White coat - the best styles and models 50 photos.

you want to look stylish this winter and effectively, or be bright and attract attention in spring and autumn - buy a white coat and be irresistible.

white coat became very fashionable in 2013 and has not lost its popularity and this year.Fashionistas around the world in style to flaunt in white coats.And designers are happy to offer them all kinds of variations of this clothing.

Buying white coat, you not only converts a wardrobe, but also gain a thing that never goes out of fashion, because a classic is always in trend.

fashionable style coat white

Global home fashion, presenting their collections in a white coat, offer very different options for styles.

length can be taste: mini, midi or maxi.Bold and at the same time look attractive short model with the smell of a broad or middle belt.You can look elegant in a classic length of the article with an English collar or counter.

Women Autumn white coat from the new collection of Christian Wijnants , combined with shorts and a blouse to match a coat and boots milky high-heeled Christian Wijnants. Short white coat from Christian Wijnants in combination with a short jersey dress white tones Christian Wijnants and ankle milky pink color from Christian Wijnants.
White coat with textured pattern from the collection of Cynthia Rowley , combined with a white blouse , skirt silver hue Cynthia Rowley, white handbag and boots light brown color on the heel Cynthia Rowley. White leather coat from the new collection Rodarte combined with black blouse tone chiffon skirt and a cream-colored ankle boots in black and white wedges from Rodarte. Short white winter coat from Temperley London in conjunction with the tone of white knitted sweater with a thin black belt , white trousers and black Temperley London ankle boots Wedge Temperley London.
Demi white coat retro style of the new collection Temperley London in conjunction with a short black dress, black leather gloves and shoes Temperley London black tone wedges from Temperley London. White coat length above the knee , decorated with large pockets of Vanessa Bruno in combination with a white bag Vanessa Bruno and open boots white and silver tone heels Vanessa Bruno.-bruno A short coat with a large white collar collection Yigal Azrouel combined with leather skirt black Yigal Azrouel and stylish shoes with heels black colors of Yigal Azrouel.

Have allocated designers and some of the most trendy styles of coats.One of the most important - trench coat, or "hourglass".This model is very feminine and goes with many things.Most fashion designers offered capes and coats, capes.The white colors, they look elegant and create a light "airy" look.

Autumn white coat in the form of an hourglass in conjunction with leopard print scarf and a straight skirt the color of cappuccino . White trench coat with large collar tone combined with classic trousers in black. White coat trench coat , added a large collar and patch pockets , combined with trousers in black tones.

Sophistication give the coat-gown.This coat is a strict cut with stand-up collar, the length of which is a medium to maximum.This model is a chip fashion house "Dior".More

give more chic white fur coat.Lush or modest fur collar combined with white color will look like a king.And welcomed the various options with fur cuffs and fur accents.

Short white coat with fur combined with jeans blue tone black handbag and high black boots with high heels. Fur coat with a large white collar and a length below the knee , combined with white trousers , a T-shirt in black and white colors, light gray cap and sneakers gray colors. White coat with fur in winter from the new collection Carven in conjunction with a white knitted sweater , a short black skirt and boots Carven black and white tone wedges Carven.
White coat - gown from the collection Stephane Rolland in conjunction with the trouser suit white Stephane Rolland and white tone shoes with heels from Stephane Rolland. White fur coat Knee-length collection of Valentin Yudashkin in combination with a short white dress tone Valentin Yudashkin, handbag silver hue Valentin Yudashkin and silver heels by Valentin Yudashkin. Fur winter coat white below the knees by Vika Gazinskaya combined with capris black tones Vika Gazinskaya and silvery shoes with heels Vika Gazinskaya.
The coat - cape white long below the knee and a vegetable pattern by Gareth Pugh , combined with trousers white tones Gareth Pugh and white boots wedges by Gareth Pugh. White coat , cape to his knees in the autumn from the new collection Valentino combined with milky shoes with high heels by Valentino. Demi -cape coat from Valentino white combined with cream-colored blouse , trousers classic style tone white Valentino and light gray shoes on a solid course of Valentino.

Whichever model you choose, in any case, a snow-white coat will make your image much brighter.

From what to wear white coats

puzzled by the question: what to wear white coats?Wear what you like, but combine the right colors and styles.

If we talk about the compatibility of the model with the clothes here, as in all cases.Long coat can be worn with pants and skirts.To choose the best styles of short pants.The average length and the same goes with the dress, and trousers.Feel free to wear jeans with sneakers, even if they are in harmony with the style of the coat of white tones.

