if the coat with large collar, the top dressing not worth it.Thin classic scarf wrapped neck, or if it is knitted, top coat with stand-up collar.Well, to be irresistible, you must find your own unique version of how to wear a coat with a scarf.

Winter Coat lilac shade with a wide belt well with a knitted cap and scarf gray tones , black leather gloves and black boots with metal inserts . Fur coats for the winter light brown color , combined with white chiffon scarf, dark gray hat , blouse and black trousers and boots pitch black on a solid track. Demi coat of light brown color blends with colorful scarf , black trousers , black clutch gray tones and boots on a small heel .
Black knitted coat combined with a scarf chocolate hue , black blouse , trousers black and white colors , red handbag and boots black high-heeled tone . Women coat brown color blends well with the scarf lemon hue , black blouse and shorts tone shoes and black colors on a solid track. Winter Coat ivory goes well with cream-colored knitted scarf and boots red tones on wide heel .

How to choose the color of the scarf

Many women sometimes perplexing questions, how to choose the color of the scarf.In order not to make the wrong choice of colors, you need to consider all the details.First of all, we must remember that the scarf should not merge with your outer clothing.Otherwise he would not decorate it, and just create unnecessary forms.The color of the scarf should be combined with the colors of clothing.

A long black coat to the floor from the collection of Karen Walker blends well with a silk scarf black-and- white colors of the Karen Walker and shoes of orange color on a solid course of Karen Walker. Women coat of dark green shade of Kelly Wearstler combined with a long scarf in black and white colors , black blouse tone Kelly Wearstler, pants grays and black shoes with leopard print Kelly Wearstler. Short dark gray coat from the collection of Kimberly Ovitz perfectly with knitted scarf black tones Kimberly Ovitz, a skirt in black knee-length boots and wedges from Kimberly Ovitz.
Colorful knitted coat from the new collection Libertine combined with a silk scarf to match the coat color purple blouse Libertine, trousers beige tones with geometric pattern and yellow- orange heels from the Libertine. Short brown coat of Ruffian , combined with a silk scarf gray tones Ruffian, classic trousers , dark-brown hue and boots chocolate tones Ruffian. Leather black coat by Twenty8Twelve perfectly combined with knitted scarf aqua , beige chiffon dress color Twenty8Twelve and black sandals with high heels tone Twenty8Twelve.

choosing a shade of this accessory, you can not limit yourself to the basic colors palette.It could be the most vivid colors, because the scarf should emphasize in your image.

Winter coat with white fur collar is ideally combined with a chiffon scarf white and red colors , shades of plum blouse , white cap , trousers coral tone , light gray handbag and red boots on a solid track. Coat a light brown shade with fur trim on winter combined with a scarf the color of cappuccino , a brown cap , blue jeans tone cardigan gray- brown color , and boots chocolate shades on a small heel.
The short coat for autumn burgundy color blends well with the scarf - collar plum tones , white blouse , straight skirt black and white colors , red handbag and black suede boots with high heels. Short demi-season coat black blends perfectly with colorful scarf , a scarf , a white blouse , straight skirt bright red hue to the knees, black leather gloves , bags leopard print ankle boots and black tones on the heel .

If strict classical coat or business, it is better to confine bedding or deep dark tones, in fact rejects the classic extravagance.If you prefer youth, sport or a romantic style, then feel free to choose bright and rich colors.This season in the trend cell of different colors and sizes.Checkered Scarf become fashionable addition to the winter and spring wardrobe.

original look and scarves with different patterns.Popular prints such as noble oriental pattern coloring, colors, different shapes.

If you decide to choose a colorful scarf, then stick to the rules: no more than three - four tones in harmony on the same product.

