Types of figures for women.

Every woman wants to be irresistible.Look spectacular in any clothes.But this can be easily accomplished if you know the features of the structure of his body and be able to pick up their "wrapper".After all share the different types of female figures.They accepted conditionally divided into five types.It is important to know how to determine the type of shape.This "X" - hourglass "A" - pear, «V» - inverted triangle, "O" - an apple, and "H" - a rectangle.Each of them is determined by three main elements: bust, waist, hips.Depending on the larger or smaller by one or two of these parts of the body, determine the type.

figure "X" - an hourglass

This figure is considered ideal.This type refers to women with the same volume of breasts and hips, with well-defined waistline.Even if the owner of the figure "X" pick up weight, its shape will still be harmonious look.Since the feature of this type is the deposition of fat tissue in the chest and hips.

Types of female figures

But you have to be careful and constantly maintain the shape of the hips with the help of special exercises, or you can make the appearance of "ears" in the field.

The owner of the hourglass figure of Sophia Loren. The owner hourglass figure Monica Bellucci. The owner of the hourglass figure of Marilyn Monroe.

owners of this type of figures are celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci.

Clothing type figure "hourglass" can be almost any, except for the one that hides her dignity.Suit styles fitting coat, tight dresses, straight jeans and trousers with a belt, any skirt, including with a belt and a high waist.Gorgeous dress will look pouch, you can wear a variety of belts that accentuate her small waist.

Style of dress for an hourglass figure.
The right combination of clothes for the figure X.
Models coat type hourglass.

Figure "A" - pear

This figure is shaped like a pear because of the light and heavy narrow hem wide brim.This figure has two drawbacks - in the field of priests and hips collects the bulk of fat and have a tendency to "orange peel".But there are advantages - the chest, usually, very accurate, and gentle seductive line of women's shoulders.

types of figures of celebrities, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira is also reminiscent of this fruit.

The owner of a pear shape, Jennifer Lopez. The owner of a pear shape Beyonce. The owner of a pear shape Shakira.

Since this type of disharmony suggests the upper and lower parts of the body, its owner can be very difficult to find clothes, especially dresses.But if you follow strict rules, the problems with the choice of clothing is not.

Experts say that you should not wear jackets and dresses with deep V-neck.Even better, if the top of the clothes are horizontal stripes or frills.This visually enlarge breast.

Models of clothing for pear shapes.

Refine your bottom, you can use tight pencil skirt of dark color.And to increase the top - blouse with voluminous sleeves.Perfect dress with a waist under the breast.Coats with fur favorably emphasize a particular figure.Bodo look bad and dress-coat, which will help hide flaws appearance.

Fashionable styles for the type of figure A.

figure «V» - inverted triangle

peculiar to this type of athletic massive top and narrow bottom.Pronounced broad shoulders and big breasts.The waistline is barely noticeable.Hips narrow.

Variants of combinations of clothes for the figure upside-down triangle.

This type of figure is peculiar to men and women athletes.At the same time these women beautiful slender legs.Danger with a similar shape to run your weight figure, because the better the owner of this type, the more pronounced the upper part of the body.Fat mainly deposited on the hands, the waist and abdomen.

This type of shape is common to all known women - Angelina Jolie, Anastasia Volochkova, Charlize Theron.

The representative figure inverted triangle Angelina Jolie. The representative figure inverted triangle Charlize Theron. The representative figure inverted triangle Anastasia Volochkova.

ladies of this type should wear blouses, jackets, sweaters or oval with a deep V-neck.Narrow shoulders help vertical stripes at the top of the garment.

We also recommend to buy jackets, gathered at the waist.You can not wear a top with large elements with bulky sleeves.Bottom may be form-fitting, or something with a low waist and flared.Excellent

will look slacks with the decor in the hips or pants with huge pockets.You can pick up light bottom in contrast to the dark top.

figure "O" - apple

Women with this type of figure is approximately equal to the top of the bottom.The chest is broad, big breasts, waist on a par with the width of the breast.This gives the appearance of a circular shape.

apple Women tend to be overweight, fat accumulates around the waist and chest.If the girl herself starts, it becomes like a lady in the state.The advantage of this type are beautiful lush breasts and shapely legs.On this and the need to focus, choosing clothes.

Such figures have Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet, Queen Latiffa.

The well-known representative of the type of shape apple Kate Winslet. The well-known representative of the type of shape apple Liv Tyler. The well-known representative of the type of figure Queen Latiffa apple.

clothing should be selected such that visually narrows the waist and hide the tummy and accentuate the chest and legs.For example, tunics combined with jackets, jackets with straight sleeves, classic models cashmere coat.

Note that emphasize the dignity can be narrowed or shortened trousers, with the waistline to be overstated.Suit and Dress-case, and also under the breast.

The correct choice of clothes for girls with an apple figure.

will look good flared skirts of medium length.Making harmony figure is also using asymmetrical designs on clothing.The same effect can be achieved using in your image fashionable ankle boots with heels.

Board model for the type of apple pieces.

Figure "H" - a rectangle

figure-box also has both disadvantages and advantages.The width of the shoulders, waist and hips are almost identical.This makes the waistline inconspicuous silhouette and gives courage, which is highly undesirable for women.

The right combination of clothes for women with a figure of a rectangle.

advantage may be noted, however, the proportionality of the figure.This figure is often called "banana".But if a woman does not follow a stout and strong, from the "banana" it can easily turn into "apple", as the fat in the waist and back will make a round shape.It is therefore important when Takai looks always stay in shape.

The owner of a rectangle shape Anne Hathaway. The owner of a rectangle shape Keira Knightley. The owner of a rectangle shape Demi Moore.

From celebrities have such a figure Demi Moore, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway.

in women's clothing design is better to choose such things from the coarse materials are acceptable various geometric patterns, emphasizing the waist.

important to remember that the cut-jackets should be oval or square.Styles of dresses and blouses is better to choose oblique.

Fashionable styles for the type of rectangle shapes.

will look good dress case with exaggerated emphasis on the waist.And to give the figure a beautiful line help different color combinations.