Demi coat trench coat in white combined with shades of black blouse , clutch dark gray color and black trousers. White knee-length coat with a wide gold belt , combined with white trousers , white handbag colors and silvery shoes with heels . Winter white coat above the knee , combined with a black fur hat, black collar , dark blue trousers and boots of black color tone .
Women coat for autumn white tones with a wide belt and a length below the knee , combined with white trousers , red handbag and boots with heels cream tones . The long white coat , complemented a large collar and a wide belt , coupled with white shoes and colored clutch . Short white coat in the fall in conjunction with purple scarf , jeans dark blue tones , black ankle boots and a handbag asphalt shade heels .

This color is universal, it can be worn with all shades of the rainbow.But the most popular combinations of white with red, beige and classic black.

White coat classic style combined with shades of lemon chiffon dress , clutch light green tones and stylish golden shoes with heels . White coat close fitting silhouette with wide belt in conjunction with the cream-colored dress , clutch dairy tones and beige high-heeled shoes .
Demi white coat , decorated with golden buttons , combined with a long red dress , clutch burgundy tones and open red shoes with high heels. Short white coat trench coat in conjunction with a green chiffon scarf colors , blue jeans , handbag red tones and high boots bog- green color on the heel .

It is important to pay attention to shoes and accessories.To the white coats are perfect bright-colored scarves or discreet, classic hats and elegant leather gloves.Many designers have added to the coat of a color beads in the form of pearls.They may be quite different lengths and sizes.

shoes, preferably buy matching clothes.Looks best options for black and white tones.

Women coat white in combination with a short black dress tones handbag dark gray shades and black heels . White coat for the winter period length above the knee in conjunction with the black hat , clutch dark purple hue , black gloves and black jackboots tone heels . Demi white coat in combination with black blouse , black leather trousers , handbags light green hue and tone of black heeled boots .
Coat white tone length above the knee in conjunction with white blouse and blue tint , dark blue jeans , handbag orange and blue heels . Autumn white trench coat in conjunction with a white beret , dark blue jeans, shades , light gray handbag colors and gray heels . Winter white coat length below the knee with a wide black belt in combination with black pants , a hat , dark gray hue and tone of black ankle boots .
White coats above the knee in conjunction with the short dress of beige color with a textured pattern and a thin belt , clutch chocolate tones and open-toed shoes with cream. Women coat white length below the knee in conjunction with leather black pants , black handbag colors and classic black high-heeled shoes . White coat in the fall in conjunction with a scarf dark purple hue , a short orange dress , a handbag and a brown high boots , dark - gray tone with high heels.

help complete the image is one of the most important elements of women's wardrobe - bag.It can be simple, classic or a little comfortable.Everything on your taste.Colour bags choose or under clothing or something bright to better emphasize your individual style.

How to care for coat white

Care white coat needs special.Since this is the color of Mark, it is necessary to wear such a thing very carefully.Do not risk a ride in outer clothing in public transport!

Demi white coat length above the knee in conjunction with a scarf gray-blue tones and black handbag . Short white coat with a wide belt in conjunction with a scarf in a cage of black and white colors , blue jeans and high boots with heels black colors . White coat to the knee and a short orange dress colors and tones of black ankle boots with high heels.
Short white coat , decorated with fur , combined with a short dress and a gray color shade clutch asphalt . Demi short coat combined with a sweater of gray tones , black leather trousers , black handbag and ankle boots Wedge . Women coat white blouse combined with turquoise , black shorts , clutch in silver tone and white colors of the shoes with high heels.

is also important to consider the material from which the product is sewn.If a cashmere coat, then wear it on special occasions, because of the sock will lead to the emergence of a pellet.Wash it can only be at a temperature below 30 degrees.The spots do not show the very best, but if you can not give to the dry cleaners, you can use a solution of ammonia and salts.

White coat with a thin belt in combination with a short turquoise dress , handbag dairy tones and white boots with high heels. Winter white coat with a fur collar , combined with a red blouse tone skirt black and white colors , bright red clutch , black leather gloves and black boots with heels .
Demi coat white scarf combined with cream tones , colorful clutch and high boots , light gray color on the heel . White coat in conjunction with a short silvery tone , pitch black clutch and black shoes with heels .

coat of wool socks or drape over than cashmere.Spots with such products can be removed, as in the previous case.To erase an element of clothes is not necessary, and the dust and dirt better than a special brush to clean.You can also use a dry wash, wiping the product with a sponge soaked in soapy water.Soap residue is removed with a clean damp cloth.

White coat trench coat combined with royal blue color dress with a thin belt , bag and black shoes black and white colors. White coat with a wide brown belt in combination with cappuccino -colored dress , red handbag , a brown hat and high boots tonv chocolate color on the heel .
White coat in retro style in conjunction with black guipure dress, black clutch and black dress shoes with high heels tone . White coat in combination with turquoise dress , bag matching dresses and white shoes with heels .

White leather coat clear solution of soap and water and ammonia.You can display spots and using the milk, but not if the pollution is not too flashy.

bolonevoe white coat is easiest to clean.Pollution on it can be removed with stain remover.