Coat dark gray color in the fall perfectly with scarf - collar red blouse denim blue colors, black pants , handbag matching coat and boots light gray color on the heel . Demi coat female gray- green shade combined with knitted scarf coral tones , black fur hat , blue jeans and sneakers cream. Long coat in winter colors cappuccino , combined with a scarf dark brown color , black beret , white handbag and black colors on a wide -heeled boots .
Animal fur coat colors perfectly with knitted black scarf , fur cap black tone handbag dark gray shades and high boots in black on a solid track. Women coat grass- green color blends with scarf - collar black boots and dark gray tones on a platform sole . Demi coat of dark green color , combined with a long knitted scarf black tone clutch lemon color and black boots on a solid track.
Long coats for autumn light brown color , combined with a melange scarf - collar , multi-colored short dress , black boots and a clutch of brown color on a small heel . Knitted colorful coat with a thin belt perfectly with shades of green scarf , handbag dark blue tones and black jackboots . Demi coat of bright red color in combination with violet tones scarf , blouse lemon hue , purple knee-length skirt and shoes with heels plum tones .

How to tie a scarf on a beautiful coat.Modifications technology.

Choose the appropriate winter and demi-season scarf is half the battle.But how beautiful tie scarf coat, knows not everyone.

How to tie a scarf - 6 ways how to wear in different styles for men.

How to tie a scarf - 6 ways how to wear in different styles for men.

Long a narrow scarf can simply be wound around the neck over a coat, or the ends to hang forward, or one of them to throw back.The most common option for long scarf when it folds horizontally spreads through the neck and the ends are threaded between two layers, creating a loop.The edges can be left outside or fill in the gates coat.

Technology tying the scarf on the coat. The method of tying the scarf on top of clothing.
Technique tying short scarf coat. Option tying chiffon scarf.

of pashmina scarf looks good, if the tie Tie a knot.To do this, throw it on the neck and make ends tied knot so that one part is below and the other above.And you can just throw accessory remove the front and back edges.

Women coat the cell brown color combined with a scarf - collar coral shade short knit dress with stripes of brown tones , gray handbag and high -heeled red boots . Leather black coat well with scarf black -gray color , blue jeans , black T-shirt with an abstract pattern of tone , a black knit cap and high boots in black on a small heel.
Autumn coat coral shade blends perfectly with a scarf in a cage brown color , short dress colors cappuccino, cream tones and clutch shoes pink high heels. Demi pink female coat colors combined with black fur scarf , short black dress, clutch dark red hue and stylish black boots with heels .

scarf-LIC experts recommend putting a coat buttoned top and create a slight negligence.But if you use it as a hood, you can leave the lower part of the inside of a coat.

Leather black coat perfectly with scarf black tone , shirt dark blue color , light gray skirt below the knee and black suede boots on a solid track. Coat for winter mustard tones combined with a scarf in a cage clamp - brown color , the white beret , trousers and boots brick color plum on a solid track. Autumn coat lemon hue perfectly with knitted scarf light pink tone , short pink dress and yellow sneakers .
Fur coats leopard combined with a scarf - stole royal blue tones , black jeans and boots creamy on a wide -heeled . Short women coat red tones combined with a scarf plum color , black beret , bag of chocolate color , dark blue jeans and black boots on small heels. Demi coat dark gray colors, decorated with big buttons and a wide belt, goes well with the pink and gray scarf , handbag purple boots and a chain of light gray color wedges .
Coat for winter ivory scarf perfectly with grass- green color , blue jeans , handbag blue- brown tone and black boots on small heels. Autumn coat gray- brown color blends well with the scarf and handbag melange white and brown colors. Short black coat Cape combined with colorful scarf - wraps, trousers sky- blue hue , tone blue clutch and black boots with heels .

stoles can cover the shoulders over the top clothes and throw one end of the back.Or tie the front edge of the assembly part.Looks nice butterfly of the tippet.To do this, he criss-crossed the front ends throws back one edge deduce forward with the other arm, and fastened with a brooch.

An example of tying the scarf on top of clothing. Photos how to tie a scarf on the coat.
Technology scarf-tying scarves. The method of tying knitting scarves to coats.

square scarf looks nice in the various embodiments of the triangle.For example, fold it around the corner.Himself angle should be left in the front and rear ends of the tie, they can then throw forward or sideways.Another option - to do the same things, only to edge to bring forward and tie at an angle.

recommend to get acquainted with the best ways to tie and wear a scarf on the video master classes for different styles of clothing.

How to tie a scarf or handkerchief around his neck in many ways

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Thus, there are many ways how beautiful andan original way to tie a scarf.Using the basic rules and your imagination, you can create a unique image.